Warclone Activity on Raravoss

I’d like to preface this post by saying that this is all a bit awkward for me, and to briefly talk about my organization.

The Bosena Accords primarily traces its origins back to the warclone settlers of Molden Heath, and since its inception in YC116 has been one of the few major independent warclone organizations remaining in New Eden. Throw out all of the complicated history and policy and the Bosena Accords is basically just two entities; The Round Table and GLATISANT.

The Round Table Assembly is a trade union confederacy where all warclones who pay union dues can vote on policy, propose legislation, and negotiate contract terms amongst themselves. Any warclone can participate regardless of corporate affiliation with the vast majority of our members not actually being in the CONCORD-authorized “corporation” that is the Bosena Accords. This will be important shortly.

Meanwhile the Grand Litigation Tribunal / Administration Team (GLATISANT) is a smaller organization with two jobs; administration of everything it takes to run the Bosena Accords, and the Grand Litigation Tribunal. The major purpose of the Grand Litigation Tribunal is to investigate, prosecute, and if need be combat any rogue warclone groups or warlords that are not behaving in line with our code of conduct as dictated by the Round Table. Keep this in mind.

Now onto the relevant part most people care about and why this is uncomfortable.

While the Bosena Accords might be the largest body of warclones from the independent warclone clans of Molden Heath, we are by no means the only major body of independent warclones left. The largest and most powerful of those groups, by far, is the joint partnership of Mordus Legion and Arkombine.

Their organisations predate even the warlord era in Molden Heath, and they have remained a powerful counter force in New Eden relative to our fairly “regional” power in the warclone community. There has been a great deal of mutual respect and an unsaid rule, even as they began making moves to work alongside AEGIS and their former Red Troop commander, that if they stay out of our business we will stay out of theirs. Thus, we have relatively little insight or union representation in their business despite having soldiers in both of our organizations that have served in the other at one point or another. I myself served in Mordu’s Legion as a baseliner before severing ties with the organization and beginning my warclone career, and many Round Table members have taken Mordu’s Legion or Arkombine contracts in the past.

You can imagine my shock then when I see reports from the Scope this morning that “rogue warclone” activity has been occuring on Raravoss by Mordu’s Legion in the name of seeking out archeotech. This is made even worse by reports of “summary executions” conducted by AEGIS troops, of which we know Arkombine are serving as in some capacity. It puts me in a poor position where on the one hand I am unwilling to dig into the affairs of Mordu’s Legion and running the risk of initiating some sort of Cold War between us, but on the other I feel we need to do our due diligence and ensure we are fulfilling GLATISANT’s founding directive of policing rogue warclone activity in our community.

A majority of our forces are committed to the conflict on Skarkon, but we have enough troops that we can ‘walk and chew gum’ as the term goes. As such, I would like to announce that we have deployed a small observation team to Ravaros to collect intelligence and determine the nature of Mordu’s Legion activities on the planet.

I’d strongly recommend that if Mordu’s Legion truly has nothing to hide that they cooperate with our outside observers and not make this any more uncomfortable than it has to be.


Much to our bemoanment, our contacts with Mordu’s Legion have denied any prior involvement on Raravoss and declined to respond to our requests for imbedding GLATISANT observers.

At any rate, our own agents in Raravoss have conducted their investigation and have not found any concrete evidence of Mordus Legion warclone activity that violates the spirit of the Bosena Accords Charter. So far as the Round Table Assembly is concerned, if there was any Mordu’s Legion warclone activity on Raravoss it is legitimate and “not a matter for the Bosena Accords.”

As a reminder, Mordu’s Legion warclones are fully authorized to join as members of the Round Table Assembly and the Bosena Accords union should they submit their application and file union dues.


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