A Public Inquiry

I hadn’t intended on providing comment in this thread. However, given that the central ‘issue’ being discussed has been presented largely through hearsay and second-hand accounts concerning my personal conduct and behaviour, I have decided it worthwhile to dig out the logs and recordings from my neocom systems relating to the conversations between Miss Malitia and I. For the sake of brevity, I have removed comments made in public channels by participants other than myself or Miss Malitia, as well as off-topic responses made by ourselves to those participants.

In ‘The Summit’, November 23rd:

Immediately afterwards, in a private channel:

Back in The Summit:

Just under two weeks later, December 6th, once again in The Summit:

With that information now public, I am content to leave others to discuss or judge this ‘incident’ however they see fit.


How does any of this address the actual comment?

By demonstrating that she provided the clarification of her meaning that several bystanders have already guessed at in this thread?


Perhaps I am too optimistic in thinking that there was some other underlying meaning besides a confirmation that yes, Ms. Cora regards the State as a violator of the Accords to be ‘kept in line’ by the Federation and the Empire, which is nothing short of wildly inappropriate given recent events.

If that is the case and there truly is no more to this, I would again like to ask for Khimi Harar’s organizational stance on this notion.

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CEO Malitia,

Khimi Harar prefers not to handle its diplomatic conversations on forums. If someone has an issue to raise about Khimi Harar or our members we encourage them to approach us through the appropriate diplomatic contacts or even contact me directly though mail. I attempt to answer them at least on a daily basis for diplomatic matters.

This will be Khimi Harar’s only answer on this topic in public.

I do wish to take the time to emphasize that Khimi Harar’s position of the Caldari State, and our State capsuleer allies and members, is that we value them as equals, partners and colleagues.

Lunarisse Phonaga
Executrix Khimi Harar
Directrix Societas Imperialis Sceptri Coronaeque
Mother and Wife of the Phonaga Household.


Just a slight note, Amarrad is not the language used by modern Amarr speakers, but rather a millennia old dialect primarily found in the Scriptures and often used by Khimi Harrar in our naming conventions. The modern language you would be looking for, and that Ms. Cora was presumably using would be Amarish. Perhaps this caused some confusion?

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Is Ms. Cora herself not an appropriate diplomatic contact? It was my understanding that she was.

A mistake on my post just now, rather than the dictionary consulted. It has been corrected.

The initial comment was not made in our private conversation.

It’s somewhat telling that you can paste endless logs and not just say, clearly, in what capacity the initial comment was made.

It’s exactly this aversion that has led to the creation of this thread.

Um, Remilia? This all seems a little… nitpicky? Surely you can’t be so surprised that the Amarr view the Caldari as lesser people, in need of control. Right? I would hope so, but if that is the case then I wonder what you are seeking here? Do you just want the Amarr to keep their views and plans for the Caldari in hush? Are you asking for Amicia and others to maintain a facade? None of that would change anything.

When I saw your threat against Amicia on the summit, to go public with information, I was honestly expecting it to be a little more… jaw dropping? It seems to me she has done nothing more then express her own opinion on something; moreso one that shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. The fact that you do seem surprised though, worries me, because it indicates how blind yourself and other Caldari might actually be to the Empire’s true intentions.


I also find it amusing that considering the whole situation was prefaced with-

[ 20:16:47 ] Remilia Malitia > “First of all, let me just preface this by saying I am addressing you, not a LUMEN diplomatic officer. Clear?”

-there seems to be an awful lot of whingeing about Amicia being a Diplomat and Oh Dear Me What Does LUMEN Have To Say?! For wanting to address Amicia as a person and not a diplomatic officer, Remilia certainly is trying to puff up the Diplomatic Incident angle over this whole nothing of an event.

I do appreciate the context of the logs, though.

Edit: If people want to hold LUMEN’s feet to the fire over damning comments there is much more fertile fields than this. I remember some comments earlier concerning Turnur and the other two systems that were particularly monstrous, even for the Amarr.


