Round Table Assembly Skarkon Emergency Session Results


In response to the situation on Skarkon and the denial of a ceasefire by Khumatariat forces the Round Table Assembly converged this weekend to form a unified strategy on the future of the Skarkon war. Discussion included the following topics before being voted on by the constituent warclone clans of the Bosena Accords. I have the results as reviewed by the Gland Litigation / Administration Team


With the announcement by the Khumatar government that civilian rescue efforts shall be seen as illegal attempts at slaving [sic] combined with the ongoing kill-on-sight orders issued by the United Tribal Security Force, the concern has been raised that attempts at civilian protection and evacuation may in fact place the civilians of Skarkon at greater risk for collateral damage. Of particular concern are the actions of the Seykal Expeditionary Group, who have proven themselves to care little in the way of civilian casualties.

The Minmatar Republic has expressed their intention to lead efforts to evacuate the people of Skarkon II, regardless of our own evacuation efforts. However, we must not overlook that many of our former allies and Skarkon separatists on the planet may be processed as political prisoners upon seeking evacuation through the Khumatariat including those liberated from CBD prison work camps. Moreover, the Bosena Accords charter Title 1, Section 2B Subsection 3B cites that it is the responsibility of warclones to assist in the defense of mortal life when necessary. All this in mind, we face a difficult decision. Do we continue our strategy of assisting in humanitarian evacuation efforts?

By a wide margin, the clans of the Bosena Accords voted to continue assisting in civilian evacuation efforts on Skarkon. Our ongoing non-aggression pact with the Triglavian Collective places us in a unique position to assist in civilian evacuations in places where the Unified Tribal Security Forces can’t, particularly in the southern provinces of Gulormola and Ishuhuolvi.

As Warden I’m making the executive decision not to assist in the transport of any refugees off-world. Instead, shuttles will be directed to Electus Matari collection points. I can be reasonably confident that the Electus Matari will see to that all refugees receive fair treatment rather than if they were processed by the Khumatariat government.


SARO Red Troop remains the single greatest threat to the warclone community. A specialized unit trained in hunting warclones, they remain chiefly responsible for multiple purges of of a large number of warlord enclave holdouts in and around YC118. As of this afternoon Sanmatar Shakor has extended unconditional support to draconian rule of the Khumatariat of Skarkon to carry out the fortification of planet under the authority of EDENCOM under martial law. Since this announcement, Khumatar Kril Efrit has authorized the services Red Troop alongside AEGIS commandos to operate “freely” on Skarkon II.

Regardless of our intentions or hope for a peaceful solution, conflict with AEGIS and Red Troop is now likely inevitable. How shall we respond to this crisis?

By a narrow margin, majority of clans within the Round Table Assembly voted to remain on Skarkon. Motivations varied from wishing to assist with civilian evacuations to combatting Red Troop and maintaining a presence after liminality reaches “totality” in the system.

Regardless, we were unable to establish a supermajority in favor of this measure. Unfortunately, many did not approve of the result and have broken rank in favor of a tactical retreat from Skarkon II. It is no small wonder why, under the threat of a Red Troop purge if we fail. With the winds in our favor though, we will prevail and continue to hold our ground.

Let it be said so long as men have tongues to say it that the sun fell before the forces of the Bosena Accords.


With Khumatar Kril Efrits’s United Tribal Security Force pursuing a policy of extermination for all independent warclones, intervention by AEGIS / Red Troop forces, and our limited fleet capabilities in space we must consider all options in defense of our people and our mission; both the preservation, wellbeing, and liberty of mortal lives within Molden Heath and the preservation, wellbeing, and liberty of warclones. In this spirit, Warden Galm Eskola-Fae has independently worked to ensure a non-aggression pact between our forces in Skarkon and “Kybernaut” capsuleers loyal to the Triglavian Collective while ordering warclones on Skarkon not to fire on Triglavian soldiers unless fired upon. Do we continue to expand this relationship with the Kybernaut Clade and the Triglavian Collective, and if so to what extent?

By a clear supermajority, the warclones of the Bosena Accords voted in favor of normalizing relations with the Triglavian Collective and establishing diplomatic ties with the Collective and various Kybernaut groups. Discussions are ongoing with Kybernaut subclades to begin this process.


