Tribal Tournament(Rifter Edition) YC120 - Friday 21st December 2018

On behalf of Ushra Khan I would like to open invitations to all the Matari Tribes, Minmatar Militia, Their friends and Allies to the Tribal Tournament YC120. A celebration of our people, our culture and our spirit if you will. Among our number, we have a great many artists, poets, engineers, scientist, farmers and warriors. However, as a people are defined by our fighting spirit, but we are so much more…

But Warriors at heart the Matari people are…

So the call is out! on the 21st of December 2018 a Tournament will be run to find a warrior among our People, who can overcome members of their Tribes to be called our Champion. Call it a Gathering? a Stramash? a Powwaw? It is in its essence a celebration of the Matari People.

Join Channel: Tribal Tournament for more information

General Information

  • Date: Friday 21st December 2018
  • Location/Time: System: Dal Gather at 19:00(Eve time) first round 20:00
  • Entry: Free (open to ALL who support the Matari people and their fight for freedom)
  • System will be in place to negate pilots losing sec status

Ship Rules

  • You can use only the “Rifter” ship
  • No Microrpdrives
  • No Smartbombs
  • Generic Rifters will be on contract T1 and T2 fit but recommend bringing your own
  • You will need a least 3 Rifters, 4 if you want to win!

Fight Rules

  • Tournament will consist of 3 Death Match rounds with one Warrior left in each
  • The Final is a 3-way fight between the Winners of the 3 Death Matches
  • Last Rifter pilot alive in Final is the Winner
  • No activating offensive modules until round starts(autocannons,rockets,webs etc.)
  • Once round starts it will not stop for any reason until one Rifter pilot is left
  • Warping out of combat area during the fight will disqualify you from the Tournament
  • Rifters entering after Round has begun will not Qualify to win
  • Any non Rifter ships entering arena will be asked to leave in true Matari fashion
  • The fights will take place within 30km of a beacon, pilots moving outside the 30km range will get one warning to return if ignored they will be disqualified.
    *No retunring to Arena after dying untilnext round.
  • Do not deliberately kills pods, Deliberate pod killing will mean disqualification

1st place: Faction fit Rifter, 1 Billion isk, Rare Nefantar Rifter skin and the adulation of the Tribes
2nd place: 500 million isk and Rare Nefantar Rifter skin
3rd place: 250 Million isk and a Rare Nefantar Rifter Skin


Pol MacSliebh


Some sister of mine go kick this guy in the teeth, hmm?


Ah deepest apologies, No offense intended I have edited and will accept at least one kick in the teeth from your sister…

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Yeah Pol, you have got to be careful. The women of our tribe are flocking dangerous.

Haha they sure are, I will be sleeping with my Knife for the next few days for my grammatical? error.

Advertising this so publicly is brave. Brave… or stupid.

I’ve been accused of both… But on this occasion I believe passionate would be the word.

Oh well. In actuality, I wish you luck.

I’m inclined to support an event where my enemies shoot at one another.

Thanks Arsia, I will take your support for the abolition of slavery with great surprise… Now back to Starkman and stay docked.

Both your insolence and disconnection from reality are noted.

It looks like an interesting event, but these two rules seem to go against the spirit of the ship. High speed microwarpdrive maneuvering combined with great mobility have been hallmarks of the design almost since the advent of the Empyrean age. While these rules seem aimed at keeping the action close at hand, they seem to favor one specific doctrine (afterburner autocannon Rifters with rocket launchers) over all else (light missile/artillery kiting Rifters, close range Rifters using high speed and sensor dampers to break target locks in between fast passes, etc).

It strikes me that you could change these rules to allow microwarp drives and restrict the ships to within, say, 100km of the beacon and still have an extremely dynamic event.


Totaly understand your point Shintoko. However I ran an event like this before and we had several issues with mixed props, MWDs had clear advantage if they manged to pull range, this led to exciting but long drawn out fights… too long tbh. I imagine the amount of 400mm plates fitted will give an a clear speed advantage to a correctly fit AB kitey Rifter also with the spare midslot (as no scram is necessary) this could open it up to some very interesting fits. But I will have a chat in Alliance about your suggestion. Maybe increasing the range to 40km will give some room for Kitey fits?



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Yeah, I totally get that. I’m just a huge fan of MWD fit kitey Rifters and Breachers, so it stuck out.

Anyways, good luck with the contest! I might swing by to spectate.


Anyhow! This looks like so much fun. I hope I can be there.

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Hah hope to see you there Else, I will get some Rifters ready for you

I’m probably bringing my own though. I’ve already got Azazel Drakonis looking for a suitable fit…

(EDIT: names are important damnit)


If you are doing death match rounds and 3-way fights I would advice against allowing MWDs as some people may be inclined to win those by chickening out of the fighting.

Well during the days of the Rifter’s popularity it was most common to see afterburner fit Rifters in lowsec, brawling it out. Despite the speed of the Rifter it really shined when getting in close with the opponent. Which Wensley’s Rifter Manual (although outdated for modern use) also reflected ((link)).

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Looking forward to this! While it may have been surpassed by the Breacher, the Rifter maintains a warm place in my heart. A pair of them ran the Kahah aerial defenses during rescue operations! I think I’l use one of those heroic hulls in the tournament.

I hope to see all brothers and sisters at the tournament. Even those I don’t always get along with.

Let us celebrate our warrior spirit, and pay homage to one of the old faithfulls of the fleet. The brawler, the tackler, the newbie ship, and even the troop transport on occasion.

Glory to the tribes, and glory to the old faithful Rifter!


Just confirming: no module / fitting restrictions beyond the MWD / smartbomb prohibition?

Yes they are the only banned modules… I do expect to see some unique fits haha