War spilling into highsec

Some of you, no doubt, have heard that the Imperium has thrown in with the Trigs. Strictly speaking, this is not accurate. Some of our detached forces with the Ministry of Love have intervened in Niarja, effectively supporting Triglavian efforts. This is a result of the current war in nullsec.

As our enemies in Legacy Coalition have publicly stated (thank you, Dunk Dinkle), their purpose in Niarja is to protect their logistics supply chain. As Legacy is currently in the process of attempting to invade our space, we have made it our purpose in Niarja to disrupt those supply chains, and degrade their ability to invade.

Vily has made a public statement of her own, insisting that Legacy have only come to Niarja to oppose our support for the Triglavians. Unfortunately for my former alliance-mate, Dunk’s coalition-wide directive to defend the logistics route was made public several hours earlier. And it makes clear not only the ridiculous lie that Vily’s statement represents, but just how much Vily looks down on the actual forces of EDI, that she thinks they cannot see through the lie.

I really wish this had not been the choice taken. I believe this decision was made in haste, and without consideration for the long-term impact on the civilians of Niarja. However, I cannot deny the strategic value of the decision, nor MiniLuv’s historically insular, self-sufficient method of operation. And this decision has been made entirely because of Legacy’s invasion of our space. I have worked, and will continue to work, to repel the Triglavian menace. I will do what I can to alter our course in Niarja.

I’m sorry. I wish I had better news on this.


Seems like it’ll get extra messy if Niarja reaches first liminality, way more than usual.

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Shouldn’t this be in Crime and Punishment? Or whatever that diplomacy forum is?

Why? I’m not a diplomat, and this isn’t diplomacy.

Is this an In-Character work of fiction?

A what?

(( Everything in this forum is in-character. As a result, characters don’t have a concept of ‘In-Character’. ))


It’s convenient, when you don’t have principle it’s because the war and MiniLuv is insular. You just don’t hold yourself to the supposed standards you hold Amarrians.


I await Arrendis’s dignified resignation from Goonswarm as protest against immorally involving civilians in a nullsec war.


and on that day, Mittens’ll be frontlining in a corvette.

You will have to live with this.
Many will not.

I hope the future holds more promise than what I saw today.


I wonder where is that guy that was posting propaganda about arshat
oh right
Is getting spanked by zorya triglav

To be honest, I’ve been expecting the Goons to side with the Collective. For me the question was not if, but why they would do so. :man_shrugging: I’ve seen worse excuses from them. My dislike of them remains unaffected, I guess I can’t dislike them more than I already did.

Hello Goons,

You didn’t think well of the repercussions of your actions by intervening with the on going war within High-Sec against EDENCOM and the Triglavians. True it may be or not that TEST Alliance held some forces in Niarja to secure their logistics line. You never considered what this would do to the Pro-Edencom forces, especially EDI, in a galaxy that you literally helped to split into two.

Did you really think your Null-Sec war is all there is in New Eden that’s raging? Are you that desperate over your losses in your sovereign space? Regardless, you just committed a very bad action that could compromise Safety of all of the residents of New Eden.

Yes, it may be has to do with many young and newbros, or even HighSec carebears to NEW EDEN and EVE fighting to maintain as much high-sec systems it can be. But now that you have helped Niarja fall, you also effectively helped weaken Pro-EDENCOM’s forces in saving more high-sec systems that could possibly be invaded in the future. You’re cutting the ■■■■■■■ galaxy into two. Possibly, more systems will be on your blood.

You helped the wrong guys! You sided with the wrong guys!

Thank you very much Goons.



Well that’s an unenviable position you find yourself in, Arrendis. Best of luck sorting it out.

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Elsebeth recently told an interesting teaching story that may be of use for your current predicament.

Cry more little slave of amarr :slight_smile:

So over the Trig nonsense.

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Cry? Me a slave of Amarr?

You can eat your stars… We all know without Goonswarm’s presence in the system you would just run out of the system. I mean, didn’t you ABANDONNED Arshat for Konola coz of Electus Matari and PNS with the Minmatar/CalMil supporters? Your PvP fleet is not as formidable as you think.

Niarja have fallen.
Stop support a slave empire and join the flow

Oh still being so smugly about arshat, like yesterday in local

Damm…arshat must be a very important route for leaving niarja to die