Tribal Tournament V Breacher Edition

Even though lowsec is burning there is still time for The Minmatar and our Allies to celebrate Freedom and our ongoing fight to free for all those enslaved in New Eden!

Tribal Tournament V Breacher Edition

When: YC123 Friday April 9th starts at 20.00
Where: Dal VI - Moon 1 - Republic Justice Department Tribunal, exact arena location revealed during event
What: Breacher tournament. 3 rounds of Battle Royale in a 30 km arena, 1st and 2nd from each enter into a 6-man final round.

• 1st place: Fully Fitted Naglfar, Hurricane Bloody Hands Skin and the adulation of the Tribes
• 2nd place: Tempest Fleet issue, Hurricane Bloody Hands Skin
• 3rd place: Hurricane fleet issue and Hurricane Bloody Hands Skin
• 4th Hurricane Bloody Hands Skin
• 5th Hurricane Bloody Hands Skin
• 6th Hurricane Bloody Hands Skin

Thukker Trucker Yeet Race

When: YC123 April 9th 19:00
Where: Starts from Dal VI - Moon 1 - Republic Justice Department Tribunal
What: Grab a free Minmatar T1 Industrial (ships will be handed out and all with have same fitting) racers will be yeeted to null sec, race to a mid-way system(announced on night) then race back to Dal. First Industrial Ship back and alive wins! Extra prizes for any killmails!

  • 1st place 1 billion isk
  • 2nd place 500 million isk
  • 3rd place 250 million isk


General Information

  • Date: Friday 9th of April 2021
  • Location/Time: System: Dal start to gather at 18:30(Eve time) Events start at 19:00
  • Entry: Free and open to ALL who support the Matari people and their fight for freedom
  • System will be in place to negate pilots losing sec status/standing.

Ship Rules

  • You can use only the “Breacher” ship
  • No ECM Modules/ECM drones
  • Breachers available T1 and T2 fit but recommend bringing your own.
  • You will need a least 3 Breachers! To compete in all rounds

Fight Rules

  • Tournament will consist of 3 Battle Royale rounds with last two survivors progressing
  • The Final is a 6-way fight between the two survivors of the 3 previous rounds
  • Last Breacher pilot alive in Final is the Winner
  • No activating offensive modules until round starts (autocannons, rockets, webs etc.)
  • Once round starts it will not stop for any reason until one Breacher pilot is left
  • Warping out of combat area during the fight will disqualify you from the round
  • Breachers entering after Round has begun will not qualify to win
  • Any non-Breacher ships entering arena will be asked to leave in true Matari fashion
  • The fights will take place within 30km of a beacon, pilots moving outside the 30km range will get one warning to return if ignored they will be disqualified
  • No returning to Arena after dying until the next round

Exciting. The Breacher is a ship after my own heart.


EM pinged!

I highly recommend these events, I’ve gone several years now and it’s always been fun to spectate and hang around even if for some reason you cannot participate.


I have also passed this onto NADSC so we can join in the celebration and show our support and continued effort towards a free New Eden.


try to come
Gl all

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Tonight! Come along and support the Tribes!

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Thanks to all the people who made it along, it was a great turnout and a real show of unity within the tribes! With the quality of pilots fighting for the Minmatar people we are unstoppable!

Joint 1st place CloakAndDagger Insidious and Fateamendabletochange
3rd place Forty Winks
4th place Harkon Thorson
5th place Kaver Linkovir
6th place Arsia Elkin
7th place Firebon Orlenard
8th place Gladwyn


Thank you for hosting the event.


Thanks for hosting, was fun as usual!

Seems folks are still not getting the “gang up on Harkon the first thing you do” thing. :wink:

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