Tribal Tournament! Cruiser Chaos YC121 - Thursday 5th December 2019

On behalf of Ushra’Khan we would like to open invitations to all of the Matari Tribes, Minmatar Militia, our Friends and our Allies to celebrate our 15th Alliance year with another Tribal Tournament!

So the call is out! On the 5th of December 2019 Ushra’Khan will host an explosive event in Minmatar Style.

Contact: Pol MacSliebh or Deep Bleu for more information

Date: Thors Day 5th of December 2019
Location/Time: System - Dal. Gather at 19:30, fight starts 20:00 (EVE-time)
Entry: FREE - open to ALL who support the Matari people and their fight for freedom (system will be in place to negate pilots losing sec status)

Ship Rules:

  1. T1 Minmatar Cruiser of choice.No Faction or FI
  2. No LOGI or ECM modules/drones
  3. ((No ALTS/Multi boxing))
  4. No implants - empty clones only allowed, pods will most likely be destroyed

The format is a 1 round deathmatch within given borders where the last warrior standing will take the first price. No ship modules may be started before the start signal of the event, and once it started we fight until there is only one ship still (somewhat) intact. Burning out of the arena will render instant disqualification. Any non Minmatar cruisers will be kindly asked to disappear in true Minmatar fashion.

Prize table consists of;
1st: Vargur
2nd: Typhoon Fleet Issue
3rd: Hurricane Fleet Issue
4th: Stabber Fleet Issue
5th: Republic Fleet Firetail
Places 1-25 all receive a Bloody Hands skin.
Special mystery prizes for most kill(mail)s received and being the first one to explode!


For clarity: Does ‘T1 cruiser of choice’ include the two SFIs?

Do Faction ships count as T1?

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What about drugs?

Edit: as in combat boosters, you smartasses.


No faction /FI and drugs are fine :wink:


“No ECM” does that mean other types of EWAR are legal?

I could only assume it means ewar, as ECM would be donating a midslot to your opponent. Accomplishes nothing in a duel setting.

But it’s not a duel setting. It’s a free-for-all. Friends could decide to work together to try to secure the billion-isk hull and split the proceeds. Banning ECM makes sense.


Collusion seems excessive for a billion pot, but yes that would explain the ban. Erroneously viewed it through the lens only of individual advantage.

Collusion between 5 people in cruisers worth less than 200m each doesn’t seem like much effort at all.

Evidently not this one, but were I to enter a tournament with a prize pot of that value. It would be about the tournament not the prize. It’s not much effort at all, I simply failed to consider it.


People cheat. At a default, basic level, they seek any advantage they can get. The moment you begin to think anything in that vein is excessive is the moment you begin to underestimate just how much other people suck.


I’ve been in agreement with you on this since your first suggestion of collusion. Likewise I find no fault in your reasoning, people are broadly inadequate.
At most my comment was a mild rebuke to those who lessen themselves for so small a sum, but again I have no incredulity regarding people’s general avarice. Our peers typically being even worse.

This might be the first and only time I agree with your sentiment Yassavi

Absent politics, that one soldier agrees with another is not news.

So, other types of Ewar, legal or no? Never got an answer from the hosting party.

Yes other ewar is allowed

Reminder Event this thursday!

Hey look, a title even I can aspire to earn.


Due to unforeseen attacks on UK the start of the Tournament will be 20.00 Sharp!(not 20.30) and then some more explosions after if up for it! :ushrakhan: Form up still Dal 19.30

(original post has been updated)