RSS Inquest Report, Kril Efrit Must Go


As head of the Grand Litigation Tribunal / Administration Team of the Bosena Accords and spokesperson for the warclone Round Table Assembly, I would like to take this time to share with the summit a summation of the ongoing RSS plot at work within the Minmatar Republic.

Anything that I can possibly say is already said within. I understand that the news is troubling. I understand many will hand wave these issues away instinctively, insist that this information is nothing new under hindsight bias despite the ongoing inaction, or will say that it is not our place as outsides to point them out. All I ask is that you seperate us from this document, read it, and judge for yourself if Kril Efrit and Allek Berialsh can still be trusted with the powers granted to them over the last year and a half. I can assure you that should trustworthy Matari voices come forward hoping to take the lead in this investigation, we will be the first to step aside. Copies of this document have already been spread across Skarkon, and are being forwarded to officials in the Republic Justice Department and several subtribes of the Sebiestor.

Thank you to our allies who have supported us in the struggle to fight this conspiracy on Skarkon. Regardless of the results of this Inquest, you have done the right thing in assisting us up to this point.


Galm Eskola-Fae
Warden of Avalon, The Bosena Accords


The version of the report posted above is the most recent, edited version that contains several corrections. The previous version of the report, please select here.


Ok, first… please understand that I very much appreciate all of the work that has already gone into your investigation of these matters, and both your intentions and your dedication to it. Shadowy conspiracies of bad actors who claim noble intent are, unfortunately, far more common in this cluster than sanity, the normal functioning of society, or indeed any self-respecting author would ever dare to imply.

That said… can we get better presentation to make this thing easier to read? The white-on-… terracotta? presentation is just incredibly… busy, and kind of headache-inducing.


The referenced news release says something different:

The MIO is not a Minmatar clan, you know?

And onward…
What exactly does the Ndokassi discovery have to do with anything else? The initial dispute was between the Vherokior and Brutor archaeological teams. The RSS wasn’t even involved! And the situation was resolved amicably between the Vherokior, Brutor, and Sebiestor Tribes. The only involvement of the Krusual (which seems to be where you’re linking things in here?) is that the stuff in the Ndokassi is something the Krusual are known to have used, and the Brutor made a nice gesture toward them at the end.

Nothing in this document appears to tie it to anything else in this document. Why is it included? Exactly what ‘answers’ are you saying ‘the People of the Republic deserve’ to have that we don’t already about that incident?

A similar question arises about why Arim Ardishapur’s invitation to the Tetrimon merits any inclusion in a document alleging conspiracy between the RSS, Seykal Clan, and Krullefor? Are you alleging that House Ardishapur is in on the plot?

And now, Arrach Sarum (a completely different Heir) reacting to capsuleer agreements in his newly-minted Military Circuit is part of it? Something he was manipulated into by the RSS moves1… two months later?

Is this a massive conspiracy between the Heirs and the Sanmatar who rose to power screaming for their blood, or something?

These are serious questions. If there is something going on, it is vital that we understand it, and not find ourselves distracted by the inclusion of extraneous nonsense whose relevance is only that the Republic or Empire was mentioned in it. Please, actually construct your argument and present it in a way that doesn’t encourage the tearing out of one’s own eyes. If there is a conspiracy to be rooted out, making the case in a clear, well-constructed manner will only help you.

Also, 'GLATISANT’2? Might I suggest replacing that simply with ‘the Tribunal’? Introducing clumsy acronyms that get used all of 5 times in 19 pages… it’s not helpful in the pursuit of clarity and persuasiveness.

1. Which, keep in mind, weren’t even the RSS.
2. I’m not even sure how you get GLATISANT out of Grand Litigation Tribunal / Administration Team of the Bosena Accords. GLT/ATotBA?


Fantastic creativity, but I’m pretty sure the submission date for fiction in the New Eden Writing Contest has been and gone?


First of all, thank you for your initial words of encouragement and show of good faith at the start of your post. I also think that your comments on the formatting and design layout of the document is extremely valid. It’s important to be as clear and easy to follow when discussing these matters, and arguably the format of the document does not serve that purpose. Case in point, I can very easily address all of the points you had mentioned very simply; design flaw.

If you check, I am fairly certain all of the weaker points mentioned in the timeline that you raised are marked with a yellow triangle. If you look on the key, you will note that yellow triangles are meant to signify when an entry is potentially circumstantial or has a tenuous connection to the overall conspiracy. These were included as they might, maybe, potentially have a connection to the overall conspiracy but lacked sufficient grounds or were considered farfetched. Several such entries were cut from the original draft, but others were kept should information come to light later that might be connected.

