Continuing the discussion from Ushra’Kahn Incursion in Floseswin High Orbit Repelled by Amarr Militia Titan Fleet:

Each time you think to speak of our faction Orta, you affirm the depths of your incomprehension.

Your opinion on Divine Commodore Vektor, does not matter; your ignorance of your own personnel is of consequence only to yourselves— we engaged and destroyed a threat, whatever fiction you wish to spin from it is your affair.

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A whole new thread dedicated to myself?

I’m honoured, but please, quit spamming the Summit with this inane fedo ****.


Looks like people reported your post to the moderators because they don’t like their ■■■■ geting called out. Want to come over for some popcorn?


Offer appreciated, but I have limited time before dirtside calls again, and I’ll devote it to someone important to me. Needling these boys with uncomfortable truths is just idle entertainment at this point.

I’ll raise a glass in appreciation of the offer though.

They won’t.

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There’s only one way to settle this argument. Mud wrestling !

The Kaztropolis Grand Arena is available for hire. 250k spectator capacity. Kaztropolitan certified non-toxic safety sports mud is also available.

Also available? As in to say the defacto mud is toxic?

I think she means ‘for use in other venues’.

Bwaha, yes, that’d make far more sense to read it so… Only sipping on my first cuppa’ coffee right now, which will be my excuse…

This topic is now closed.

It was a runoff that died quickly and was overtaken by Off-Topic Comments.

Thank you,

~Alexandre Arthie

Alexandre Arthie,
Directive Enforcement Department
CONCORD Assembly

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