[Bosena Accords] Creation of the Trade Union Congress For Warclone Mercenaries


Following troubling reports of the appalling conditions that warclones face within Storm Wind Strikeforce and other HiSec private military companies face, the Bosena Accords has unilaterally voted to suspend our operations in Molden Heath and adopt a new charter dedicated to bettering conditions for mercenaries across the cluster.

As the sole progenitor of the independent warclone community following the end of the wars of planetary conquest, the Bosena Accords stands as the single best-equipped association of veteran mercenaries capable as acting as the guiding leadership for the warclone community in the future. No longer will our kind be that the mercy of empyreans or megacorporations for their livelihood. Instead, we hope to usher in the age of the self-managed soldier.

To all mercenaries scattered to the cosmic winds, I invite you now to take part in the next step in our long march into the future.

For a copy of our new charter, a breakdown of our future goals, our updated mission, and our application form please follow the link below. We hope to hear from you very soon. Until, and as always…



Solidarity forever,
Solidarity forever,
Solidarity forever,
For the union makes us strong.


I pledge my full support for this resolution, and on behalf of the warclone in my service, A’den, declare his full support. I will assist in any way I can.


One of my subsidiaries, employs clone soldiers to a certain extent and it ends up profitable with all of them getting a fair share, but that really depends on the employers goals and intentions and what contracts do they take.


A union confederation of independent “warclones” as defined by CONCORD.

You may want to include the text of, or a direct link to, CONCORD’s definition of such, for clarity.


Your ongoing support is always appreciated in our struggle. Allies like you will be critical in fighting the good fight in the future.

Good on you for paying fair wages and setting a decent standard of living for those under your employment. However, many many more do not have the advantage of acting under an independent employer. It is our help that with a bit or organization on all part all mercenaries may receive the level of benefits afforded to your crew.

I was actually curious about this stipulation myself and thought that term could use clarification or an attachment in the appendix. To my surprise, however, it turns out that the term “warclone” has yet to feature in any standard CONCORD policy. Instead they tend to use the specific, somewhat inaccurate and oversimplified “immortal mercenary” or “cloned soldiers” when discussing our kind.

In recent years the term “warclone” has become a sort of jargon within the mercenary community for any individuals employing the “type 2” implants commonly associated with immortal mercenaries and the original Templar prototypes developed by the Amarr Empire for the purpose of waging war. The phrase itself stemmed purely out of contrast to our other non-combat “leisure” clones.

There’s actually a fairly interesting conversation to be had about the progression of warclone technology from the first generation Templar prototypes to the second generation and “2.5 generation” combat clones but I dare not bore you with the details unless you are interested.

Anyway, I have reviewed the verbage and have found it certainly needs addression. I have rewritten the article to clear up any future conclusion, though have left our definition deliberately brief and barebones as I do not wish for our definition to become too restrictive to the point that any cloned soldiers who reanimate by other means cannot apply. From here on out, Article 2 shall read:

Article 2

The BA-TUC is:

  • An open, direct-democratic organization created for the purpose of gathering the mercenary community and guiding their joint activity
  • A union confederation of independent cloned soldiers, further referred to as warclones
  • An organization resolute to put into practice all legitimate means of union struggle in the course of the realization of its objectives
  • A nonprofit organization

If, as according to the article, the source of warclone destitution is increased costs associated with limited availability of biomass then at least one solution comes to mind: permit independent capsuleer access to body mining equipment in order to salvage and harvest crew biomass directly from destroyed vessels and structures.

If there is truly a market for biomass, and warclones are willing to pay, then I’m sure capsuleers could be incentivized to provide such a commodity.


And then Avio can kill you for being a secret Drifter!


Did someone say…



They are more than welcome to try, however as a Drifter, I can only remark that it is already too late. The Drifter Anti-Genocide League has been formed in Yulai and it is only a matter of time before CONCORD will become beholden to the Tyrannos Lobby. Because here in Drifterland we’re just a bunch of regular post-human guys and gals trying to make a living in the biomass mines out in space while under constant threat of violence from crazed and maniacal capsuleer murderers – and while such genocidal lunatics care not for all the poor Tyrannos children, we do.




I didn’t believe in a soul until I felt mine dying when reading this. I need to speak to Samira and Aldrith to apologize. I was wrong about everything.


I’m sure having your ass belong to Sansha but your eternal soul belonging to God makes about as much sense as what I wrote.


Good Evening Pilots,

Following recent updates within our organization, it occurs to me that there may be a bit of confusion on our organization that I wish to clarify. The first is the status of the Round Table.

In years past, the Round Table has been the primary form of decision making within the Bosena Accords as a federation of equals between a small pool of senior members of the Warclone community. With the establishment of our chart, the Round Table has remained a ceremonial position within our organization.

