Celebrate Minmatar Liberation Day! Support freedom throughout New Eden

In Celebration of Minmatar Liberation Day Electus Matari and Ushra'Khan are Hosting an Event! YC123 Saturday July 10th starts at 17.30

The Celebrations will begin in Pator at the Eternal Torch Statue at 17.30 With speeches from Minmatar leaders, Fireworks and a Tribal Warsong Event. All Events are free to enter.

Pilots who are taking part in the Thukker Trucker Yeet Race will then move to Dal for 19.00 start time, once race is complete the Slasher Tournament will begin at 20.00.

Details of each event below

Hope to see you there!

Party in Pator Event Start 17.30 - PATOR

When: YC123 Saturday July 10th starts at 17.30
Where: Pator - Eternal Torch Statue
What: Hosted by Elsebeth Rhiannon with speeches from Minmatar Leaders, Fireworks and a Tribal Warsong Event.

Minmatar Tribal Warsong Event 17.30 to 18.30 - PATOR

When: YC123 Saturday July 10th starts at 17.30 until 18.30
Where: Pator - Eternal Torch Statue
What: Capsuleers can post their original Tribal Warsongs in local, prizes handed out for warsongs during the event.

1 billion isk and 10 Rupture Bloody Hands Skin

Thukker Trucker Yeet Race 19.00 DAL(NOW IN BOSBOGER)

When: YC123 Saturday July 10th Race starts at 19.00
Where: Starts from Dal VI - Moon 1 - Republic Justice Department Tribunal
What: Grab a free Minmatar T1 Industrial (ships will be handed out and all with have same fitting) racers will be yeeted to null sec, race to a mid-way system(announced on night) then race back to Dal. First Industrial Ship back alive wins! Extra prizes for any killmails!

1st Place 1 billion isk + Bloody Hands Skin
2nd Place 500 million isk + Bloody Hands Skin
3rd Place 250 million isk + Bloody Hands Skin

Tribal Tournament VI Slasher Edition 20.00 DAL(NOW IN BOSBOGER)

When: YC123 Saturday July 10th starts at 20.00
Where: Dal VI - Moon 1 - Republic Justice Department Tribunal, Exact arena location revealed during event
What: Slasher tournament. 3 rounds of Battle Royale in a 30 km arena, 1st and 2nd from each enter into a 6-man final round.

1st place: 1 Billion isk, Tempest Fleet Issue, Bloody Hands Skin and the adulation of the Tribes
2nd place: Tempest Fleet Issue, Bloody Hands Skin
3rd place: Hurricane fleet Issue and Bloody Hands Skin
4th Bloody Hands Skin
5th Bloody Hands Skin
6th Bloody Hands Skin


Thukker Trucker Yeet Race


  • Only ship provided can be used
  • All pilots must take a Yeet to null within the correct fleet to be eligible to win
  • Must return in same ship
  • No bridging with Titans
  • All pilots must type in local at mid point system to be eligible to win
  • Winner is first person to type in Dal local in ship they left in

Tribal Tournament VI Slasher Edition


  • Free and open to ALL who support the Matari people and their fight for freedom
  • System will be in place to negate pilots losing sec status/standing, This may put your pod at risk.


  • You can use only the “Slasher” Hull
  • Only T1/T2 modules allowed(this is avoid perma tanking)
  • Free Slashers available T1 and T2 fitted but recommend bringing your own.
  • You will need a least 3 Slashers To compete in all rounds.
  • No remote repairs allowed


  • Tournament will consist of 3 Battle Royale rounds with last two survivors progressing.
  • The Final is a 6-way fight between the two survivors of the 3 previous rounds.
  • Last Slasher pilot alive in Final is the Winner.
  • No activating offensive modules until round starts (autocannons, rockets, webs etc.)
  • Once round starts it will not stop for any reason until one Slasher pilot is left alive.
  • Warping out of combat area during the fight will disqualify you from the round.
  • Pilots entering after Round has begun will not qualify to win and will be asked to leave.
  • Any non-Slasher ships entering arena will be asked to leave in true Matari fashion.
  • The fights will take place within 30km of a beacon(This will be made know to all players before fight), pilots moving outside the 30km range will get one warning to return if ignored they will be disqualified.
  • No returning to Arena in a ship after dying until the next round.
  • The Arena will shrink every 5 minutes by 5km - This will be announced on comms and local

Good stuff



Due to the loss of the system of DAL to the Filthy Slavers the Tournament and Race will now take place in BOSBOGER, The Event will still start in PATOR! We will never stop fighting, come and celebrate freedom with your Clan!


The phrase “yeet race” will never not be amusing.

The race itself is also very amusing.

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Bosboger Lost

Happy Liberation Day.


That did indeed slightly ruin my moot earlier but after a brief meeting with some amarrian priests (that I keep close at all times for occations like this) I feel way better again.
They are good for something after all I guess.
The celebrations will go as planed.

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Well fought, Thorson. You would be a respectable foe if it were not for your unfortunate penchant for killing non-combatants for shock value (also known as terrorism). For as bitter as I have become, I pray that I never stoop as low as murdering innocents when I have a bad day.

I wish you luck with your… festivities.


Well Fought.

The Liberation of Minmatar held systems will continue as planned.


Except for that whole Floseswin invasion thing you supported, right? I mean, that was basically your lord and master ordering the murder of innocents on a global scale when he had a bad day.

Or would Harkon have fine if he’d used an anti-matter warhead to kill those priests?


You know full well the nature of declared and legal wars. I came to Floseswin to support my lord’s efforts, I stayed to save the lives of my comrades and subjects serving the Empire.

If you take issue with how this war is being conducted, I suggest you inform those responsible for initating the still unresolved hostilities. I hear that your side of the comflict is currently venerating one of the illegal actors that preceded it. Not promising for the prospects for peace.

We need another war.

Precipitated, would be a more apt word.

Thanks for folks who showed for fireworks! Good to see all those names, old and new.

Yeet Race has now started and is running. Slasher tournament still upcoming.

Happy Liberation Day!

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Merry Liberation day from your lord and saviour ohpehk doshu

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Excellent bit of fun this. Damn near fifty jumps through a lot of nullsec and two lowsec gatecamps, and then some very fun brawling with old friends and enemies. I must thank Pol for this opportunity, and he owes me several lapdances and other compensations for stealing my damn goon kill.

The combined damage done by three nullsec camps with one drag bubble, and one camp in what I want to say was Kourmonen:


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Thanks for everyone who participated and the usual suspects that saved the day… Khap, Else, Harkon and Forty! I had a blast.

As for the Amarr commenting, I’ll piss on your corpses! if i haven’t already.

P.S. I have


Hell of a lot of fun, even if Miz totally singled me out every time during the Slasher tournament!! (I’m kidding, she did nothing of the sort. The one time she did intentionally go after me, Pol stole the kill with one shot. Which just made it more fun!)


Classy, Pol. :roll_eyes:

Anyway, thanks for all who came and thanks for the organizers. Here, have some firework pictures (by StineControl):


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