[EVENT] Liberation day tournaments YC122/07/10

Posting on behalf of the organizer - pretty much all glory for this goes to @Pol_Macsliebh though. Pol’s run tribal tournaments before and they have been a blast, so these are highly recommended. (And I might even make it, given that the whole thing about travelling for the date proper has been arranged again…)

Liberation day tournaments

Come celebrate our continued fight for our people’s freedom in Dal on YC122-07-10 19:00 onwards with two exciting tournaments! Beer and ships will be supplied. Grab a drink, participate in the competitions, or just hang out and observe. Fireworks encouraged.

No signups needed, just show up in system for the competitions, and/or join channel Tribal Tournament from wherever you are for spectating and some drinking company!

Thukker Trucker Yeet Race

When: YC122 July 10 19:30
Where: Start from Dal, and proceeding wherever you end up!
What: Grab a T1 hauler and go on a filament yet. First hauler back alive wins! Extra prizes for killmails.

Tribal Tournament III

When: YC122 July 10 20:30
Where: Start from Dal, exact arena location revealed during event
What: Firetail tournament. 3 rounds of battle royale in a 30 km arena, 1st and 2nd from each enter into a 6.man final.


This is tomorrow.



There will be a critical Minmatar system invaded by triglavians today… I give it at about 19:45 when everyone’s had time to yeet to some ass-end of nowhere. Luck objects to me having fun, after all.


Happy Liberation Day!

For the Liberation Day Yeeted-Hauler-Race Markius TheShed was the clear victor with Gladwyn, Gregory Suliker and Triberius Thrawn as runners up!

Champion of the grand Firetail Tournament was StarCasher of Matsuat’aa Matari - one of the oldest members of Ushra’Khan! Second place Ashan Todako and on the third place Alliance Chief Harkon Thorson! The final was an amazing fight from which the winner came out with one (1) percent of structure left!


Thank you for the holiday!!!


Thanks to everyone who showed up it was great fun and a real Matari Celebration! The News from Floseswin was the icing on the cake…


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Congrats to the victors, and to everyone who got to attend… I’m really jealous I was stuck here being ‘invaded’.

Hopefully I can make it next year.


It was a really interesting event. I’m glad I could see it live ^-^

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