To formalize the status of the Round Table, and to provide so much needed balance of power with the chairman, the Round Table has now officially transitioned from a ceremonial committee to the chairman’s formal cabinet and the judiciary branch of the Accords.

The second major amendment has been minor clarifications on the frequency of meetings, while the third amendment seeks to clarify the status of our capital building and headquarters.

Most important bit for you capsuleers: Though it has long been called so by our own members the Bosena Accords Warclone Refuge in Teonusude shall officially be renamed to Avalon. While Avalon has always been the name of both our citadel and the idea of someday carving out our own sovereignty, we felt that the name should be formalized in our charter for ceremonial purposes.

If you are curious about these ammendments for whatever reason, you may find them attached here.

In addition, the Bosena Accords is currently seeking technical experts in the field of cybernetic and biological augmentation for the purpose of cooperating to improve warclone technology in the coming years. We are well aware that Ms. @Makoto_Priano and the rest of ARC has their hands full with recent developments surround abyssal space, though there are many associated individuals of interest. Namely @Anyanka_Funk (for her expertise in Sani Sabik biological engineering) @Yarosara_Ruil (for her… interesting work for the Guristas) and many others.

If I am being completely honest, I’m not entirely certain what other noteworthy and potentially helpful scientists there are out and about in New Eden these days so… I guess here’s hoping if somesuch someone exists this whole project somehow manages to catch their attention.


“Apalling conditions”…?

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Wow that’s a terrible idea.


Yes jaijii, appalling. Did you have a followup to that or was that supposed to be a gotcha moment?

In an anonymous interview one mercenary said, “Fifteen days without pay would bankrupt me. The cost of biomass has skyrocketed ever since they started outsourcing privateers; they just die so much. It’s fine if you lose a couple of clones, but if you get into a prolonged battle where you die a lot you have to pay the difference out of pocket. It isn’t worth it.”

Economists explained that the increase in the cost of biomass is a response to independent mercenaries leaving Molden Heath for greener pastures. In search of work, many freelancers have returned to former employment with contracting agencies within the empires. Destitute, they still cling to brazen, often suicidal tactics that prove impractical against the highly organized and trained forces within the core worlds. Often carrying the burden of many deaths, the availability of biomass provided by local markets dwindles, and the cost increases. The increased cost consequently affects all mercenaries.

At one point soldiers like us could stand as independent contractors on our own two feet, seen as legally sovereign citizens by CONCORD not unlike capsuleers. Now we’re wage slaves for massive conglomerates that can’t even be bothered to compensate us for our expenses. What, you suppose we should be thankful that Storm Wind Strikeforce granted some members of the community fifteen days unpaid leave during one of the most important holidays among our community? We used to prowl the Heath like gods, and I’ll be damned if men and women like me are just going to sit idle as we devolve into bootlickers.

I’d honestly rather die than see that fate realised.

Oncemore its clear that without proper leadership and organization the combat efficiency of clone soldiers has fallen through the floor and battlefield conditions are at an all time low. I don’t expect a self-proclaimed pacifist like yourself who has never fought a battle save for those where you are held up nice and snug within the comfort of your pod to understand the nuances of close-range, bloody, suicidal combat. But I do expect you, at the very least, to have a vague idea as to why we might want to improve battlefield conditions for the better.

To my understanding Funk has been somewhat reformed in recent years and though an eccentric and brilliant scientist with a terrible reputation Ruil-haani (to my knowledge) hasn’t actual done anything particularly harmful to greater New Eden.

Something to make clear, my interest in reaching out to technical experts is not a political move. Our organization cannot expect any help from the Sisters of EVE at this point, or many other scientific collaboratives in the cluster so alternatives must be found.

Beyond that, need I remind everyone here that we are not just some trade union for miners and carpenters? We are, and ultimately always shall be, in the business of war. Managed, regulated, honorable, sanctioned war but war nonetheless. I have very few compunctions about hiring individuals who can improve our cloning methods to further that end until someone less unsavory is willing to step forward.

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So the same as capsuleers? We pay for our own ships, licenses and clones, you realize that right? Many choose to do that or are forced to do that by completing menial work for corporations.

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When you are forced to wade through the mud and blood for a fraction of your pay and die twenty times more often, then you can make the comparison arvumaa. There is a reason why capsuleers trade systems like commodities and command entire starships when our kind can scant afford fresh clones or small arms.

As far as immortality goes, we are all brothers and sisters yet from what I have seen most capsuleers remain either uncaring or ignorant of what warclones have had to go through in our history.

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The warclones I employed in the past didn’t complain like this that I ever heard. Have you consider psychological readjustment to better suit your line of work?

Or barring that, get a new job?