[Bosena Accords] Creation of the Trade Union Congress For Warclone Mercenaries

From what I’ve heard of you, probably because they were all sporting Sansha implants.

Even if you’ve employed mercenaries before, the circumstances of our position in New Eden has changed significantly for the worst since then. While the soldiers you employed may have been semi independent contractors, today it is impossible to succeed on your own without signing on to a major defense contractor or having a support network like the Accords.

None of this is to mention, by the way, the constant persecution and exile of mercenaries across the cluster that the Avalon facility seeks to shelter warclones from to this day.

If capsuleers faced even half of the hardships that we have there would be full blow riots and revolution throughout known space. If anything its fortunate an organization like ours is seeking to preserve our way of life by our own initiative rather than letting it boil over until it causes another godsdamn warclone uprising.


Rather glad you’ve heard of me. Good luck with your organization.


With due respect, Mr. Eskola-Fae, may I recommend diplomacy?

As to the rest, my view remains much as it was before.


That’s precisely the problem. Diplomacy, Miss Priano-haani, is my specialty. That is, so long as I am negotiating with warlords and mercenary clans. I thrive in an environment where passion and clarity is a necessity for proper communication, so you’ll have to forgive me from time to time if I get carried away.

I know relatively little of the propper neuances when playing the political game with capsuleers, and care very little for pleasentries. But please do not mistake that for outright hostility or an unwillingness to cooperate with any of you.

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Don’t. That’s the proper way to play the political game with us.

If that’s not an option, try dropping a supercap fleet on one of our citadels and then open negotiations at the right end of a doomsday.

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Glad I stopped reading here… Such abrasiveness toward a sincere question must be evidence of why these clones are undergoing whatever conditions I care not to even know about, now…

If the immortal infantry are so aggressive in conversation, I can only imagine what they are like with a rifle in their hands…

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I’m surprised at the time of which you type this. If I’m not mistaken, you were good friends with a warclone, Aeon Amadi I believe. Last I heard you were looking for him but I heard no updates since. You claimed he was a friend before but now you sound like you are acting like he never existed. I’m also appalled at what what has become of your demeanor. Before you were willing to accept a duel and then die without firing a shot because of pacifism. You even convinced your crew to go down in flames with you. And now you are a violent, uncaring person willing to kill first ask questions later. I’m curious at what the crew of your griffin, or Aeon for that matter, would think of you now.

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Ah, Ormand, ever the condescending contrarian going on about matters which neither concern you, involve you, nor welcome you. If you knew Amadi as well as I do, you’d know he were a lost cause… and if you knew me as well as you presume, you might understand my position a bit better… I understand how the ignorant and short-sighted might confuse a pragmatic, utilitarian stance with one of violence and apathy. Those concepts are quite close indeed, aren’t they…?

But what I think is most “appalling” (such be the liberal usage of that word as of late) is that in your haste to exemplify your theory, you got the ship-class wrong and exposed an ignorance typical of Gallente in their overreaching attitudes. I flew a Heron for that duel, and what’s more is that my crew were not ‘convinced’. The Intaki have practiced the art of rebirth for generations - literally.

Certainly continue with your rant, though. I find it incredibly amusing…

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I just reviewed the footage, you were in a Griffin. And no, I’m not condescending, I’m simply making statements and wording them so as to avoid unnecessary conflicts. And though i am gallente i do not identify with the federation any longer. And I just figured you were still concerned about Aeon because the last I heard, you said you were continuing to look for him. And these events do concern me. I support the warclones and even have one working for me. I have an interest in seeing them return to official active duty. Immortals need to look after each other.


Whew, lad. Alright, I am thoroughly triggered.

Funny, pretty sure I justified the usage of the term at length in a manner that you still have been unable to refute. You would know that if you weren’t being an utter child and had continued past the point where I apparently hurt your feelings.

I’ll be frank with you Nomistrav, you claim I’m the one being somehow hostile and aggressive on all of this but frankly I can go back on record and show plenty of cases where you have been hostile, dismissive, or belittling to my organization in almost every announcement I have ever made since its founding. Ever since the Accords was formed there have been more than enough cases of you sticking yourself where you don’t belong and acting like a complete pseudo-intellectual that holds some sort of moral and academic imperative over us. It adds about as much to any conversation as Diana Kim hopping in with her usual “ACKCHYUALLY” antics any time the Federation is involved in anything, though at least has some charm and entertainment about her unlike yourself.

If anyone here is the “condescending contrarian” I think its fair to say its you. Now can everyone here please stop making everything about themselves and can we actually try to achieve something productive in the Summit for once.

Gods and spirits you capsuleers test my patience.

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I think you’re conjuring evidence to fit your theory rather than fitting your theory to the evidence. Suffice to say, I so no reason why anyone should pursue the Bosena Accords as a potential venture. For a safe haven of Warclones, I would expect a marginal amount of diplomacy instead of its representatives taking every opportunity to attack those who would show even a marginal amount of interest. And all of this over a genuine question as to the aforementioned “apalling conditions”.

