A Public Inquiry

I find it regrettable that I have to resort to bringing this matter to the IGS, but I have been left little choice.

It was brought to my attention by a number of my associates that one of Khimi Harar’s diplomatic officers, @Amicia_Cora , recently expressed some concerning views regarding the Caldari State and our relationship with the CONCORD signatories on a publicly accessible channel.

Expressing frustration over the Federation’s flagrant violation of the CEMWPA in early November, Ms. Cora went on to state that: “You don’t restore international law by joining in with those undermining it. You only condemn it further. I always felt that, despite our differences, both the Federation and the Empire at least understood that. And that so long as they both did so, the two smaller nations could be kept in line.”

Normally I would not regard such a comment with more than idle disdain, but my concern only grew once Ms. Cora was reached out to for an explanation regarding that comment, something she reacted to with callous dismissal and deflections, stating that her comment was made in “the heat of the moment” and should not be focused on, followed shortly thereafter by an abrupt disconnection.

Ms. Cora went on to reject any further dialogue on the subject, prompting me to take this matter to a more public setting such as these forums in hope of shedding some light on this situation.

I would ask @Amicia_Cora to elaborate on this belief she holds that the Empire and Federation have a shared understanding to “keep the two smaller nations in line”, especially seeing as the State has been the only signatory throughout this international crisis to behave totally and unambiguously within the confines of all international treaties.

I would also like to reach out to Khimi Harar’s leadership for comment on the subject, and if this belief as expressed by their diplomatic officer is representative of their organization’s views of the State.

Thank you.


How have the Empire and Republic violated treaties in ‘the Federation’s flagrant violation of the CEMWPA in early November’? I’m just curious, as I may have missed it.

That said… welcome to how the Empire thinks of the Caldari: something to be kept in line, to be controlled. Amicia just said the quiet part out loud.


I am referring to the breakdown of diplomatic relations in general over the past few months preceding the invasion. The Republic, alongside the Federation, suspended the Yulai Accords, and the legality of the Empire’s deployment of stellar transmuters has been the subject of some debate. It is safe to say that stellar transmutation was not accounted for when the terms of the CEMWPA were drafted, so there is definitely some legal ambiguity to be considered.


And to no one’s surprise, Arrendis weighs in with her unwavering persistence to propaganda the Caldari against the Amarr.

Repeat until until the spin starts to be believed, which unfortunately works, but still a bunch of ■■■■■■■■ nonetheless.


Eh, the ‘breakdown of diplomatic relations’ has been going on since the original Deathglow attacks in Kahah and the Floseswin invasion—a matter regarding whose legality CONCORD still hasn’t issued any determination. All things considered, either we have to look at basically the last 14 years as one constant crisis, or these are all separate crises that just happen to be going on in mostly the same window of time. But that’s just chatting, not any kind of condemnation of your point.

Presumably by “kept in line” she meant “encouraged, by example, to respect international treaties”.


Despite the fact I know you will not read this response, I think your blatant attempt at ■■■■ stirring is pathetic. Was the statement made in an official announcement? At an official event? Was there anything about it that was clothed in a fashion to give the indication it was the official position of the organization?

Or are you just grasping at what one person said in a public venue and using it to stir up trouble, you pathetic little worm.

Calling you a pathetic little worm is my opinion and not necessarily those of Phoenix Naval Systems, the True Slave Foundations, or Nation. It is however likely the opinion of the Chiranjivi.


Speaking as a diplomat myself, I’ll provide what input I can using the years of experience I have as reference.

When speaking in public, regardless of the circumstances, public figures and/or those representing organizations must be cautious in their statements, precisely for the reason that they can be taken to be used as ammo against not just against their individual image, but the image of those they represent. It is a sad reality, and one that is so very difficult to keep in line with.

That said, as public representatives, we should not have to refrain from providing our own personal opinion on matters or include a disclaimer with every word we speak saying that our personal views are those of our own and may not represent those of our organizations. I would be extremely concerned if any public representative was unable to form their own personal opinion on any given matter.

While I may not necessarily agree with @Amicia_Cora on everything she stated as her opinion, I can appreciate the fact she was able to form one of her own.

Above all it should be remembered that we are human. We have our own thoughts, our own beliefs, and our own methods of expressing them. Whatever her reasoning for her opinion, I believe she had every right to dismiss further inquiries. She was asked to explain further. She did, then ended the interaction.

Chasing her down further with the ammo of her own words, while also aiming at her organization, is quite frankly something I would expect of either an extremely forceful press employee, or perhaps even Diana Kim. We already have enough enemies as it is. Trying to create more does not not help our people.


The proper way to file a grievance with a corporation or alliance is to reach out to the leadership through the available diplomatic channels and private discourse.

If you need assistance determining how to find the leadership of an alliance through publicly available information, I’d be happy to give you a quick tutorial.

Dragging your grievances into the public arena in this manner suggests a very different motive than a simple inquiry.


I agree with @Julianni_Avala. As the ruler of the Sovereign Duchy of Beseth Dunijia, I have taken on many diplomatic responsibilities, and I’ve found that it is … a complicated matter to phrase one’s words in a way that they cannot be twisted or misinterpreted. Ms. Cora’s statement, at first interpretation, seems concerning, but when analyzed more closely, one can find other, less concerning interpretations. I would like to offer a different phrasing of Ms. Cora’s statement, one that I find equally, if not more, plausible, and far less concerning.

could perhaps mean that as long as the Gallente and Amarr understood that international law could be restored only by condemning violations, not by undermining it, the example they set would be followed by the Caldari and Minmatar as well.