One example I can give is the Ndokassi discovery. Doubtlessly it caused certain tensions in tribal politics but can I be reasonably sure that it contributed to any potential feuds or future actions between the Krusual and the Sebiestor? It’s unclear but not something I am willing to wipe from the slate should new evidence come to light later.

In truth many of these circumstantial entries should have remained in some sort of internal document but not have been included in the disseminated edition unless we were confident of the connection. Putting forward events that we cannot fully claim a strong connection is debatably unprofessional, whether those weak connections are marked or otherwise. At this time we are considering doing a reedit based on the feedback you and several others have granted, so thank you for your candor.

Honestly sometimes you have a name and work backwards from there. (Grand LitigAtion TrIbunal (Slash) AdministratioN Team) I’ll consider your feedback that it needs work.


In for a penny, in for a pound I suppose. I’ve created a more updated version with some minor corrections. Spelling, timeline adjustments, removal of unnecessary material, etc., as well as replacing it with a more conservative red-on-white color scheme for better or for worse. The most recent edition has replaced the original link above for anyone new viewing the content, though anyone that has read the original will find the content is largely similar.

Having said that, it certainly would appear Kril Efrit must know about it. (I will neglect to give him the honor of calling him ‘Khumatar’.) At least, that would certain go towards explaining him going into berserker mode and moving for the indefinite detainment of opposition without trial. Or perhaps he has always been this awful. Either way Efrit, how long do you think you can maintain control this way? Amazing thing about being immortal, we aren’t going anywhere.


I can appreciate that… but, again, keep in mind that the tension was actually between the Vherokior and the Brutor. The Sebiestor Tribe’s involvement was only because the land is currently held by the Tribe, and the Tribe’s retention of one of the Ndokassi was purely with the intention of putting it in the local museum to preserve the history of the location in that location.

Similarly, the Krusual didn’t enter into the dispute at all. That the Krusual had a potential interest in the contents was more cultural side-note, and the Brutor made a gesture toward that cultural interest.

Like I said, though, I appreciate your attempt at thoroughness. And I totally get that you don’t have the personal perspective to rule it out. I promise, though, there are centuries of tensions between the Sebiestor and Krusual well in advance of this one matter. We don’t need an amicably-resolved dispute between two other Tribes to be at one another’s throats. :wink: Families are funny that way.

Mmmyeah. Backronyms often do, alas.


With respect, this indeed not news. One, please note that when you speak of @Kril_Efrit you speak of a person who, it now seems, became notable in RSS during and after the Purge, and who was the RSS liaison to planetary defense when the Sundsele Six went “missing”.

Two, his promotion to Skarkon comes right after a settlement where RSS released a number of individuals to local jurisdictions after rounding them up in the aftermath of the Amo riots (see previous Scope release), a settlement that required Tribal Council intervention. (I can also personally attest that that settlement did not come cheap or as an uncomplicated victory to all of the rioting circles themselves.)

You’re not dealing with a madman on rampage or an incompetent power-hungry fool in Skarkon. You’re dealing with the post-purge loyalist RSS. Deal accordingly.

Otherwise, what Arri said. The Ndokassi story demonstrates not a conspiracy but how tribal legal systems work at their best, and outsiders should tread carefully when they want to instigate tribal discord. That has backfired before, and is an easy thing for Efrit to point at as a potential cause of the unrest.


I was hoping to stay out of this conversation as I did not want to entertain any more silly and baseless conspiracy theories that do nothing but sow discord and mistrust, however having had some time to think on it there are several points I want to address, which I will do in a follow up post, as I do not have the time currently to adequatly put my thoughts down.

Suffice it for now to say that is a great example of using the facts to fit your theory.

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I look forward to your attempt to form some type of genuine refutation for the RSS’s and the Circle for Security Coordinations reactionary, revaunchist, authoritarian police state in Molden Heath rather than just feigning intellectual superiority or moral authority. I can’t wait to see what fantastical ways you’ll attempt to lose the forest in the trees or which myopic detail you’ll settle on to hand wave all of this away.

I’ve already lived through the Heth regime on both sides, I’m well aware of what to expect when nationalists talk down to dissent to justify rampant authoritarianism and the rise of fascism so do tell instead of being cheeky.

There’s trouble in Molden Heath.

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Yes, and outsider agitation isn’t helping.

