[ROUND] Call to Action on the Conservation of Skarkon II

Published findings from the Sisters of EVE indicate that at the current rate of destruction, Skarkon II is facing an imminent environmental collapse.

For those unaware the Bosena Accords, the original foundational structure meant to organize the remaining warclone clans of Molden Heath, were so named for Bosena IX; one of the planets most heavily affected by the war of Planetary Conquest during the warlord era that was nearly reduced to ruin by the end of the war. Since our founding, every subsequent Warden has placed their sword in a large circular slab of obsidian from an orbital bombardment crater on the site where the Bosena Accords were formed to serve as a reminder of those days and our responsibility to establish standards to prevent such environmental calamity from taking place again. Bans on CRBN weaponry have always been an integral part of our structure, however that seal was broken some time ago by outside parties. Until now I have had to shift Varyazi’s focus on the much more pressing matters of the ground war but I’d be remised not to mention the ongoing work that many of the Bosena Accord’s Round Table Assembly constituent clans have taken to attempt to shield population centers from the brunt of the damage and build the necessary infrastructure to sustain human settlements on Skarkon should the worst come to pass. A feat I laud our current Warden for maintaining and welcome them to expound upon.

Clearly however, this isn’t enough to prevent the runaway desertification of the already previously arid climate much less the greater damage of CRBN weaponry, orbital bombardment, antimatter rounds, and the unstudied and largely unknown effects of bioadaption alongside stellar manipulation. Suffice to say, we have a moral responsibility on all sides to come to some arraignment on the long term stabilization of the planet not only for the flora and fauna, but the civilians that cannot or will not evacuate. Moreover, the work done to establish a warclone colony in Skarkon would be wasted should it become a barren rock and I’m sure that Kril Efrit (if he is, indeed, still alive) has no interest in “liberating” a planet reduced to molten, glassed slag. My understanding of the Collective’s ambitions for the planet is still unclear, between Veles and Svarog’s vie for the planet, but I would hope if a venue were established we can create the opportunity some much needed dialog and clarification.

Consider this, then, an open resolution for the people of New Eden with a stake in Skarkon to coordinate on the establishment of some form of treaty to limit the usage of CRBN weapons, limit conflict to a sustainable system of “burn zones”, investigate the impact of bioadaption, and attempt to cooperate on a strategy to either halt the environmental collapse or implement a strategy to reverse terraform it to a better state. Varyazi Clade, for our part, are intent to use our standing with the Collective to attempt to build diplomatic inroads and facilitate a conversation to hold them accountable for their role in negotiations.

I offer this olive branch, not to naively attempt to end the conflict, but to do the right thing and find an amicable solution to contain this war to a manageable, sustainable level. If you are interested, either in cooperating on a diplomatic solution or in coordinating scientific research and aid, please inquire below. To get ahead of the predictable and boarding responses sure to follow here, before you gloat or sneer at your own virtue for anyone not a part of this conflict realize that your smug satisfaction at the destruction of Skarkon does nothing to serve the people here. I instead encourage pragmatic responses built from material analysis to meet the conditions here on the ground.

I open the proverbial floor now to my fellow warclone clans and anyone able and willing to provide assistance in this endeavor.


As it happens, House Brezia and the UNF were preparing a shipment of hardened terraforming equipment and atmospheric stabilizers for just such a purpose… difficult as getting it to Skarkon might be, given current circumstances.

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I am going to go out on a limb here and call the warzone hellscape planet trapped in an alternate reality without a sun an environmental lost cause.


As an extant example of a partial terraforming failure even before the total war conditions… perhaps to some degree it is Mr. Shutaq, but… those with means and materials still are going to try

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I wonder whether the kybernaught clades have any real pull with the Collective or are in effect a Triglavian fan club. Please understand this as a frank observation, not an insult. I hope you are successful, but I doubt we are living in the same galaxy. I don’t quite understand who this proposal is aimed at.

The Round Table Assembly, while tangentially affiliated with the Kybernaut Clades, are not in a particular capacity directly adjacent to them.