Whatever you feel about me, know that it is reactionary to this hyper-defensive and insecure response to anyone you feel is a threat to your organization. That said, I am going to recommend my associates at Arataka Research to pursue other ventures.

…and everyone else, while I’m at it…

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Conjuring evidence? Like the time you tried to convince the international community that I was a warlord and seemed to make a joke of hiring mercenaries to wipe out Avalon? While later in the very same thread condemning us for arming the facility to defend ourselves from people who would do exactly that. Weak display, trying to pretend like that just never happened.

I have been more than willing to cooperate with you and others both here and through PMs but it is overwhelmingly obvious at this time that your idea of diplomacy for you is either for the collective mercenary community to bend over and take it from you or stroke your massive ego.

I refuse to collaborate with you when its obvious that if you can’t have things your way you would rather not have them at all.

So you are going to stonewall us from the Research Consortium over a personal quarrel after you attempted repeatedly to belittle me and my organization? If that is the case this calls into question the legitimacy of ARC as a whole as little more than another clique of capsuleers threatened by anyone that questions their supposide authority.

I desperately hope that this isn’t the case, as I am still completely open to cooperating with anyone in your organization that is hopefully less of a massive ■■■■. But you? I’m gaining nothing, and have nothing to gain, in granting you concessions here.

Even if this is the case, and you burn our entire reputation to the ground, ultimately the warclone community doesn’t need you or ARC to succeed. We didn’t need your help to get where we are now, so its no loss if your pride ends up driving a wedge between us and greater New Eden. I’m not about to sacrifice the betterment of the soldiers under my charge just so I don’t upset you on the off chance we get the approval of ARC.

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It wasn’t a joke, it was a warning, and it is abundantly clear that you are so swift to find enemies that you did not see that warning. You’re doing exactly what I warned about in that very thread… You’re turning the Bosena Accords into a paranoid bastion of mercenaries so terrified of a threat that you are unwilling to see the people who would support you. You’re looking for people to make enemies out of, and the people you want to support you HAVE a reputation for violence, thievery, and maliciousness.

And again, you’re conjuring evidence to fit your theory. What demands have we made of the Bosena Accords that would warrant us to have the “collective mercenary community bend over” for us? Please, point out a single request or demand that we have made to illicit such a crass assumption. No. We have pointed out concerns - concerns you asked no-one how best to handle. Instead, you unionized and armed against a made-up threat - the exact thing we warned you was concerning.

I don’t subscribe to speak for ARC as a whole, so there is no “stonewalling”. Merely a recommendation that the Bosena Accords are hungry for conflict and unwilling to discuss at the current time while its leaders hunt for imaginary threats…

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Um. What a fascinating turn of events.

Mr. Eskola-Fae, you have acted dismissively and derisively toward any who have so much as voiced question, with far more fire than is necessary. Certainly, Nomistrav is also a passionate individual. However, it is difficult to entertain the notion of cooperative ventures when questions, even barbed ones, are responded to as vital assaults against which overwhelming firepower must be arrayed.

Please understand. Just as you don’t need ARC or Capsuleers to succeed, nor do we need you.

Cooperative, productive ventures must be just that.

At this point, you’re effectively asking us to overlook the many insults you’ve flung for the sake of serving you, while at the very same time posturing over the fact that you’ll not brook insult or serve others.

I do hope you understand my consternation.

Mr. Ormand; I find it interesting that a self-avowed pacifist who has referred to ARC as murderers and committers of genocide has stated an interest in clone soldiers being deployed again, considering that such personnel are deployed with the very clear intent to engage in combat.


I have never stated I was a pacifist. And I conceded the genocide bit when you gave me a new point of view on the matter. I think I said that in the appropriate thread

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Concerns that, assumedly, lead to demands or more belittling from our supposed betters? Up to this point no legitimate questions have been levied at me, least not any that aren’t phrased incredibly dismissively. You can hardly blame me for acting the same way in turn. From my end of the table claiming that I have somehow failed to respond to “concerns” doesn’t seem a legitimate stance to take here.

Both of you have concerns, I understand that. Rogue, paranoid immortal mercenaries is about the worst combination of words the cluster can conjure. But you have to understand that over the course of our entire history, with few exceptions warclones have been subjected or repressed.

Hell, on at least two occasions we were nearly wiped out and if we as a community fail to come together we might be facing that crisis a third time. Yes, we are paranoid. Yes, we are guarded. Yes, that is justified.

Its at this point in writing this reply that I had to take a step back, go for a smoke on the flight deck, grab a cup of coffee and come back to finish this post. I’ll be frank with everyone here. I have a citadel full of a ■■■■ ton of angry warclones who would like nothing more than to find an enemy to pin our current status on. My actions, and the responses of many people in this thread in general has done nothing to tempter any of that.

The whole reason why the Accords were found was to police our community, take stewardship of our fate, and to prevent any actions that may justify another Purge. The last thing I want to do is to trigger any sort of series of events that may make new eden that would ever cast any doubt that we cannot exist peacefully with eachother. Even if that comes from within.