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I agree completely: the events and evidence outlined in the report are not sufficient to give a clear picture of what is going on or who is to blame for what.

However, one thing is eminently clear: actions taken by Kril Efrit, the RSS, and associated groups, that had the stated intent of maintaining peace and stability in the Republic, have failed to do so at best, and actively encouraged violence and instability at worst. This alone merits investigation into what went wrong, why it went wrong, what should be done to fix it, and whether there is incompetence or corruption to be rooted out in any of the organizations involved.

Thank you, Bosena Accords, for producing this detailed report and shining light on a serious threat to the Republic.


To elaborate on your first point, because this is important; I actually agree on you, and the general assertion that there is not enough clear evidence to definitively prove a conspiracy. I think there might be a general assumption or misunderstanding that I view the events listed on the timeline as empirical evidence of corruption or a conspiracy. I understand the “using facts to fit theory” sentiment if people believe that I view these events as proof of wrongdoing rather than just pretense that warrants further serious investigation

In reality I recognize and understand that these events alone can, conceivably, be entirely circumstantial. I view the possibility of all of these events being circumstantial unlikely but I simply don’t have enough evidence or authority to ever make a definitive claim.

However, like you said, these events form a disturbing narrative that warrants further investigation by trustworthy authorities. RSS power and that of those connected to these events should be curtailed until a full investigation can be carried out, preferably by the RJD as they have proven themselves trustworthy Republic authorities that have shown concern for RSS activities in the past.

So to be clear, to those that might have perceived any of this as me claiming proof and were made nervous by that; I get that, I really do. But this isn’t about proof necessarily, this is about seeing a disturbing trend and calling for four simple measures to respond to these concerns:

  1. A proper and through investigation of the RSS by the RJD
  2. Defunding the RSS budget and auditing its expenses. Regardless of any conspiracy, the RSS has shown disproportionate and brutal responses to political opposition and it should be examined how much of the RSS budget is being used unnecessarily on questionable riot control measures. If an audit produces findings important to the aforementioned investigation, then that will be useful as well to say the least.
  3. Disbanding the Sanmatar’s Circle for Security Cooperation. Many of the more egregious events on this timeline were made possible thanks to the authority of the SCSC. Moreover the RSS at this time appears to be the major party in the SCSC and their current power does not lend itself to a fair or through investigation so long as they have the authority of the SCSC shielding them.
  4. Freedom for those detained by the RSS. Clearly the RSS arrests have been carried out under questionable pretense. No Republic citizens should be detained indefinitely without trial, and even should the RSS change their stance and carry out trials their own misconduct and questionable motivations should in itself serve as more than enough to call any charges into question and have many of these cases dismissed.

I feel like most people can agree with some of these points or all of these points depending on how radically you wish to pursue these leads but in my opinion if even one of these demands are enacted it will go a long way to improving the situation.


What you’re asking for is the squandering of Republic resources and weakening of its security structures, on the premise that you’ve joined some dots into the plot of some holo-thriller?

Utterly ridiculous.

Why does an outsider seek to undermine our security? Who’s pockets are you in? The Cartel? The Empire? The State? There are many who would like to see us weakened by internal strife. Maybe we should join our own dots?

I’m far more willing to see RSS investigate you, Mister Eskola-Fae.

Do you have any actual, specific, meaningful refutation to justify any of the RSS’s actions or assuage valid fears for a clear and observable pattern of behavior that warrants investigation, or are you just being a deliberately dismissive contrarian? As of yet, I haven’t heard any meaningful refutation other than some hemming and hawing from reactionaries that have a vested interest in ensuring that these power structures and abuses of power go unchallenged.

Ah. And there it is. What’s “utterly ridiculous” is your blatant xenophobia that betrays any amount of credibility you might have in defending the RSS.

Let’s entirely ignore the fact, first of all, that a wide number of our members include Republic citizens that are through and through of Matari blood with every right to be concerned about the status of their motherland. Let’s ignore the fact that prior to my ascension to Warden of Avalon in March in response to the Skarkon crisis, our war against the Krullefor that lead to our RSS investigation was signed off by our previous Warden @KnightGuard_Fury, a proud member of the Vherokior tribe. Before you have any assertions that this war was somehow “couped” by an outside foreigner, by the way, I assure you that Warden Fury remains a respected vocal member of our organization and remains supportive of our endeavours against RSS actions based on what we uncovered in battling the Krullefor.

