[BOSAC] Bosena Accords Restructuring Press Release

Today in an effort to recover from a series of setbacks in Project Avalon and in response to the regional threat potentially faced by Case Green Magic, the Bosena Accords Round Table (formerly the Trade Union Congress) has agreed to finalize and subsequently ratify the last in a series of radical restructurings within the Bosena Accords.

The restructuring, though seen as a radical departure from the previous policy of free-association by many within the organization, has been a long time coming with many sections within the approved legislation being in development since @KnightGuard_Fury assumed the role of chairman earlier this year and appointed himself Warden of Avalon.

Any attempt at substantial change were halted during a period of political gridlock within the Round Table, the parliamentary body of the Bosena Accords. The two major factions within the Round Table consisted of the reformists supportive of Fury, and the syndicalists consisting primarily of warclones who supported the policy of free association established during my tenure as chairman. Debate continued among members of the Round Table for months over the legislation, with no clear victor in sight.

With Project Avalon increasingly threatened by pirate aggression, the Bosena Accords weakened by infighting, and Case Green Magic posing an existential threat to our operations it became apparent that a compromise must be struck between the reformists and the syndicalists for the sake of our continued survival. Thus I am happy to announce that a variety of revisions were made to the original document granting greater power to individual members and removing a variety of limitations imposed on our warclones to grant them greater opportunities to accept a wider range of contracts at their discretion while maintaining significant judicial review and oversight on all operations conducted by signatories. Following this compromise the legislation was ratified by the Round Table and put into law immediately, with Knight Guard Fury retaining his role as Warden and I being appointed Chief Arbiter of the Glatisant Tribunal, both being positions of roughly equal power.

The packet detailing the entirety of our structure and operations is available below and approved for full press release, followed by a copy of our membership form for any warclones spread across the cluster in exile who hope of returning home to their comrades-in-arms.

If you have any questions at this time on the restructuring or the Bosena Accords in general please feel free to message me directly or post them below and I will attempt to answer them to the best of my ability.

Restructuring Packet and Charter

Rikaato, hivaa saitsuo.


I, and the UNF, wish the Bosena Accords fair fortunes and good hunting. We will be keeping an eye toward you, as you’ve done much interesting work the past few years, even if it has not been massively publicized.


We appreciate the support, Brezia-haani.

UNF has always been a friendly ally of the Accords, and your logistical expertise and experience in colonization efforts remains integral to our long term plans in Operation Avalon. In that regard I know that the Bosena Accords has always been a bit of a fair weather friend without much ability to grant our own support in exchange, but I am confident that these changes to our charter will enable us to work closer in the future.

Should UNF require any assistance or have a need for our services do not hesitate to contact us.


Mr. Fae, we shall certainly be in touch.


A quick off topic question.
Who is the best contact person in the Accords for queries relating to warclones.

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Traditionally the closest thing we have to a public relations representative is the Warden @KnightGuard_Fury for any questions about specifics relating to our operations. For general questions and queries about warclones however, I personally would be happy to answer any you may have.

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Special thanks once again to @Hoovand_Lindus for giving me the chance to sit down with the Zaibatsu Associated News Institute to discuss the Accords and our recent changes.

They were incredibly fair in their interview, and it is my opinion that their interview adequately represents the Bosena Accords.


Do you smell it?

Take it in.

That’s it, savor it - Yeah!

It’s a scent I know to well. It’s the smell of the times changing. An end to this little chapter we’ve been enjoying and the beginning of the next chapter in this story.

Ahhh, such an intoxicating sensation. With a new chapter comes new adversity and conflict! Exciting, isn’t it?

If you know who I am, then get in line for an autograph. If you’re not up to speed however, allow me to enlighten you.

I am the alter-ego of a man that no longer exists!

The five star explosive gourmet Chief!

The Orbital Bombardment slinging - Power Bomb dropping mad man you don’t want to go to to toe with in the ring.

And to top it all off? I’m the-

Five time
Five time
Five time
Five time
Five time

-New Eden Galactic Heavyweight champion.

I. Foley Jones. Was born in the clone vats of a Mordu Legion facility. Whoever this DNA belonged to was lost in the transition from mortal man to demigod! Memories gone, Identity evaporated! All familiarity to this “New Eden” was lost. All that was there in this clone of a demigod…

Was Foley Jones…

As an immortal, I traveled New Eden in some desperate quest to discover my DNA belong to. Denying who I really am - failing to accept that nothing I discover will change who I am. Not change what thousands of battles have done to me.

I used my immortality to accumulate wealth! Fighting for the highest bidder.

I fought in Molden Heath for corporate pride! Trying to slice out a piece of that region for my employers.

Then, after Caldari Prime - I held tightly onto nationality and fought for the State Peacekeepers in Black Rise and Placid! All of this, in some desperate attempt to find an identity. All while I always had one.

After the Tacnet shutdown and that delicious scent of changing times came past my nostrils - I knew my story isn’t over yet. yeah. The stability of career surely was however. So I took the mantle of empyrean off my shoulders and sought out a new calling in life as a mortal being once again.I searched for a new battlefield to conquer, Yeah!