We of the Kybernaut Clade do not support senseless killing, and do what we can, within reason to prevent unnecessary loss of life, contrary to popular belief. I’m sure our leadership would be glad to have diplomatic talks and welcome any attempt to cease hostilities. With that said, should you need any assistance, by all means, ask. I’ll do what I can to assist you. Until then, fly safe, friend.

Nicholas Kondur
Kybernaut Clade


These complicated negotiations are all going to seem a bit silly when Skarkon and the other dozens of systems get fully zapped into Zorya’s Abyssal Void.

Better to cut your losses and get out while you can, perhaps?

I can respect going down with the ship. If the ship is a planet and it conveniently hides you from your worst enemies(Red Troop for these guys) it’s a fair plan.

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I can see Zorya grabbing abyssal pop corn and watching the show and see who will fit for glorification


Stop kidding, the republic will free Skarkon in the future!

I’ve no doubt the Republic will be quite up to the task of liberating whatever piles of liquified goo remain of the planetary population after a few years in the void.

I find it no surprise that the outsider warclone terrorists would throw their lot in with the Kybernauts.

Nor that they waited until after the Triglavian victory to show their true colours.

It seems more unlikely now that our Khumatar will give them the lynching they deserve. More’s the pity.

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“we just support a bunch of murderers who resolve their disagreements with senseless killing.”

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Arrendis, clearly we have different views on that topic. But what of the Empires? How many innocent lives were lost in conflicts between the Gallente and Caldari? How many people have had their lives ruined by being enslaved under the Amarr? What of the Sansha, who have taken countless people and not only effectively ended their lives, but turned them into something else who is a slave to their masters, yet the Empires sit. And do nothing. We capsuleers are sent to do their work for them. Even Concord bows out and leaves it to the capsuleers, all the while holding power over us. If that is the kind of behavior and corruption you support, then so be it. I can’t stand in support of that madness. So while you may claim that we support “murderers”, consider that the empires themselves are no better.


Well duh, they can’t fight Efrit, Red Troop, and Triglavians at the same time. The Trigs will inevitably overrun the planet, this is a foregone conclusion. The only option to survive the Red Troop and remain is to avoid conflict with the Collective.

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Mhmmm. Y’know, you’ve never listened to me previously on the matter and I find it unlikely you’d start listening now but for everyone else’s sake consider the following.

All attempts at diplomacy have failed. Red Troop is operating on Skarkon, and I have zero faith in any ability to prevent that conflict with Kril Efrit poisoning the process and turning the governments of the empire against us. His lies have placed us into an irreconcilable position, and we have been forced to cross a point of no return for the sake of our own survival. There’s no salvaging any of this, so I have no reason to lie when I tell you all this.

I need to stress this and be as clear as possible: we attempted to seek a peaceful solution to Skarkon to focus on the Triglavian threat twice. The first time we were proclaimed “slaving mercenaries” and a kill on sight order was issued against us even as our own battlefleet focused on combating Triglavian scouts ahead of the Electus Matari fleet. The second time we were slandered as Triglavian collaborators to justify Red Troop intervention against Republic Justice Department orders that prevent SARO units from operating within Republic territories.

By contrast no Triglavian ever relished the possibility of lynching us. Kybernaut forces were infinitely more agreeable than any RSS loyalists we’ve encountered and accepted our first attempt at reconciling our prior conflicts and negotiating a non-aggression pact. The moment it became apparent to the Triglavian Collective that we were no longer a threat, all hostility halted. We have no reason to fight eachother, especially when we are facing an army of UTSF, SARO, and AEGIS commandos that refuse to see reason.

The fall of Skarkon is due to the failures of Kril Efrit and his Khumatariat and no one else. He was unable to repel the Triglavian forces, and was utterly unwilling to form a united front against them to prevent chaos on the ground. His government no longer holds any authority on the planet, any it had now in every meaningful way has transferred to the Collective.

Skarkon is going to hell, and as long as it is we may as well ride this planet all the way down to a place where Red Troop can’t follow. By normalizing our relations with the Triglavian Collective, we can now at least make sure we are in good standing with the new authorities once we get there. Maybe we’ll have better luck there than we had in Molden Heath.