I agree that the phrasing of this statement is somewhat inflammatory, but I feel it does not warrant such a public inquiry. One can make an error of speech in the “heat of the moment”, as it appears Ms. Cora did, and phrase an innocuous statement in an inflammatory way.

  • Shasta

I still find the idea of a “personal opinion” to be very liberal. If I make a disparaging remark toward my executive, I expect shame, censure and even employment termination. That is regardless of whether the remarks were made during duty hours or during leisure time, whether they were spoken aloud or whispered to a conspirator over tea. One must be mindful of the consequences of expressing a thought.

Still, the majority of the interstellar community does recognize this distinction. Including my esteemed shareholders in Ishukone Corporation, who are generous and forgiving indeed, even to their own employees.

I find Cora’s comment ignorant, but not beyond the pale. Doubtless Ms. Cora considers her opinion separate from her organization. I cannot expect Khimi Harar to behave like noble Hyasyoda.

It would have been ideal if this dispute could have been handled with decorum through discreet channels.


Wait, am I to understand that an Amarrian spoke out against something the State is doing and her Amarrian employer is ignoring attempts to have her censored?

Why is this even worthy of the publics attention? We all know LUMENs diplomatic core knows better than to engage in theatrics such as this.


Speaking about Ms. @Amicia_Cora and Khimi Harar, I have noticed already her aggressive stance against Caldari State.

She was asked to bring apologies - she didn’t.
For that she was set to ‘kill on sight’ status.

I contacted their whole alliance about behavior of their subordinate - they didn’t do anything and behaved in outright undiplomatic and aggressive manner.
For that the whole Khimi Harar is now ‘kill on sight’ as well.

Considering I was previouly protecting only State territory from the LUMEN trespassers, this behavior shows that I shall hold no restraints in dealing with these offenders and will eliminate them even in Empire space if the opportunity will arise.

Some ‘personalities’ love to claim that I have tendencies to ‘declare’ people as enemies of the State, but in the reality, it’s not that I am declaring anything new - if they behave hostile towards the State, they ARE enemies of the State as a matter of fact. I am just calling things their names.

Of course, that always can be negotiated, but I doubt Lumen diplomats are willing to discuss it or even make steps required for solving the issue caused by their member.

And so will be it, enemies of the State will be dealt as enemies of the State, they will be dealt without mercy and regret, there will be no safe place for them, neither in the Empire, nor in the State, they will be hunted down in low security space or high security space, in null or wormholes, on the planets or in space.

And I highly recommend you to adopt my stance of dealing with these nuisances.
For there is no Honor in looking for peace with those who don’t want it.

Instead, we will burn this blight off the face of our cluster.


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And if someone thinks I may be not right to hold such stance against Lumen, if someone thinks they are “white and fluffy”, how about this one:

@Lunarisse_Aspenstar liked the most toxic reply in this thread made by no less than Kuvakei’s pet @Evi_Polevhia:

Just burn it with fire, what sort of diplomacy or explanation do you expect from such entities?..

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It is my belief that the onus to “restore international law” lies on CONCORD and no one else. They have done absolutely nothing to punish the Federation’s flagrant disregard for the CEMWPA. Worse still, they have tacitly endorsed the Federation’s occupation of Placid by raising Intaki’s security status based on the Feds’ word alone. As it stands CONCORD can no longer be trusted to enforce its own policies and thus the agreements made under their authority have become meaningless.

In my years as a Spacelane Patrol officer I came to realize that a broken law with no punishment is little more than a pointless suggestion. A criminal that destroys the lives of others and faces no retribution must be met with equal or greater indifference, even a black badge affair if necessary. I would gladly face the judgment of my people over allowing them to be victimized.

So long as the DED remains silent the CEMWPA does not exist. Either all of us are subject to the law or none of us are.


Umm … what? Last I checked, the Amarr Empire and Caldari State have open borders to each other. How exactly are LUMEN trespassers?

Perhaps because she agrees with the point that @Evi_Polevhia made in her reply? Simply because one agrees with a post and likes the post does not mean that one agrees with the person completely.


I naturally presumed so initially as well, suspecting a translator-caused misunderstanding. However, after consulting an Amarrish dictionary, I found that the used phrase implies only control.

This is not the case at all. Even in the Federation, a nation of liberal individualists this is not how things work. You cannot divorce one’s station from their ‘personal opinion’, especially one as politically charged as this.

Ms. Cora is the available diplomatic channel. The last time I tried to initiate diplomatic dialogue with other members of her organization the process took months and proved entirely fruitless.

I could not agree more. I hoped that Ms. Cora would simply resolve this in a civil manner through a quick private dialogue. I sincerely hope that she or one capable of speaking for her puts this to rest soon.



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I am not completely sure how is your brain even working. Did it look for you I was blaming Lumen in siding with Sansha? I said what I said, that she liked the most toxic reply in this thread, and that’s it. Agreeing with a toxic reply IS the thing, not agreeing with Sansha.

Speaking about Evi, even broken clock can show correct time twice a day, and I won’t be surprised if someday even I will agree with her in something, but this time it certainly wasn’t the case. Her comment was just a petty toxic rant that Lunarisse liked.

So, please, next time before replying to me, make sure to at least read and comprehend what is being written. Or just hire yourself a nurse to do that job to not discract me from mine.

Thanks in advance.
And Glory to the State.

What’s that? A member of the Empire showing their true feelings by accident and speaking the quiet part out loud? That they view the State as needing to be “kept in line”? Oh heavens, say it ain’t so!

Remember the Empire’s end goal. All a part of, none apart from. They’ll turn their “golden fleet” towards New Caldari eventually, but in the end they’ll learn that Caldari steel is stronger and sharper than Amarrian gold.

what a tedious little tattle-tale.