And it just so happens that battlefield was the countless professional wrestling brands that I stomped though. Climbing all the way to the top of the card and demolishing whatever jabroni they slapped a championship belt on. It wasn’t about ISK anymore - it was about the gold, it was about the cheers of millions and millions of fans chanting my name in unison! Calling for the Power Bombardment! Demanding I slip on the Arms Deal and end the match! I was unstoppable in this new warzone I found myself in. I was riding a high like no other, immortalizing my name in the history books as dominate the best in the industry on the grandest stages of them all - Whatever it be in the Caldari State, Minmatar Republic, Gallente Federation, Amarr Empire or somewhere in the Jove Empire. The moment Foley Jones steps between the ropes, you can already hear the bell ringing to call the match.

But while I was out there winning championships after championships. I started to forget about who I was, were I started at. Naive little Foley Jones, trying to find out who he is in this big cluster of ours. Over the years however, i realize now that this is who I am. There is no identity to look for - I am Foley Jones. I was born in the warzone of Warlords but found myself in the ring of superstars.

But here comes that scent again….Ahh, you can sense that hint of euphoria.

An old comrade contacted me of late, a warrior I died alongside of back as my reign as an Empyrean. A man who has done right by my people, he is the founder and Chief Arbiter of the Bosena Accords, Galm Eskola-Fae. Who brings me up to speed on the restructuring of the Accords and this “Case Green Magic” going down in our old stomping ground of Molden Heath.

Thanks to this brother in arms, I take back my position among the immortals, bringing back my knowledge of the countless battles I fought in and combining it with my new found mastery of the art of wrestling to lay the smackdown in some of the most vilest scum of my breed.

As of today, I am the new head of the Draugr Division of the Bosena Accords. A black ops unit that will dish out a hoppin hot plate of whoop-ass to any inhumane, war crime committing fraud of a Warclone that still wanders New Eden! This ain’t about the title belts anymore, this is about justice. This is about removing those who are using these powers to commit atrocities!

First order of business is whipping these jabronis into shape to actually take on these dangerous HVTs. This incompetence In raiding a single mobile depot is an embarrassment that I will personally rectify. If i was there for that operation i can guaran-god damn-tee that i would’ve put down everyone of those marks inside for the three count. I’d pin the janitors, i’d pin the mobile depot itself - They wouldn’t had been able to stop me! Oh Yeah!

When I’m done making every soldier that is apart of this division a warrior worthy of having a title belt around their waist, this cluster will be a whole helluva lot more cleaner from scumbags!

Can’t you just smell that change? Ooooooooooh Yeah!


I’m done now. I quit. Someone let me off. Stop the ride.


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it blows though the card all the to the main event!

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Our final destination! Yeah!



This feels like a euphemism.


Well… He certainly knows how to make an entrance.


Parts Unknown is where this DNA my clones use hails from!

It is unknown!

But as this train plows though these events and all these jabronis wanting a shot at the title - We’re heading there to parts unknown so we can find this false identity I’ve been wasting time hunting for!

Punch it in the throat!

Then snap it’s ■■■■■■■ neck in half with a DDT on the hood of a LAV! Yeah!

Then i be whole with my true identity!

Foley Jones!

There’s no entrnace done better than Foley Jones!

Whatever it be Monday night, Tuesday night, Wednesday night, Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday night, Sunday night!

Every night Foley Jones steps out - Its a whole god damn gala event! With ALL my fans out there in the stands joining in on the celebration of my arrival in the building!


Wrestling is fake.


Listen here brother!

Theres nothing fake about these electrifying moves I plan to unleash on any jabroni mark my Draugr Division is sent after!

Theres nothing fake, about this 12 inch pythons attached to my torso! Yeah!

There’s nothing fake, about the waves of cheers coming from audience! Chanting my name!

There’s nothing fake about my extensive combat history all over New Eden as a Warclone!

There’s fake about gold on these title belts!

If you want me to prove it to you brother, then step out from behind your keyboard and step into the ring with the greatest superstar to grace New Eden!

I’ll make this fair for you, you go get yourself you biggest, baddest friend. And we’ll make this a two on one steel cage handicap match to settle this!


That, might actually be entertaining. So few capsuleers are willing to participate in hand to hand. Can only think of maybe three right off.

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Probably because we usually don’t fight for the entertainment of others. The ‘style’ I personally am training simply doesn’t lend itself to competitive bouts anyway. It simply isn’t to be used in that way, and the philosophy of ‘train how you will fight’ certainly applies.

I’m always happy to join others in the dojo though, should you wish to work together. I love learning new or adapted techniques. I take the view that there’s always something you can learn from someone else.

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@Foley_Aberas_Jones v. @Diana_Kim pay per view cage match when?

Who will survive?!
Who will win the title of State Champion?!
Order now!!!

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I am not good as a sports fighter, had absolute different training. Especially I don’t think I can handle a “heavyweight champion”, considering my own weight… according to standard wrestling rules, again which I may not even know myself in full.

But if you put the question about who’ll survive, I surely can go for a quick kill… if you want to see that.

Just keep in mind, I am a soldier, I am a killer, not a showman. That fight will probably be fast and boring.


Nothing against Foley but you got my vote for who’d win, better combat style imho.

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