[BOSAC] Bosena Accords Restructuring Press Release

(Foley Aberas Jones) #21

Capsuleers are weak in a real fight toe-to-toe but they’re also smart!

They realize that if they’re in the ring with me and that bell goes off, It’s over for them!

Deathwish - granted!

Pact is sealed!

And the Jones pain train PLOWS right though them! POW!


The whole damn arena explodes with cheering! Yeah!

But what do i hear?

The pathetic sobbing of whatever S.O.B thought they could compete with the superior athlete in all of sports entertainment in New Eden! Oh Yeah!

The State Championship? One of the first titles i conquered when i made that jabroni scrub Soshin Jones scream “I Quit!” in a I Quit match at the Divine Intervention pay-per-view.

But such a title was meant for the unambitious! Yeah!

For those to scared to go after something greater!

To go after the big title itself and become one of the legends that will be revered in history!

The State Championship was but a footnote in the Foley Jones legacy!

The moment i show the cluster - That i will not be the champion of one nation!

But of all of them!

Diana Kim!

Have you forgotten that i to know how to kill another human being? I was born into that life god dammit! Born in the warzone of immortals! I curb-stomped jabronis from Molden Heath - all the way to Black Rise! Yeah!

But i had learn control when i entered the wrestling business. I had to master my own body and become disciplined to avoid killing these jobbers put in the ring with me!

Not one match went by without me thinking of just snapping these poor bastards necks in half and end their pathetic career for good!

But that would just be bad for business…

But if you think i forgot how to be a killer when i moved on to my next calling in life. You’d be dead wrong! You want a fight to the death! I can supply that.

(Diana Kim) #22

You’re flattering me, ma’am.

Unnecessary generalization. You didn’t take into account what capsuleers were doing before jumping in pods.

You talk too much. Yet, challenge accepted. Send me details and rules to NeoCom mail.

Off-Topic Thread
(Deitra Vess) #23

From the looks of it, warclones are trained to fight with there strength, what I know of Strike commander’s training it’s more mind/finesse based.

(Foley Aberas Jones) #24

It will be done!

For now we must resume the topic at hand! The Bosena Accords!

The number #1 organization out there fighting for the rights of Warclone empyreans around New Eden!

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #25

Ms Kim, I find myself in the unusual position of wanting you to win a fight. If you want a training partner who fight outside the bounds of those you train with (or war against). You may find this very useful, and I’d be interested to see how you train too.

(Diana Kim) #26

If you wish to visit me, be my guest. You know how to find me, right? For everyone else who wishes to train with or challenge me: NeoCom mail. Lets leave this discussion to Bosena.

(Galm Eskola-Fae) #27

I knew Foley Jones basically since the beginning. We haven’t always been on the same side, but I’ve always respected him as a soldier. His eccentricities aside, he understands how “loose canon” warclones think and theres no one else I’d trust more to get our special ops forces at Draugr Divison whipped into shape and equipped to bring in our marks.

Yes, even if that means pinning them into a glorious submission hold and dragging them out of the burn zone.

Interestingly enough… I always knew Foley was a good fighter but this wrestling business is a new development. You know, I’m still technically a Venal regional champion in gladiatorial pit fighting from my time with the Guristas. Different sport entirely, but maybe some time we should go head to head and settle who the top grappler in the Bosena Accords is.

(Tyrel Toov) #28


(Veikitamo Gesakaarin) #29

I am Major Veikitamo Gesakaarin of Mathias Sobaseki’s Home Guard. I claim the State Championship as my own. If you dare defend it, identify yourself, that I may spill your blood upon the snow.

I have issued my batchall; do you dare refuse?

(Utari Onzo) #30

My one and only take home from this entire thread is that The Foley Jones is back. Good to see you sir.

(Foley Aberas Jones) #31

I’ll take you on in as par any day of the week comrade, but we ain’t gotta be brusing the hell out of each other for one another’s titles.

Much like i’ve seen greed tear apart coprorations in my career as a Warclone

I’ve seen the same thing happen to formidable stables of wrestlers.

Unifed fronts!

Torn apart by selfish desire to be recognized as the best among their peers.

When it’s their unity that makes them the best, that holds them all up and makes them stronger.

I ain’t defending no championship i care to own anymore. If you want a shot at the title, go down to the CCW (Corporate Championship Wrestling) and talk that jobber Soshin Joe for a match. He’s the current mark to win that title - It just shows how low the title has fallen, into the hands of these jabronis that consider themselves superstars.

A small minded individual who wasn’t ambitions enough to go after the bigger titles! Settling on being the champion of a single nation, rather than the whole god damn cluster!

Utari Onzo!

Damn find to see you as wel!

Let me tell you

During my conquering of the wrestling circuit, there were very few individuals i can trust.

Everyone, like myself, was hungry for the limelight

Hungry for those titles.

One moment a superstar helps you achieve your dream of holding onto one of these prestigious titles.

Next thing you know? He hits you with the same finisher he used to help you stomp out the competition!

Costs you the match!

It’s a mad world of betrayal!

But sometimes, you can just find that one competitor that just clicks with you and neither for you can stab one another in the back!

Having an honorable person as yourself in my corner would’ve made the world of difference Mr.Onzo.

(Galm Eskola-Fae) #32

As a brief update on the status of the Bosena Accords, I am obligated to inform the public that our Warden @KnightGuard_Fury has opted to go on walkabout temporarily as per Matari custom.

Following this, the Pendragon Council opted to reinstate me as Warden of Avalon indefinitely until his return or the next election cycle. Barring this change in titles, the Bosena Accords will continue to act as normal with minimal disturbances with Knight Guard Fury retaining his role on the Pendragon Council and the option of regaining the role of Warden on his return.

It is worth noting that consequently the role of Warden and Chief Arbiter have effectively been merged into one and the same until a new Chief Arbiter can be nominated by the Glatisant tribunal.

Bottom line to outside observers not familiar with our structure; I have taken the role of primary executive but will take the necessary steps to prevent overconcentration of power.