[I-RED] Formal Inquiry to Federation Senate

As announced at yesterday’s 10th Anniversary of the Malkalen Incident event, I-RED has submitted a formal request to the Federation Senate regarding clarification on the status of the ban on the settlement of Syndicate planets and moons enacted during the Duvalier presidency.

The document submitted to the Federation Senate can be found HERE.

Any inquiries regarding the formal request may be directed here or in private to an individual within the I-RED Board of Directors:

Alex Hinkelmann - Executor
Julianni Avala - Director of Finance
Selenna Solange - Director of Public Affairs and Relations
Leela Angel - Director of Logistics
Emiri Aneozomi - Director of Research and Technology
Roirdan Bouchate - Director of Public Works


I was always in support of Federation change in policy and the start of a cooperative effort in the Syndicate region and also with the Intaki Syndicate, it would be largely beneficial for both sides. It would probably lead to the lifting of the ban in the discussion as one of the examples.


An interesting proposal indeed, and one that I am staunchly interested in… If I-RED is in need of any assistance with this, I would be more than willing to lend whatever expertise I may provide.

The Intaki people have routinely been viewed as a dissident voice in the Federation throughout our membership. The Syndicate and other Intaki-centric entities have all seen the Federation’s reproof. In their unwillingness to let go of past grievances with the Caldari, the Federation often uses the Intaki as an easy scapegoat. Though, this has lessened to some extent in recent history. Nevertheless, if the Federation wishes to show good faith, it would wholly distance itself from the affairs of the Syndicate by allowing the colonization of planets within the Syndicate’s territories.

It is reprehensible to both exile a collective of dissident voices and punish them with oppressive legislation and the silent threat of military intervention. It is hypocritical to do all of this and simultaneously espouse the virtues of liberty.


I and other directors of the Gallente Militia are keeping a close eye on the outcome of this request.


That’s a fun way to say “are quietly wetting ourselves”.


I absolutely agree. The Intaki are our brethren, and the fact that an extremist government of the past has alienated them should be rectified. I am afraid though that Jacus Roden lacks the political will to do so. He has been a merchant of death throughout his entire career. Let us not forget that he effectively leveraged the border conflict to discredit our previous president and his administration.


Hmm, quite interesting. Direct involvement in Federal politics. That’s not really what Caldari do, would it be with enemies or allies. Sounds as a very gallentean move.

Shall I-RED be considered a part of the Federation now?

Just from a traditional Caldari point of view such activity is highly amoral, unless they are part of the said Federation.

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There is nothing inherently wrong with words before swords. If it’s possible to resolve a conflict within an existing system, it is often preferable.

It’s raw efficiency, in fact.


Words before swords? That’s internal Federal policy. Would it be good or terrible - it’s their policy. I myself despise them for it - but I would never attack them before of it. Because I am Caldari, and not some sort of minmatar or gallntean, forcing others for something they don’t like.

When Intaki will show they are not part of the Federation anymore, don’t follow their customs and unfair laws and will stand against them, only then they can count on our help.

There is war going on. We are fighting for our own interests and interests of our allies. Meddling in politics of other entity, even as openly hostile as a Federaton, is a disgrace.

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I walked away from that war a long time ago, as I could no longer reconcile it. To me, it’s over.


For you, maybe. Can’t argue with that.
But not for the State and for those, who consider themselves Caldari.

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That is an awful litmus test to use there… “those, who consider themselves Caldari.”

Go ahead, define your requirements to be Caldari. Let’s see them. Let’s all see them.


Thanks, but I’d better follow orders, directives and requests the State will give me. People in charge here are way more smart and wise than a random GalNet poster.

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A disgraced Templis Dragonaur and Provist sympathizer has no authority to dictate to true Statesmen how to be Caldari. You lost that privilege when you made the decision to profess loyalty to a madman who sought the destruction of our way of life, and ordered the murder of our own people.


Oh, another slanderer crawled out from under the rock. Well, I haven’t seen you daring to show off your face in open for a long time. Now, be a good boy, go back to wherever you came from and stop bothering me with your nonsence. You can keep barking on those, who are better than you, if you wish, but you shall know that your words have no value against people of service like me, who value our reputation more than our lives. You have no power here, minmatar. Go choke on your lies, they will never stick to me.

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You assume too much. If you’re going to make the claim that it takes acceptance of a war to consider oneself Caldari, then you should expect a query for the other criteria.


You claim to be a Caldari patriot, but you are no more than a terrorist with your own personal objectives.

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I, for one, am glad to have been in attendance, and to witness firsthand the intent laid bare in this effort.

For the State.

And in memory of those whose lives were lost as they aspired above the madness of the time.


The State is being attacked by foreigners. We are being attacked and thus we are at war. Those, who don’t accept the war, are not being attacked. That means they aren’t from the State, and those, who aren’t from the State, aren’t Caldari. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand that.

The State is not just territory, it’s not planets, it’s not even corporations. The State is Caldari people. And when we are being attacked, we take arms to protect ourselves, to protect our families and friends. We stand shoulder to shoulder to face the enemy without fear in our hearts.

Those, who don’t care that Caldari are being killed, those, who don’t stand up to protect their friends, their corporations, their property, their systems - they are just not Caldari. Either you are one of us, or you aren’t. It’s all just simple like that. It’s not just something I say who is Caldari and who are not. It’s just people deciding whom they want to stand with. With Caldari or not.

I have made my choice. I choose to be Caldari, to stand with Caldari, to be among Caldari and act like Caldari. You made your own choice. We are who we made ourselves to be.

It’s not about my words or definitions. It’s about our actions and choices.

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That’s a typical gallentean propaganda I’ve been hearing multiple times from gallentes and their lapdogs. Well, if you are so TERRIFIED from us having “personal objectives” of protecting our space from INVADERS, maybe you shall stop invading and meddling into Caldari affairs. We won’t need to kill you, and you won’t have to be terrified anymore.

Is our military superiority so great you consider it a “terror”? Well, it’s for protecting the State from you and your ilk. Go back to your wretched Federation and don’t bother us anymore, if you are SO afraid of us.

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