Offer of Pochven Varangian Freeblade Services

Performing Heuristic Analysis of Triglavian Script…

Tradition of freeblade services remains cultural imperative for augmented infantry operating on Skarkon. With continued normalization of now-time relations in Pochven, independent indigenous augmented infantry humbly offer their services in freeblade varangian contracting within Pochven and the Forest of Glorification. Varangian guard stands eager to assist in resolving inter-clade disputes or forward auxiliary forces knowledgeable in now-time status of ancient domain. Compensation for services accepted in the form of both asset materials and knowledge as well as economic script.


As an update and an addendum to this public solicitation I wanted to make a few things clear.

The following has been the culmination of my own personal ambitions alone and not a strategic objective of The Bosnea Accords, Avalon, or the Round Table Assembly. For the purpose of this announcement:

The Bosena Accords – The founding warclone organization from which Avalon and the Round Table were built from, and continues act as the host organization.

Warden – The executive of the Bosena Accords as elected by the Round Table Assembly.

Round Table Assembly – The Warclone trade union congress. Any warclone clans and organizations retain the right to participate as a Round Table Assembly member and utilize Bosena Accords services.

Avalon – A catch all term the confederation of all warclone territorial holdings, including structures, capital vessels, and planetary districts. Each may vary in the degree of control the Bosena Accords holds over them relative to foreign policy, local law, and cultural norms. Additional sub-organizations do and shall exist under Avalon at the discretion of local law, and the holding clan.

The first step in consolidating in the wake of the Skarkon War has been to end the emergency wartime measures taken to combat the Krullefor and return the Bosena Accords to its original, decentralized function as a neutral venue.

As per these conditions, following my resignation from the Office of Warden I have transfered administration of the Bosena Accords over to our new Warden, Thaddeus Reynolds who will begin the process of opening up the Bosena Accords to new warclone clans and facilitating an open venue where all can participate regardless of faction and affiliation once again with equal opportunities granted to settle Avalon.

Now free from my obligations of Warden, I aim to form an independent warclone clan within the Round Table separate from the Accords. In the interest of full disclosure, I intend to pursue new opportunities collaborating with and building on prior commitments with Kybernaut forces and the Triglavian Collective to ensure the region remains viable for settlement outside of the core empires or neofeudal capsuleer nullsec blocs.

According, I have liquidated several wartime units under my command during the Skarkon War; Psychological Warfare unit Percival, Helawes strike fighter squadron, and orbital assault squadron Galahad. Together, these units will be disbanded as Bosena Accords standing units and offered the opportunity to reform under the new Varyazi Clade.

Varyazi units will be properly marked as active combatants separate from Bosena Accords units and our actions should be considered our own and not under direction of the Warden or the Accords at large. Varyazi members will focus on continuing the process of Proving and act as freelance auxiliary units in the Interclade conflict. We are still assessing the reasons behind the ongoing battle between Veles and Svarog and thus cannot commit to either side of the conflict unless otherwise approached until they can be properly evaluated

Which bring me to our first order of business while we gather intelligence. Up until this moment Kril Efrit has been a nuisance to say the least, but continued targeting and aggression was seen as unnecessary compared to directing evacuations and Proving against Triglavian forces. I maintain he is guilty of treasonous actions against the Republic, but that became a moot point once the sun went black and we all found ourselves in space hell together.

Unfortunately for him, Svarog now seems as equally obsessed with him as I was about a year ago. I see no better opportunity to show our merit as worthy auxiliary forces to the Collective than to make him a priority target for Varyazi. This time hopefully he’ll stay dead.


In order to simplify Rules of Engagement and identification of our forces in-theater, Varyazi Clade has been organized under a CONCORD-sanctioned corporation. It will be one of the first of a new alliance-style structure for the Bosena Accords to organize and represent the various warclone clans of the Round Table Assembly within CONCORD’s alliance system.

The Round Table Assembly, as an alliance, will remain neutral and consist of different warclone clans with their own objectives and interests many of whom are in direct conflict with one another. Therefore, in the interest of ensuring that there is no confusion over rules of engagement and identity I would encourage groups opposed to Varyazi Clade to specifically target the Varyazi Clade corporation Red rather than the alliance. More information to follow.


Stribog Clade sees the ferocity with which Varyazi Clade units conduct themselves on the battlefield, and looks on with great interest and respect.

Our prior joint operations have been highly successful and we look forward to more of the same in the future.

We seek additional opportunities for collaboration against all those who threaten the Weaving of Pochven and the success of the Kybernaut alliances therein.

Nothing can halt the Flow of Viraj.

Sahara Jackal
Director of Diplomacy
Stribog Clade


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