YC123 Union Day Tournament

Message me here, or write me a Neocom Mail, and I will add you to the roster of competitors. Capsuleers who are currently a part of one of the following hostile entities need not apply:

  • Federal Defense Union
  • Tribal Liberation Force
  • Triglavian Collective
  • Kybernaut Clades
  • Sansha’s Nation
  • Blood Raiders
  • Guristas Pirates
  • Serpentis Corporation
  • Angel Cartel
  • Provists
  • Templis Dragonaurs

During the weekend of 10, 11 and 12 September, the participants will gather at the New Caldari Prime - Moon 1 - Chief Executive Panel Bureau station. The participants will be expected to bring their own ship. The following restrictions will be in effect:

  • Hull Restrictions: Only T1 frigates.
  • Module Restrictions: Only T1, T2 or Meta modules.
  • Rig restrictions: Only T1 rigs.

Once a set of two participants has been called up to undock, their ships will be scanned to ensure that their fits are in compliance with the rules. Anyone who is found to be cheating will be disqualified, with their opponent advancing to the next round as a result. Once both ships have been found to be in compliance with the rules, the two competitors will be told to align to the sun. Once they have aligned to the sun, one competitor will be asked to challenge the other competitor to a duel. Once this duel has been initiated, the two will be fleet-warped to the sun. Once the warp tunnel ends, the two competitors will engage in honourable combat. The survivor will advance to the next round. This process will continue until we have a winner. This person will receive half of the prize money. The other half of the prize money will be donated to the Orphans Apprenticeship Fund of the State Workers Union.

For every Capsuleer who participates in this tournament, I will add 100 million ISK to the pot. As mentioned above, the pot will be split evenly between the winner and the Orphans Apprenticeship Fund.


After discussing the matter with potential participants, this tournament has been rescheduled to the weekend of Friday 10 September, Saturday 11 September and Sunday 12 September.

This sounds like fun

I’ll try to make a point of being there, 02:00 on the 12th

For the sake of encouraging participation, I have removed the entry fee. I will personally contribute 100 million to the prize money pot for every capsuleer who participates. The pot will be distributed evenly between the winner and the Orphans Apprenticeship Fund. Capsuleers may now sign up via this thread, rather than having to send me a Neocom mail.

As it is now the tenth, sign-ups for the tournament are now closed.

Since @Diana_Kim and @Ax_l_Thorne are the only ones who signed up, the total prize pool will be 200 million ISK, with half of it going to charity.

I would appreciate it if the two of you could agree on a day and time for your match, and let me know when I need to be there to referee it.

Sure, We can do that.

But you know, with only the two of us, I don’t think a prize purse is really needed. Just some good ol’ fashioned frigates, some fun fights and call it a day.

There has been a slight change for me. I’ve tanked my sec status dealing with some interlopers in my organizations space, so we may have to do this in low sec.

I stand behind the fifty-fifty split between the winner and the OAF, because a promise is a promise.

This is fine. Just let me know the when and where, and I’ll try to be there to scan the fits and observe the fight.

Hey @Ax_l_Thorne and @Diana_Kim , just a head’s up that since it has taken this long, I am giving you two until 1 November to finish the match. If it does not happen by that date, I will send the whole prize pool to the Orphans Apprenticeship Fund instead.

I am glad to report that Diana Kim and Ax’l Thorne have finally managed to fight out their match. After a brief but honourable fight, Diana Kim has managed to win the tournament. As per the agreement, half of the prize pool has been transferred to her account. As per the agreement, I shall now get the other half of the prize pool to the Orphans Apprenticeship Fund.

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