Putting all of that aside the Bosena Accords have made the Heath their home for four years now, and the constituent warclone clans of the Bosena Accords have settled in Molden Heath since even before then. We have conducted multiple goodwill missions with the local populous, and fully and faithfully carried out our sworn duties to the Thukker clan to protect the region from smuggling, pirate activities, and rogue warclones. Indeed, it was that sworn duty to serve the people of Molden Heath that lead us onto the Krullefor’s trail in the first place to counter their smuggling operations and their marauders. We’ve given, quite literally, far far more than our due pound of flesh in the service of Molden Heath and the Minmatar Republic. Debatably, we have done more in recent years for the baseline populations here in the Heath than many vocal reactionary Matari capsuleers. I’ve died a hundred times to serve the Heath, and gods and spirits I will die a hundred thousand more in its service until the injustices here are resolved.

How dare anyone here or Kril Efrit for that matter otherize us, or insist that we are not fully committed to the common good of the Heath. If anything, it should be a testament to our dedication that our multiracial organization has remained so steadfast in our duties in keeping the peace here. I have very little patience for the rampant pig-headed racism I have seen from those defending RSS actions on the basis of seeing us as “outside agitators” and will not entertain this line of conversation any further should it come up again.


Thank you for clarifying your agenda, Mister Eskola-Fae. Your organisation is in direct competition with the RSS as a security provider for the region and you’re simply sowing bad press about your rival.

Understandable, but still not welcome, not when we have the Cartel, Empire and Trigs at our gates, looking to exploit any weakness from the inside.

You’d think after all this time you’ve been in the Heath, which you’ve been very keen to emphasise, you’d have a better understanding of the people and government you’re operating under. Your shortfall is sadly typical of most outsiders.

If you really want to help the Republic, let its legitimate authorities do their job and focus your belligerence on the real threats.

oh please, what will the republic authorities actually do besides put certain matters on the back burner or let certain activities, illegal or otherwise, continue to happen for years until it becomes a matter that needs dealing with because it was “all of a sudden” brought to light? All I ever see in our area of space (our being the people of Molden Heath) is a boundless number of pirates, illegal trade, little being done about it unless it’s by us, the occasional authorities, or actual involvement from the republic if it’s deemed big enough of a problem. And besides, we want to work with the Republic Justice Department to investigate the RSS as a part of our demands.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with third party involvement if it gets results done and betters the area for future development, whether by Capsuleer, Warclone, or the people themselves. this whole idea that “only people of the republic can deal with their own matters” is complete bulls**t to me. so what if a group of various races of people is helping one specific region of one particular faction, it should be totally acceptable. unless you’re ((not specifically you, just anybody just in general that thinks this way)) so stuck in your ways of, leave “X” group of people to help out their own kind because its no one else’s business is so closed-minded in my opinion. what if they need the outside help?

I was wanting to mention this earlier but back to the matter of the whole “outsiders” thing. Plenty of us are Minmatar. yes, some of the others are Caldari or Gallente in origin but have later come to mold in with my fellow brothers and sisters and have been for plenty of years now. but lets not also forget I myself am still a huge benefactor to the accords over the years and have led it for half the time of its existence. not to mention I still have sway in a lot of decisions made albeit I prefer the more sleight of hand but strong man way compared to Galm, Everything members of the accord discuss between each other is decided with equal weight and how people may react we also consider as a factor. and trust me I know how all of you and the people of the planets will react, its not that hard.

and as for another matter, many of you, Capsuleer in general don’t particularly have a great opinion of Warclones anyway, whether it be directly or sub-conscious bias from the old days of our prime. I’m not speaking to anyone specific of course but we haven’t forgotten anything that the Capsuleers, Baseliners, and whoever else have done or said to us before we while we do things with some caution we will still make our moves with conviction regardless of the consequences.


In response to the alleged discovery of chemical weapons and “human remains” on Skarkon GLATISANT is coordinating a dedicated response unit comprised of specialists from the UNF’s ArSec and warclones from the Bosena Accord’s Elysian Stewards logistics unit and Draugr Division combat teams. ArSec teams will utilize chemical detectors and hounds to search for areas potentially storing chemical weapons and patrol regions under the control of the Skarkon Freedom Corps at risk for Deathglow attack.

Once an area is determined to be at-risk, the Elysian Stewards under Thaddeus Reynolds will set about coordinating evacuations, providing humanitarian relief, and deploying nanite domes to contain any potential Deathglow attack. Draugr Division units will provide security and maintain a strong parameter to give our operatives ample breathing room to work.