In that fashion I am hoping that, for gods sakes, we can take an opportunity here to deescalate and address some of the concerns that you or anyone else may have. But first I need to know, very clearly and respectfully (which you can expect to be returned with interest), what those concerns are.

Just roll them all out now, even if they have already been stated, as so I can address them clearly. As for the matter of any hostility, we should best handle that in private.


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Please note that I’m currently still on Yulai III on consultation, so the local support staff may not have all materials at hand.

Your original declarations indicate that your objective is not merely to protect independent clone soldiers, but to ‘reclaim’ Molden Heath despite the loss of license to operate in the area. The refuge citadel is indeed even put in that light, as a facility from which to project power to conquer the area.

You have, even here, indicated that your desire is to further advance the technology base behind clone soldiers, presumably with the intent to further increase your utility as a force multiplier, or aid your aim to be an independent force.

What’s more, your comment on the anger of mercenary clone soldiers, on their desire to find an enemy to fight, is an implicit threat.

These things in combination with your often combative tone and sometimes hostile response to Capsuleers does not inspire faith. What’s more, it implies an uncertainty in action, where you both wish to avoid looking like engineered killing machines, while at the same want to improve your ability to be engineered killing machines, and use that ability to claim further power and sovereignty… for the betterment of engineered killing machines.

Certainly, I understand and appreciate self-interest! But surely you can understand my concern. Cooperative ventures are laudable, but the situation as it stands does not inspire faith that such things would indeed be productive and without excessive exposure to risk.


Not only do I understand your concerns, I feel addressing them and putting them to rest is absolutely essential for the sake of maintaining that we are not a threat to New Eden. I’ll go through them one by one and give you the chance to let my response “marinate” while I retire to my quarters for the evening.

This point is difficult to talk about without getting deep into our operations over the last two years, and I want to keep my responses as clear as possible without muddying the waters so I will keep this as pertinent as possible.

In regards to a lack of license to operate so far as I am concerned we are perfectly under license as a natural extension of the agreement granted to all immortal mercenaries by CONCORD and the Minmatar Republic that first allowed us to settle in the region.

Regarding efforts to “reclaim” this has been a major misnomer. I have always maintained that our intention has never been territorial acquisition but more in reestablishing communication and rule-of-law in areas that were previously operated entirely by local warlords. We achieved this, primarily, not by occupation but by working to relocate as many mercenaries as possible out of the region.

In the later years of Planetary Conquest, large sections of the Heath were somewhat lawless while under mercenary occupation. If anything, we hoped to put an end to that by “reclaiming” those lost mercenary clans and bringing them into the fold as law-abiding members of the Accords.

Point of fact, most of those efforts have been successful and our change of charter into a Trade Union Congress was meant to mark a shift away from our operations in Molden Heath and more towards serving the warclone community.

I won’t deny that among some soldiers there is a strong desire to establish our own homeland. Many have taken to proclaiming this vision Avalon, and we have attempted to satiate this desire by naming our headquarters accordingly in the hopes it will at least temporarily placate those sentiments.

Even then, Avalon is more of a concept than a specific plan to annex territory. We do not, nor have we ever, had plans of any sort of unsanctioned invasion or conquest.

The recent reports about the cost of biomass served as a major concern for us, so it was natural at the time that we should seek alternative methods of growing fresh clones to keep overhead costs low for our members. I would like to unequivocally deny any intent for this research to lead toward the formation of a grand army or the creation of an independent force.

If this is a major cause for concern, then I would be more than willing to take steps towards closing this program and halting any research until more legitimate oversight can be established.

This was absolutely not my intention. I merely wished to clear the air and acknowledge that I should be more mindful of my actions, as they ultimately affect the disposition our members. For my part, this squabble has likely lead to more tension among an already tense population and I should have been more mindful of that.

In short, you could say that was my way of acknowledging that I am serving as a bad example for my fellow warclones and that it would be in everyone’s best interest if we could deescalate hostilities lest anyone among our ranks not understand that this is all just rhetoric.

Uncertainty when speaking with others? Yes. I find it best to be adaptable in ideas and opinion of others. Uncertainty in action? Absolutely not. Every actual action we have taken beyond rhetoric has been very deliberate. We are extremely mindful of our precarious position in the world, and we have made great efforts to never give anyone a reason to view us as an existential threat even if that meant inaction in cases that would have furthered our interests.

Beyond that, rest assured that I was the one that recommend the creation of this charter for a reason. Even if I were an absolute madman hellbent on watching the cluster burn, great strides have been made to limit the executive power of the chairman and to eliminate large power blocs that might lead to any such mobilization.

The Accords were originally made “inefficient by design” in an effort to prevent many of the things you are worried about. Unfortunately the old method proved to be so inefficient that we failed in our task of looking out for the soldiers of New Eden, so we were forced to finally create the position of a clear executive and codify our laws. I’ve place great care into making sure those rules prevent any one warlord from ever rising to the position of sovereign or dictator to have the level of authority needed to make the global power plays that many fear we may take.


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