Hey RJD, did you purge everyone competent back in YC110?

During the last two weeks, we had the top-5 most wanted slaver of Republic Justice Department held by a friendly mercenary group in tribal space at a known location. He was extracted by Amarr loyalists. Scope knew the timing of a meeting. The Khanid Navy showed up to intercept. Republic loyalist capsuleers made a bid and tried to keep eyes on the announced location of Zashev the best we could with other operations going on.

RJD itself made exactly zero moves to recover Zashev.

End of last year, we fought a major rebellion in Thebeka - first one with real chances of success in decades, I’d say. According to news sources, the Amarr blamed the involvement of Minmatar in the conflict to RJD. Fine, RJD rescue operators are sneaky people and no doubt the airlifts helped, but to be honest I had ships in space and drops in atmo, and I could’ve used some support that was a little less stealthy. Even moral support, for the love of gods, if that’s all you can do.

So what’s up, RJD? Did the Thukker purge everyone competent back in YC110 and now the rest of you can’t make a move at them or their puppets without fear you’ll be next?



Perhaps the RJD very sensibly do not wish to involve themselves in battles they know they cannot win. Perhaps they recognise they have absolutely no jurisdiction whatsoever over Imperial subjects or territory.

Perhaps you should follow their example.


Last I checked, SUR-F7 was in The Great Widlands, and Seykal Expeditionary Group had a big fat “Minmatar Republic” badge next to their name in the official records.

Also last I checked, “not an Imperial Citizen” has not stopped the Empire from bringing freedom fighters to “justice”.

So perhaps you should stop meddling in matters that you do not understand much about?

If the RJD actually agrees with you and wants me to shut up, I am sure they can find someone who still knows how to write evemail - I hope they are not fargone enough to have contracted that to a Mary on IGS.


Oh dear, Ms Rhiannon, are we perhaps a little bit bitter that we did not get our own way and are unable to dispense lynch-mob “justice”.

I have no interest in explaining my references or my knowledge of any particular subject to someone who is so wilfully obtuse. I should imagine the RJD unlikely to bother with you either. I am sure they have more important matters to attend to than a rabble of trouble-making pirates masquerading, poorly, as “humanitarians”.

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No, “we” are actually not. I don’t give a ■■■■ about Zashev. My only motivation for bidding (and my prize pool that predates Seykal) was that RJD supposedly wants him.


This is very Amarr rationale. Our way is to fight every battle regardless of whether we can win it, because the only battles that have a zero percent chance of success are the ones we don’t fight.


We even fight the battles we know we’ll lose.


I was curious about this myself. What gives?


Oh my, it’s another slaver poking her nose in where it’s unwanted. Now that is truly the M.O. for all Amarrians.


Oh look, throw one stick and the whole pack starts yelping.

How wonderfully entertaining!


Shows how puerile your tastes are, really.

Oh, I am being absolutely infantile, I shall not deny it in the slightest.

Yet here you are, joining in the yowling!

How easily baited you all are. Except Ms Rhiannon, of course, for which I must give due credit. Why was Amarrian ISK more enticing than so-called Tribal “justice”, or profession of camaraderie, I wonder?

Perhaps you simply cannot trust mercenaries, no matter how friendly they claim may be.


I would imagine because there was more of it.

Nooooo, really?

The real topic, that Captain Rhiannon was initially addressing before you came flouncing in with your “I am Amarrian and I must smug” ■■■■■■■■ is not “boohoo we didn’t win Zashev”, it’s “What the ■■■■ are the RJD even doing?”

Which, remarkably, is not a question an Amarrian can answer.


And that kind of behavior makes PIE look infantile. I do believe there are public presentation guidelines on this sort of thing. Did anyone other than me read those?


You followed too many rules, Samira. You followed so many, in fact, you got confused and broke all of the important ones.


And how easily you embarrass.

My comment to you was an earnest one that merited addressing. Instead, you drag your self-bloodied carcass back in here and yelp about how we jumped you.

Keep at it, sweetheart. I was charitable the first time, but I don’t make mistakes twice.

Now tuck your stubby little tail between your legs and run back to your equally ‘infantile’ masters. Adults are talking here.


What exactly does Amarrian money have to do with the RJD seemingly dropping the ball on this one? Expecting some sort of hive mind on things, Amarr is no different with differing opinions.


Quite. And the smack talking is rather ironic considering it was the Ministry of Internal Order that let Zashev escape (possibly intentionally) in the first place. Neither of our nations’ law enforcement apparatuses have been particularly inspiring lately.


Keep barking, little hound, keep barking. I have neither need of nor interest in your “charity”, whatever that might mean.

You know, Elsebeth, you might be right.

When those Thukkers or Elders, or whatever they were, did that thing, then they might very well have taken out the RJD or other investigators who’d have the skills and tenacity to make things awkward for the Thukker purge squads. I mean, when you’re organising a coup, the last thing you need is for some detective to uncover something that would blow the whole scheme apart.

So maybe the RJD is left with all the rotten apples as it were. The detectives that know to look the other way when certain hands are holding currency. But only the right hands. No doubt the Thukkers got rid of any rotten apples taking Ammatar or Amarr currency, but kept the rotten apples that looked the right other way.

Something smells fishy here, and it sure isn’t the Syld seafood market.

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