I’m not sure what the presence of Deathglow means on Skarkon as of yet, if it exists at all. I have several theories myself, but none that I feel comfortable with sharing at this time without sufficient evidence. We simply need more information to act, and the only way we can get reliable information at this time is to seek out these weapons ourselves. Granted we are perfectly willing to assist local “security contractors” acting under RSS mandate in searching for and eliminating these weapon sites so long as they are willing to come to the table, negotiate a ceasefire, and end the kill-on-sight order of warclone operatives on Skarkon.

As things stand, we anticipate the deployment of the Fisher King II capital-class warbarge within the next week to deliver sufficient personnel and materials to combat this threat.

Oh, and one more thing.

Over the last several weeks, Khumatar Kril Efrit and representatives of the CBD corporation have repeatedly attempted to petition CONCORD for SARO assistance in combating warclones on Skarkon. Quite frankly, this was a clear attempt to request Red Troop presence and the return of dedicated warclone hunting units to Molden Heath, likely resulting in another warclone Purge on Skarkon. (One of a many warclone captial-P Purges that have occurred historically.)

I am very thankful for the actions of the Republic Justice Department for not only blocking the presence of SARO’s “Counter-Subversion Units” on Skarkon but indeed denying permission for their presence in all Minmatar territories. Whether intentional or not, this has effectively re-solidified Molden Heath and the Minmatar Republic at large as an asylum for independent warclones from SARO kill-teams and CONCORD persecution. In many ways, this is the biggest win for the independent warclone community since the original settlement offer granted to the elysian community by the Thukker Tribe.

More updates to come as the situation unfolds. Please standby.


Or, you know, you could stay out of it and let the legitimate authorities do their job.

Under Khumatar Efrit’s direction, the RSS appear to have the Skarkon situation well under control, which is evidently rattling outsider security contractors.

The only suggestion that it was the Khumatar who petitioned CONCORD for SARO assistance comes from Heath Row News. The same tabloid comic that fabricated a story about a Wyvern-class supercarrier in orbit over Skarkon II a few weeks back?

The RJD is responding to the SARO group counter-subversion unit to fight Triglavian sympathizers, as announced on the SCOPE newsfeed ticker on 16th July. I’m sure Heath Row News will find some far-flung tin-foil reason to make it all about Skarkon, though. And if they can’t, they’ll just make it up!

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Gods and spirits this again.

Okay, let’s assume we haven’t taken you to task multiple times this point about the “outsiders should stay out of Skarkon” arguement. It’s almost like Kril Efrit has equated our operatives with Angels Cartel sympathizers and terrorists in an attempt to smear us multiple times. I could link more examples but anyone that isn’t completely obtuse or arguing in bad faith can see the clear pattern of behavior where Kril Efrit has engineered a narrative that the Bosena Accords are responsible for terrorist attacks on Skarkon. It’s worth mentioning, but the way, that some of these supposide attacks include “false flag operations” which may or may not be a cover for RSS actions on Skarkon themselves.

It’s almost like this newest Deathglow discovery may in fact be another attempt at smearing our efforts in Skarkon and legitimizing the “outside agitators on Skarkon are terrorists” angle. Y’know, the one that you’ve either completely fallen for or have a vested interest in pushing due to your own pre-established prejudice. Again, anyone that’s not gullible, painfully obtuse, or acting in bad faith can easily see why we are obliged to investigate these Deathglow claims and get to the bottom of them if we are tacitly being accused in at the very least assisting in this “terrorist plot.”

Uh-huh. Very under control. Thats why Skarkon is entering its fourth month of conflict, why the RSS has had to deputize the Seykal Clan and the Krullefor Organization (both organizations we know were responsible for the Sundsele Six assassinations) and why Kril Efrit has been “promoted” to a Khumatar position at the furthest reaches of Minmatar space to continue ‘managing’ the situation.

(((Can we refrain from trying to find IC reasons to justify saying ‘you and your friends roleplay is bad’? This kind of stuff is received as toxic and actively discourages people from making content when you make a post that is received as ‘I don’t deem them real events or canon’. I get what you think you’re saying IC, but a big part of this part of roleplay involves working with what is presented by news articles, throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks, working with others to make a collaborative story, and adjusting based off what CCP decides to go with. If you really didn’t like elements of the Skarkon arc you can just ignore them, but this really feels like just an IC excuse to criticize the news article posts you deem not good enough. I really don’t jive with the implication so lets avoid these kind of comments please.)))