Tribal Tournament! Cruiser Chaos YC121 - Thursday 5th December 2019

Form-up in 50 minutes, this is today.

Also apparently no cloaks. :wink:

well, there goes my plan. So much for waiting and picking off the victor… Gues I actually have to fight now. :thinking: :laughing:

It would have ended up with the whole Seb tribe in cloakers waiting until everyone else was dead, then shooting each other.

Would’ve been fun but Pol’s mean.

Still not convinced the Krusual or Thukkers won’t be waiting to do exactly that in Hounds.


As long as they make sure I explode first. I want to get that mystery prize.

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Thank you for organizing, that was as fun as always. Looking forward to next years already.

Too bad about the Fort :smiley: Also don’t go to nullsec, guys…


Yes Thanks for coming Everyone was a fun event, Winner Losss rest of us died!


I’m happy with my kills.


No doubt.


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