Public opinion match! Diana Kim vs Ibrahim Tash-Murkon!

Ladies and Gentlemen!

I have challenged Lord Tash-Murkon to a duel of honor, and he has chosen as a weapon “public opinion”.

Since I have considered “just opinion alone” to not have any real effect on a person, I have added a condition: ONE WHO LOSES THE MATCH OF THE OPINION, GETS BEATEN WITH WHIPS! Ten strikes to the back in the presence of the other party and anyone interested!

Additional demand from Lord Tash-Murkon: 36 hours for voting, and no capsuleers less than one year in the pod.

Addendum, winner chooses the whip-master, the whipping is recorded and given to the public if the victor authorizes it.

Now, please chose, who shall LOSE this match of public opinion and will get the BEATING!!

  • Diana Kim
  • Ibrahim Tash-Murkon

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She is wrong, I am right. That ends my position on the matter.

EDIT: Vote for the loser, please. It’s the same name as the OP.


Just making sure we’re voting for who gets a whipping? I wonder which one of you likes it more.


I would vote, but I have Diana Kim blocked, so I have no idea what’s going on.

That being said, whatever makes Kim lose, mark me down for that.


Did you somehow break into my mind and steal the words I would use?


Now, a couple of words on organization.
Since Lord Tash-Murkon has chosen the “weapon” for the duel, I guess I have to chose the place.

I will rent a gym in Ichoriya (high security system in Black Rise) Caldari Navy Logistic Support station. Considering Lord Tash-Murkon has insisted that the recording of the event will be available, the security for the event will be tighter (especially considering availability of disruptive troublemaking invididuals on IGS) and way more lethal - don’t try anything silly.

Those, who might be afraid of being captured by Protectorate forces (Nation loyalists, FDU members, etc) but by some reason will still want to be present, will be allowed through holo-interface.

NeoCom link to connect holo-interface: “Ichoriya Arena”
Date and time of the event: TBA

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Senseless beating over public opinion for the entertainment of the masses, sounds like a Gallentean Reality Show, count me curious.


Mr. Tash-Murkon,

I am pretty confident that on whatever the substance of the dispute is, you are likely in the right. However, you have shown yourself disappointingly unwise by choosing the court of public opinion, so I shall have to rate you the loser.

Hell is other people,

Valerie Vynneve

I saw a poll and voted the first available option, before reading the thread to see what it was about.

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Doesn’t setting up a vote to see whose the loser seem rather like stacking the deck? Aren’t most people going to naturally vote for who they support before reading the fine print?

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I don’t think it was particularly ‘fine print’. it was right there in the directions in the OP. Probably a test of ‘patience’ or ‘reading comprehension’ or ‘likeliness to jump to conclusions’ for the reader though.


Just when I thought “honor duels” couldn’t get more pointless…


It’s a strange world when I vote that I like the multi-billionaire slave holding consequentialist lacking most of his morals OVER somebody else. But I guess that’s just Ibrahim’s charm, you sexy, sexy avocado, you.


There is a point.
If I will lose, I will have to show that I’d better take a beating than be honorless.
If he will lose, he will have to show that he has honor and courage to take the beating for the words he said.

And they call us barbarians.


How in the blue hell does somebody getting whipped based on a message board poll correlate with honor? It doesn’t! It correlates with stupid!


Ms Elkin, have you considered who instigated this post?


I think you get whipped with whips. You get beaten with sticks, or other less flexible implements.

What sort of whips?

It correlates with a person, who insulted other person’s honor and then picked “public opinion” as a weapon of a duel. I am not fond of such way of chosing a “weapon”, but have to work with what was given.

I want to see the tally but I also don’t want to get in. Where’s the checkbox option when you need it?

edit: pfft fine