As I understand it, generally, the proposal is to any willing and able to render assistance in the given endeavor, while trying to get belligerent parties to ease up, even if slightly.

Regarding sway over the Collective… I’ve noticed, personally, its rare to see specific sway at the Collective or Clade level, but relations with the various Subclades have some amount of merit in terms of viable relations and actionable requests to, if not stop, ease or reduce tempo, Suzaku-Haan.

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Part of the goal is to coordinate between independent actors on Skarkon, something I feel can be done with a measure of success to make some difference as seen with efforts conducted by our Warden to establish safe sectors within civilian areas. Granted, stopping complete environmental collapse is a much much larger task but with our allies experience in arcology as well as a great deal of outside logistical support we can at least offset the impact of the war on our end if not attempt to revert some of the effects and buy the planet a bit more time. The odds of success in that goal, even if its in the service of keeping a planet on life support, increases when outside humanitarian organizations are aware of the project and given the opportunity to render aid. I’m certain that at the very least our capsuleer allies in Pochven would enjoy the opportunity to coordinate, along with any other entities willing to reach across the aisle out of mutual interest or larger groups such as the Sisters of EVE who we know are observing the situation.

Geopolitically, thats a different question. Attempts to coordinate with the Skarkon Tribal Resistance or their Seykal mercenaries in the past have been unsuccessful but you can hardly blame me for trying given the circumstances. As to whether or not the Clades are willing to take us seriously and come to the table, frankly, we will have to see. Communications at the best of times have been cryptic and its hard to fully discern their ambitions. to do so for this project would certainly be a first for diplomacy. We have built a system of tactical alliances with groups integral to the weaving of Pochven and its ongoing defense. Intriguerre has expressed approval at our combined efforts, so we at least have the acknowledgement of the Internal Triglavian Revolutionary Organization if not necessarily the Convocation of Triglav Outside the Struggle and its constituent Clades formally.

Currently, a major interclade conflict is being waged between Svarog and Veles of which Varyazi Clade has previously offered our services as mercenaries to either side. It is my hope that the interclade conflict will reinforce the need for dialectics and bring the two Clades to the table if only to set terms to the other, as well as participation from Perun to facilitate dialectics.

Only time will tell if this plays out, but in the mean time I’m not staking Skarkon’s future on it and will focus on coordinating material support with the opportunities we have here now.

As I said in another post… it may be more prudent to try and make contact with more specific Subclades, as I have found them easier to find ways to connect to and communicate with than trying to get the overarching Clades to respond in whole.

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So what, you have graduated from peddling Amarrian rhetoric to outright fabrication?

There is STILL a sun in Raravoss.

One that is apparently suited for its masters and highly preferable for those of us who call Pochven home.

Why don’t you run along and be a good little Amarrian and worry about the suns sitting in the Bleak Lands instead, hmm? Huola, Kamela, and Haras could probably do with more of your attention.

Sahara, could we please refrain from starting a pissing match here?

The “purple stars thing” does seem to present a bit of an enigma. Have any terrestrial or oceanic planets orbiting one changed classification during the last I forget how long?

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Oh, calm down. Lord Newelle can take it.

And that reminds me: it’s not “Mr. Shutaq,” it’s Lord Newelle. He and I may disagree strongly as to matters relating to Triglavians and their conquered territory, but his honorific is deserved. More deserved, in my opinion, than almost every other Amarrian noble I’ve ever met.


spectral classification changes aside, from the view of the planets themselves, the stars are still ‘white’ as most stars tend to be from a planetary view. The stellar output shifts remain… awkward, to quantify, though there are indeed notable shifts. As it stands though, aside from rare cases like Skarkon II, the actual impact of the stars themselves changing has been… while not negligible, far less than many presumed.

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I’m certainly not an astrophysicist; but visually, to most eyes, indeed stars are going to look white.

Actually, if one is inclined to have a little fun… this might make perfect sense.

Blue is hot and red is cool. Purple is therefore just right. Yellow is what’s supposed to come in between, but purple is the complement of yellow in the reductive sense. The Triglavians have created a bunch of yellow stars that we see as purple because the Triglavians are inside out.

