Official challenge to Takeda Shiko

Takeda Shiko,

Today in a channel corresponding to this Galnet forum and bearing the same name, you had imprudently referred to me as “problematic zealot who assumes honor while reveling in genocide.”

Not only that

  1. tries to tarnish my name as “problematic”,
  2. foolishly attributes to me mismatching feature of being “zealot”
  3. and even openly falsely and baselessly accuses me in “reveling in genocide” - a criminal activity that I was fighting against all these years!
    which all consitutes crime of public libel,

but also you dared to imply my Honor is Assumed!

I am Caldari, and for me my Honor is more valuable than my life. I will better die than lose it! And now I will show that to you, by issuing this Duel.
I give you option to pick your weapons, I can fight in stations on handuns, swords and other weapons, as well as in space - you just need to pick a ship size.

And now, lets see, if you actually have Honor yourself and will stand for your criminal words to pay for them with your life, or if you will prefer to cowardly abstain and live a life of dishonor.



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glhf, as they say


stay mad lmao

I think that the next Zealot fit that I make will be called the “Problematic.”

Anyway, I’ve already given input on what I think about the so-called honor duels after several of the last ones so I’m not even going to bother doing so again. Have fun with that.

I hope she picks Zealots as the shiptype, though.

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Next time Rekking Crew runs a Zealot fleet, maybe DK should come along and name the ship Problematic.

Ah, well, I’m sure that someone has already taken the sort of inspiration that @Arsia_Elkin mentions.

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You are not the arbiter of my honor.

I am an accountant, and we all know that you would easily kill me in a duel.

You are also very weak willed if you cannot suffer a simple observation that you are “Problematic” and a “Zealot.”

Your reaction simply proves me right. Not all members of the State approve of your attitude, actions, or the message you are spreading.

Remember, I am but one gear in a greater machine. And when you threaten me, those in charge of the machine see your disloyalty to the citizens of the State.

Perhaps you would also better serve transparency by mentioning that the reason I said you were “Problematic” in the first place is because you said that I was a “Disgrace” for joining a State Corporation with which you have a personal quarrel with the CEO. You chose to disparage my honor first.

Stop playing the victim, as you always do. Go fight and serve the State.

I leave you with this ancient Achuran proverb:

“When a dog has value, his master loves him. But if the dog bites his child, the master shall turn against the dog, for his child is a child, and a dog is a dog.”


All of Kim’s quarrels are personal, Shiko-haani.


That’s not my problem - you decided to create a problem yourself against someone whom you can’t take on and now whining you’ve bitten more than you can chew? Cmon, have some spine. Either learn your place from the start, or stand for what you do. Barking some nonsence and then backing away like that is neither honorable nor respectful, would that be among Citizens or just general capsuleers…

None of them are “observations”, they are added insults to quite obvious slander and groundless accusation of me commiting such thing as “reveling in genocide”, while whomever knows me - know I was fighting against that. And, obviously, attacking my honor. But, of course, no, you just ignore main points and pick some unrelated insults to defend your fragile ego, even calling them “observations”. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?

And who the hell you are? You certainly can’t speak of them.

More like tiny machine of ARC, that is already known for committing dishonorable, disgraceful deeds. Your “machine” has nothing to do with the State. You went against the State once you signed your loyalty to this dishonorable organization.

I never said you that for joining “State corporation”. I said thaf after you joined a capsuleer organization, that doesn’t wear State badge (for example - ours is) and is known for dishonorable conduct.

I am not playing a “victim”, you can stop trolling.
And I do fight and serve the State - I do that daily, and again, those who know me - know that I am doing that.
Even with this message I serve the State, as I am challenging one who has violated State laws. I am finding and fighting enemies of Caldari State.
If you attack officer of Caldari State - you are the enemy.
And that as well means I will go after you. For this is my job.

As far as I can see, you have abstained from accepting the challenge itself, devoting yourself instead into more trolling.

So lets’ not me, but all the readers see your disgrace.

And here, ladies and gentlemen, you can see infamous coward and dishonorable liar tunes in to spread more lies about Caldari pilots.

So many years has passed - but the scum remained the scum.
Shame to Makoto.

Of course.


Shame ! Shame ! Shaaaaaame !

Yea, verily the shame is heapethed upon to Matoko The Betrayerdeceiver. Shame piled upon shame. Cubic shame piled up into the 3rd dimension and beyond. 4 dimensional hypershame, even.

Even were an infinite array of Matoko the Betrayer clones to drink the entire crop of sacred Caldari suicide tea, it would not even begin to eradicate the stain of dishonourableness that stains Makoto like some kind of intensely coloured liquid that stains light coloured fabric like that antique tablecloth your great great ancestor unto the 9th generation left to you and some careless twit spilled their glass of wine on it which you’re never going to forgive them for, as long as their bloodline endureth.



You are hopeless, Commander Kim.

You are impervious to any point of view other than your own.

Have you noticed that a majority of State members in the cluster don’t agree with you? Have you noticed that entire channels of communication have been made just to avoid you and your ranting? Have you noticed that you have very, very few capsuleers who agree with your rants?

I’m guessing you have not. or you might have softened your insane screechings. I am a reliable and valued member of the State, whether you like me or not. You are a decorated and tolerated member of the State, whether we all like it or not.

