We ought not abandon the Yulai accords

I’ve watched with growing unease as the superpowers of New Eden walk away from the Yulai accords. There is plenty of speculation as to why this is happening, I’ve engaged in some myself. Already some are concocting justifications for their favorite cause. It is all irrelevant.

We are all now surging down the path to the largest war in history. Trillions will perish. I urge the loyalists of the Republic, State, Federation, and Empire to call on their governments to hold a peace conference. If we do not I believe the people of our great nations will suffer irrevocable damage.


Sand castles are easier destroying them than build them.

This being is considering contacting at least 1 corporation per empire to enstablish a peacekeeping project.

A peace unobserved, is no peace at all; for as long as some have considered Yulai Accord obligations as a matter solely for other people, this has been inevitable.

Your call, while unobjectionable, is at least ten years late.


Following the Republic’s apparent order earlier today authorising its militia forces to disregard Yulai accords in the Eugidi constellation, it does indeed seem like the common sense approach of respecting one’s international agreements has gone out of fashion amonst New Eden’s political elite. I do believe that it is worth noting, however, that Amarr’s orders to its own militia earlier today are the only ones issued by one of the CONCORD states in recent weeks to have not explicitly disregarded the Yulai accords. I know many don’t like it when I point this out, but I believe it to be important to recognise that Holy Amarr has continuously respected its word given to the other signatory nations. It is upsetting that they are not doing the same in return.

On a related note, I’m very confused by the Republic’s orders specifically. As far as the State and the Federation are concerned, while their actions are deeply regrettable, there’s generally been a sense that their orders have been prompted by developments on Athounon; presumably relating to the mysterious object believed to be on the fifth planet’s surface. Whatever it is is seemingly perceived by both nations to be so important to national security that it absolutely cannot risk falling into the hands of another nation, even those allied to it, and the repercussions of not meeting their obligations are considered secondary to the consequences of letting whatever is being observed on the planet fall into another’s hands.

None of this is the case in Eugidi, however. In fact, I cannot see a single way in which the Yulai accords or the CEMWPA terms would prohibit Republic actions to retake Eugidi. The constellation is recognised as their sovereignty under Yulai; they are permitted to take military action to defend it under Yulai. In what possible way does overriding Yulai benefit the Republic here? What action are they hoping to take in Eugidi that the accords, CONCORD, or the CEMWPA would have prohibited? Are they seriously going to reject Gallente militia assistance to retake the constellaion? That’s just about the only thing I could imagine disregarding the agreements could mean in this context. It makes no sense; like they literally just looked at what the State and the Federation were doing and thought ‘us too!’ without thinking for a second about how it doesn’t benefit them in the slightest.


The only logical conclusion I can come to thus far is a complete loss in trust in regards to EDENCOM due to disdain for their current leadership and the rotations of Amarr units through EDENCOM. I suspect that the Minmatar military is pre-emptively declaring all Amarr units as valid targets even though I am unaware of Amarr units in EDENCOM currently deployed to that constellation, making it clear that whether deployed as Amarr Navy forces or under EDENCOM banners they are to be engaged by Minmatar forces.


I’m not sure I understand the premise. The Empires don’t really give a damn about Empyrean opinion. What little we can plan for, is things are gonna look way less pretty. I plan to stockpile Sarpati Reserve Brandy myself to offset that. 'Cause there’s going to be faces here I’m sure I’m going to bump into, and they could use all the help they can get.

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Distrust of EDENCOM would be one thing, but the suspension of Yulai as a whole would also include the suspension of the CEMWPA legislation itself, the one that recognises the Gallente militia as their allies in those conflicts.

If this action was being taken solely so that they could fire on Amarrian forces outside of the Amarrian navy or militias, I’d have assumed that they’d have simply declared all Amarrian forces hostile, or stated that the dynamics of the CEMWPA agreements were considered to take priority over those of any other agreement. Instead, they’ve taken the option that disregards their alliances and obligations to all parties signatory to CONCORD. It’s utterly baffling.

We’ll simply have to wait and see if there’s further clarification or information that makes the suspension more understandable.

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Though I hate to be one to agree with you, I share these concerns. There is no need to flaunt Yulai so brazenly in this instance and I find it as ill-advised as I did when the State and the Federation made the choice to do so. I pray there is wisdom I cannot see to this decision.