Given that you referred to Evi Polehvia as “Kuvakei’s pet”, I assumed that her Sansha affiliation had something to do with your criticism. If I misunderstood you, I apologize sincerely.

I believe @Lunarisse_Aspenstar’s point is simply that reaching out to Khimi Harar should be done through private communication, not through an IGS post, and she is not commenting on the status of Ms, Cora as a diplomatic contact.

Now, with regards to the topic of this thread, I thank @Amicia_Cora for her transparency in releasing related logs. However, I believe that the logs regarding the initial comment have not yet been released, and I believe they should be released soon. While the statement seems damning, context is always important, I do believe that Ms. Cora made this poorly phrased statement in the heat of the moment, without properly thinking of the connotation behind it, while in the capacity of a LUMEN employed capsuleer and not a LUMEN diplomat. I still ask Ms. Cora to release the logs relating to the statement in question, however, in order to provide full transparency about this situation,

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Malitia’s objective of sundering the Empire-State alliance in the hope that the State instead establishes closer ties with the Collective is easy enough to establish.

That doesn’t necessarily change that the ultimate objective of the Empire is hegemony over all of New Eden, though, and so there is a real issue underlying this trumped-up effort to create a diplomatic incident from a relatively minor misstatement by an individual.

In balance, though, I think we’ve all wasted a lot of breath on this.


Wait. Everyone hold up a second. This was supposed to be A Diplomatic Incident :tm: ?


I’ve caused bigger incidents just by giving people compliments. Let alone the times when I’ve posted so well on theophilosophical topics that people accidentally liked my posts and had to be disciplined.

Disappointing. Do better next time Remilia.


Also I am of course speaking in my official capacity of Chief High Exalted Arch Priestess of the Church of the Crimson Saviour, Greatest Sani Sabik capsuleer philosopher of the modern era, Most Accomplished Archprofessor of Archaeology, and all the other accolades that I have, particularly the ones with comedic acronyms, both real and ■■■■■■■■, in case you want to make a big deal out of that too.

So Nyeeh.

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“Compliments”. snort

I suppose I should have responded in off-topic but some things are never forgotten.


Ms. Dallocort, I believe I have more experience with the Amarr and I respectfully disagree. I am sure there are people within the Empire that hold all sorts of unsavory views like that, but to say that this is just ‘The Amarr view’ is a mischaracterization.

What I would like to know is if Ms. Cora herself counts herself among those people, and if her organization at large shares such values.

The fact that both Ms. Cora and Lady Phonaga have been active in this thread yet refuse to resolve this issue, unfortunately, is not very promising. I am not going to hold the actions of their little sect of independent pilots against the Empire proper, though.

No. If I had to describe it as an ‘incident’ it’d be closer to a PR one.

All I asked for is a clarification, something that only ended up on these forums after I got stonewalled trying to get an answer through private channels.

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Valerie has Also caused PR incidents by Such activities as Mining Asteroids and selling the Ore to the Aggrieved Party’s market orders in the Aggrieved Party’s Citadel. Apparently this created A Problem. I am Uncertain exactly Why it caused Offence, but it Did.

I answered your question.


I must have missed that somehow, apologies.


Humbly accepted.

Sometimes I refer people by their affiliation when they don’t deserve respect, that’s all. You probably could hear from me references like “that gurista”, “that goon” or “that gallentean”. Thus if it was a criticism, it was criticism of that sansha. After all, I am not limited in amount of messages I can deliver with a single post, yes?

In that regard it was showing that one person is terrible (not sure it’s correct to call Kuvakei’s pets as ‘persons’ at all, but let it be for now) for being sansha and for posting toxic rants of forums.
And other one being terrible for liking that toxic rant.

Of course, like of content is different than like of a person, and I’d even say that liking that toxic rant is way worse in a moral sense than liking one of Kuvakei’s toys. (I myself, for example, like flying Succubuses).

That all was enwrapped as a proof to support Gen. Malitia position to show “wildly inappropriate” behavior of “LUMEN” representatives.