Your words and boasts and challenges are nothing but a lone wolf howling at the moon, while the rest of the pack comforts each other in the storm. But your ego is so fragile that you feel that you must take issue with every word said about you… every breath anyone else takes, you analyze and obsess over, until you have become a cartoon.

Listen to yourself… you are calling out for murder and death over words. WORDS. I have not hampered you in any way, nor attempted to destroy your standing in the State. Yet you call for my murder… my death… simply for what YOU perceive to be an attack on your honor.

I suppose if you had your way, the Caldari State would devolve into a massive civil war of blood feuds and murder for something as trivial as scuffing someone’s shoes. Wars have been fought for less, after all.

You humiliate yourself, your family, and your State with your insane rants and anger. Please, I ask you, for YOUR sake, silence your mouth and do what you do well, that being killing the Militia’s enemies.

Finally, “Who am I?” Merely an observer, Commander Kim. Perhaps I have been assigned to gauge your reactions by our superiors… perhaps I am a member of an internal affairs division with vested interest in your actions. Maybe I am someone who has been watching your descent into madness with dataslate in hand, taking notes. Maybe I am not these things.

You must ask yourself… why do I take such an interest in you, when so many others consider you a joke unworthy of attention? Why do I continue to discuss you, learn about you, and question you?

Could it be, perhaps, that you are not nearly as untouchable or as immaculate as you claim to be?

Perhaps you would be wise to consider this.

Perhaps my words are simply words… regardless…

Feel free to contact my superiors if you have any other questions. You should know them… they are the very same members of the State that you so loudly claim to work for.

It is clear to me that further communication with you is beyond pointless.

Shiko Takeda
Accountant and Industrialist, 4th Dan, Citizen of Achur and the Caldari State


Who are really hopeless is you, not me.
My point of view is my own and that’s not your business, get that in that head of yours, got it? What does matter is not my opinion, not my point of view, but YOUR BEHAVIOR.
I might actually change my point of view - and on many things, but only if someone actually show me the alternative, and most certainly I won’t change my point of view just because some ANGRY WELP will start barking at me, insulting me and making up stuff about me just because she can’t agree with my opinion.
You can’t? They suck it and sit tight instead of making a nuisance of yourself, because most definitely I am not changing it because of an angry kid on GalNet. Not really hard, isn’t it? But no, you want to make problems. What can I say, you want a fight, then a fight you get.

Are you a psychic? A telepath of mass proportions? Or did you create a State-wide poll to make such statement? Or, more likely, you just imagine that your insignificant opinion apples to “majority” and stupidly run your mouth because of it, lacking actual any data to back up your groundless claims.

You’re hallucinating now, aren’t you? Do they feed you any weird mushrooms as an initiate for ARC or what?

Rant is what you’re writing now. But what I can say, a lot of actually influential capsuleers do listen to me… again, little you knew. You just bark without thinking.

No, really… the only one humiliation in this topic is you yourself. You probably could made a mistake, I gave you a chance maybe to show you stand for your words, or maybe bring apologies - but no, you just kept ranting and trolling, bringing more and more nonsnce, humiliating yourself even further.

You are a disgraced, coward, angry ranting being, who just can’t accept things as they are. You publically lied about other person and when you got caught for that you began squirming like a fish on hot red pan instead of making up for what you did, trying to make excuses and vomiting more attacks.

Don’t you see how pathetic sight you are?
Any honorable superior would be terribly ashamed from behavior of a subordinate like you.

Strike Commander, despite our own duel and the honor you displayed therein, I must ask that you take a step back from this. You gain nothing from your challenge of Shiko-haani, nor would you gain anything from besting her in a duel. Not even defending your honor. Honor is from your duty, and commitment to The State. Not from words, not from challenges made.

I respect you, Kim-haani, so please, that in mind, heed my suggestion that this is not worth you calling challenge. What would it prove? That you can best and murder an accountant untrained in the arts of combat with blade or other implement? You should be above this. Am I wrong?

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I already see she has no honor, and I agree that facing her will be a waste of time.
Challenging to a duel implies respect and shows that you pay attention to their words and want to show they’re wrong, and now to her I hold none, and I see that her lying words are as empty as she is.

Kim-haani, she serves the State and her Mega in her own way. She has her own convictions. As do you. As do I.

I would not be so swift to dismiss her as honorless. Her honor and yours are not from the same source, and are likely of countervalue, though not invalid.

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We all have different convictions, but neither of them are excuse for slandering people you disagree with.

She already showed herself as honorless, and not by my, but with her own words and actions.

Kim-haani, bring her before any tribunal you wish in the State and tell me honestly, that they would convict her of slander with her statements. And I do disagree with your assessment, but we shall leave that as it is.

You are very dedicated, to an extreme very few can claim to match. That is, in itself, dangerous if not kept in check. I hold no illusions of this, even with my great respect for you, and your prowess. Extremity, afterall, is not a trait oft sought after by the Megas, or the State at large. Take that for what you will Strike Commander.


This just looks like a bunch of State madness to me.

You never told me what mega you belonged to, so I guess I could just take out a spinner or something and ask my bosses to throw some Gurista capitals at whatever mega it lands on. Managing to kill some expensively-fit marauders gives me some pull in that regard.

Trust me when I say that no one makes a fool of Pithatis Revolter.