And with a debt of over a hundred years of stalled Reclaiming to pay, I hope that this war will be most divine indeed. May the fires of a trillion burning corpses turn of memory of the heretical Yulai Accords to ash.

When sovereign powers find that an agreement or treaty no longer serves their interests then they will no longer abide by them. It is increasingly evident that the sovereign powers that entered into the Yulai Accords no longer consider it in their own interests to abide by their treaty obligations.

The era of peace and status quo appears to be coming to an end with a whimper; ushering in a new paradigm of armed conflict and confrontation.

I for one look forward to the violent prosecution of the enemies of my nation without the legal constraints of interstellar treaty.

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The Empire abandoned the Yulai Accords when they declared a planet-wide Reclaiming of Floseswin. The Hetman-General is simply confirming that we are no longer fighting with only one hand.

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The Republic abandoned the Yulai Accords when it condoned and facilitated the destruction of CONCORD headquarters.

Then again when it installed a warmonger tyrant as its ruler.

Then again when it covertly aided the EoM Deathglow rebellions.

Then again when it legitimized terrorist organizations and leaders who violated the Accords as a matter of course.

And it will do so again and again in its desperation and fear.

It is indeed good to at last be fighting on equal footing, something the Republic has been avoiding for far too long.

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I speak only as a citizen and my views do not represent any organization I am part of.

The MWPA was set on a collision course with Yulai from the moment the ink dried. While it does often succeed in keeping wars civilized and limited, in the long run you can’t put out the passionate flames by indulging in “only a little war”.

Yet there is another important factor. The ever-expanding powers, scope and responsibilities of CONCORD have, rather than create peace, instead created grounds of suspicion and conflict of interest. Does anyone here doubt that both of these crises are tied to the colossal mistakes and overreach of EDENCOM?

I hope that if current events do not lead to all out war, they might instead reform CONCORD.


I speak only as a humble Ammatar citizen subservient of the great Amarr Empire.

Holy Amarr can stand by the Yulai convention only for so long. The Minmatar brutes who rebel against the Holy light of Amarr will stop at nothing to “free” their brethren. They spit and blaspheme at the feet of the Holy. If they can not listen to reason and stop acting like the feral animals that they are, it will be in the Empire’s best interest to put them down. Perhaps the Minmatar Republic needs to be reminded of their place within the Light.

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Subject. Not citizen. Citizens have rights, things they are entitled to by the mere fact of their existence. Subjects have privileges, bestowed by the the sufferance of the Throne, and which can all be revoked at the Throne’s pleasure.

And the very idea that a group of violent savages who attack a peaceful people, abuse them for centuries, and even to this day continue to forcibly impregnate and violate our women without any consent in their ‘breeding facilities’ are ‘holy’ is the only blasphemy I see.

So now you’re claiming Else is the Republic? My, your accusations just get more and more grandiose over time, don’t they?


Ah you misunderstand wayward child. I never claimed to be a citizen of Amarr, only of the Ammatar Mandate. We are all servants of the chosen people of True Amarr. It is not our place to question their motives, only to serve and reap rewards for our service. I have only known benevolence and enlightenment in serving the Amarr. Freedom is a lie used by the powerful to control the masses. You will know only struggle and pain, all for a false sense of purpose. I beg of all in the Republic to lay down their arms and submit. Only then will you have true purpose and guidance.

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The Mandate exists purely under the auspices of the Empire. As such, it has no citizens, only subjects of the Throne.

I question the motives of anyone who thinks that forced sexual intercourse is not an inexcusable evil, and the Empire condones it.

Catching up on the additional remarks, I guess I have to mourn the death of the accords once, prematurely.

I was planning – should the Yulai accords fall – mourning its death twice over. Once for the impending tragic loss of life, and once more for having to listen to the insufferable rallying cries of the self-righteous.

You do enjoy quoting an individual who is most famous for orchestrating the largest military disaster in Amarr’s history. That quote speaks to me of hubris in the face of God’s tests. It is a warning, not an inspiration.

As for the rest, I share the concern over abandonment of Yulai Protocols. All seem to be courting The War at a time in which the CONCORD signatories face a wider variety of external threats than Amarr, at least, has faced at any point since the first years of the Udorian War.

It seems strange to me for any of the Signatories to focus on treaty bound rivals when there are clear and present unchecked existential threats.

As always, the Excubitoris Chapter will follow the will of the Empress Catiz, and trust in her divinely guided rule.