Oh, my goodness, why didn’t I think of it before, darling?

I might win a prestigious Gallente science award just before I become Federation President.


Lets not get bogged down about the shade of the sky people.

Look, I don’t mean to trivialize the obvious here. But in the absence of concrete research (which is a partial goal of this project) the effects of stellar manipulation on luminosity and energy output of the sun in Skarkon and its effects on the environment are hitherto unknown and we don’t have any basis to say for certain one way or another other than previously held conventions on the subject which I think we can be reasonably certain are subject to change the more we learn about Triglavian technology.

So lets put a pin in the sticking point of the black sun of Skarkon and simplify the equation a bit, at least until the Sisters of EVE can expound on their investigation. As written, the wording in their admittedly very limited report seems to imply that the larger ecological catastrophe is due to the state of “total war” on the planet. Were it a direct effect of stellar manipulation we would be seeing effects like this on every planet under Triglavian occupation, but instead at least for the purposes of the Sisters of EVE researchers they seem to tie this all to a result of the ongoing effect of constant warfare on the planet.

Until we have conclusive evidence to go off of, lets again bring this all back to the material and what we can do with what we know to improve the situation. Namely, our war strategy and what we can do to lessen the strain it puts on the planet.


Although whether the sun is going to exterminate all life in the system anyway does have relevance (and Aldrith was clearly engaging in wry hyperbole), I do agree this point you make is valid; and, I certainly do not dispute that your efforts to address a pending calamity are commendable.

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Ah, an early entry into the comedy fiction contest.

Oh wait, you’re serious.

Well then.

The report that the ecosystem is on the edge of collapse is hardly a surprise, the constant fighting probably just accelerated, rather than caused it. So we can probably expect to see similar effects in the other stolen star systems, although probably not tomorrow, but rather in the longer term, on the order of years or decades.

Now then, the SoE report would be indicating that the biosphere as a functional system using New Eden biota, is on the edge of total collapse. This is unsurprising. The environmental parameters have been changed by the Triggies abduction of the system. New Eden biota are not adapted to the Triggie ecosystems. If they even have one.

And this is the thing, The Triggies use of biosuits all the time indicate that their native environment is ~hostile~, in at least the sense that it is extremely different from the New Eden ecosphere, which is broadly similar across all inhabited worlds. Their native environment may well not be hostile to a nude Triggie, but since we don’t have access to data to that effect, that’s neither here nor there.

The point is that the Triggie ecosphere and the New Eden ecosphere are different and it would seem incompatible. Hell, it could be something as banal as chirality of molecules, which any biologist would be happy to lecture you about.

Sooo… what this would mean, is that ecosystem collapse could be an intentional part of the Triggies redevelopment plans for the planets they stole. Why else would they be forcing the residents into bioadaptation concentration camps, if not to change those residents from being compatible with New Eden ecospheres, to being compatible with Triggie ecospheres ?

The Triggies thus realise that ecosystem alteration (i.e. extirpation of the New Eden biota previously present, and replacement by Triggie biota), is an inherent part of their plans.

So if you claim to be on the Triggies side, then, by preserving the ecosphere as a New Eden compatible one, is in effect, working against the Triggies grand plans.

Even after all this time, you people still don’t seem to get it, do you ?

I should of course point out, that my knowledge of planetary ecosystems largely relates to the archaeological application, which is usually on failed terraforming projects of ancient times, so I’m not the most expert commentator on the subject.

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An environment is an environment, darling, or are you suggesting the triangle people have turned all of the top quarks into bottoms? Dastardly!

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Yet here you are comparing attempts to investigate the issue and search for material solutions “comedy fiction” due to your own unsubstantiated theories that you can’t possibly claim to know and at best will use the gift of hindsight later when people far more pragmatic and driven then you will have done the legwork to actually investigate this issue.

Yes yes you’re very smart now move along. Unless you want to prove anything helpful like a few freighters to ferry the native whale pods to a better environment if you’re so certain of your theory. Otherwise, what’s the point of you here now?


I’m like a bad penny, I always turn up.

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