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What of them? We know absolutely nothing about the long-term plans the Trigs have for those worlds—worlds, I might add, where at the very least, the civilian populations have lives they already understand and are used to dealing with. Now what happens? Everyone living on those planets gets told ‘you can either adapt in the way we tell you to, or die’? How is that any different than the Empire or the Sansha? How does that not ‘turn them into something else’ and effectively (if not actually) enslave them to the Collective?

And that’s without even going into ‘and what happens after that?’, either. Because, again, we have no idea what the long-term plans are for those civilian populations. If you know, please, share, and share your sources. I’m sure we’d all be terribly interested. It’s not like they’re happy to let anyone who doesn’t want to adapt just up stakes and leave. The Trigs have, in multiple systems, attacked unarmed vessels attempting evacuation. Isn’t that ‘senseless killing’?

As for CONCORD and the Sansha… that’s not quite accurate. I mean, if you think the bulk of the Sansha vessels that actively work to abduct populations off of planets are the ones we kill, hanging out in incursion anomalies nowhere near the planets… that’s a little absurd, isn’t it? CONCORD interdicts landing transports in Sansha incursions.

Obviously, they’re not exactly amazing at it, but then, look at how capsuleers handle the situation. The Sansha invade and—for the most part—the capsuleers who respond do just enough to slowly degrade the incursion, while actively trying to let it go on longer so they can ‘farm’ CONCORD’s reward system.

So, really, don’t go trying to play like what you’re doing is somehow noble or righteous. Don’t act like the difficulties of cosmopolitical diplomacy (especially where it fails) excuses a violent invasion by a group that hasn’t even attempted diplomacy. The Gallente and Caldari, and even the Amarr and Matari, can settle their disagreements with words. We can, and have opted to come together for diplomatic and military cooperation.

Have the Trigs so much as offered non-violent diplomacy to New Eden? Or have they shown that their idea of diplomacy is ‘I shoot you until you stop resisting, or shoot back and make me stop’?


Your actions speak far louder and more clear than your words ever will.

You jumped into bed with the invaders to save your own wretched hides. And you had the gall to brand your former colleague “craven” for having the courage to act with integrity?

I hope your new masters treat you with the respect you deserve.


As a quick interjection, the news now has multiple reports indicating the Triglavians do not care for civilians flights leaving the system and that evacuations from recently conquered systems have been able to proceed unhindered. Not capsuleer lead evacuations mind you, baseliner ones.

Not quite accurate. The Triggies have fired on some. Their response has been erratic. Sometimes violent, sometimes not.

Which indicates an attitude not of benevolence, but of indifference. They don’t care if the populations of the planets they now control live or die.

Sansha’s Nation and the Empire would at least care about the amount of the population they capture. The Triggies simply don’t give a ■■■■.

Which should also serve as somewhat of a warning against siding with the Triggies. Do you really think they care about your loyalty ? You’re not one of them. For all their cryptic messages about proving your flow or entering the domain, they’ve shown they don’t really care about people that arent Triglavians.

By no means do I claim to be following the righteous path. I find some of the Triglavian actions very appalling. I simply choose to side with what I see as the lesser of two evils. If the rest of the cluster sees us as evil, then that’s what they see. I fight for what I believe is the better option.

This much is clear, in fact it is precisely what was reported:

Apparently the Collective is only interested in who’s shooting at them and doing…whatever funky stuff they’re doing to the stars.

My loyalty? I will never forgive the Triangles for the devastation they’ve wrought on the Caldari State. How could they have my loyalty?

Well, except what you actually claimed was…

And yet… you don’t. You don’t fire on Trig vessels killing unarmed evacuation ships. You support an entirely unnecessary invasion from a force that attempted no diplomacy, and now stands to kill billions for no other reason than ‘we don’t care enough not to’.

So, yeah, you’re clearly claiming a lot more moral high ground than you actually have.

A rationale that makes a liar or a fool of you, at best it would constitute a disaffected mutiny against the incumbent powers.

Within reason, he leans upon the oldest vindication of those who wish to make principled exhortations without being constrained by those principles.