Operation Gornemant: Warclone Extraction of Arnola

As our founding principles dictate, the Bosena Accords seeks to further the interests of the independent capsuleer community as well as self-policing the warclone community. As part of that directive, the initial signatories of the Bosena Accords designated myself as head of the GLATISANT Recovery Effort tasked with restoring communications with disparate warclone clans and bringing them into the fold, wherein they will face internal investigation to judge their conduct. If no wrongdoing is found and they are willing to accept the code of conduct outlined with the Bosena Accords members they may join as full members with all the privileges this entails. If found guilty of conduct unbecoming they will be denied membership and exiled or extradited at the discretion of the Society of Conscious Thought.

Recent news of SARO Red Troop Activity against “rogue” warclone units in Arnola without clear justification, as well as the recent creation of dedicated anti-warclone units modeled after SARO Red Troop by the Federal Intelligence Office and the Republic Security Services troubles me greatly. Anti-warclone sentiment continues to rise while rumors of extrajudicial purges within the empires are whispered within our ranks. We cannot standby and allow our comrades to be wiped out without doing our due diligence and conducting our own investigation into the matter to ensure that these are not merely political purges being conducted by Red Troop.

Therefore, I have authorized the deployment of the Bosena Accords forward operating carrier Hengroen and an accompanying covert ops support fleet on-station to conduct recovery operations of any warclone forces still found there. All warclones recovered will be thoroughly briefed and tried accordingly. This is the first time the Bosena Accords has attempted a recovery operation of this scale beyond Molden Heath and Pochven, with many of our accompanying troops freshly elevated to warclone status recruited from friendly local forces on Skarkon. I wish them the best, and ask the winds for their guidance and support in this crucial operation.

Hengroen will act as our command and control center and mobile anchoring point to facilitate the movement of small dropship flights planetside to observe activity in the region. We will follow all rules of engagement consistent with international law, i.e. we shall not fire unless fired upon or will otherwise interfer with local law. However, I urge those in the area not to approach the fleet for your own safety and for the wellbeing of our comrades.



What exactly does this mean? You’re going to go looking for people who never asked to be part of your Accords, and when you find them, if they don’t make the grade, what exactly does being ‘exiled or extradited’ mean?


What if the other warclones don’t want to join your club?

Briefly, for the sake of the public:

Individuals with active bounties or warrants placed against them by CONCORD or local governments for specific and cited legal violations will be extradited to law enforcement according to proper jurisdiction.

Individuals who GLATISANT review are found to be in violation of war crimes, specifically those outlined in the Yulai Convention, but with no active warrant and specific extradition request will be given their choice of sentencing:

  • Sentenced to Serve in Exile on a Bosena Accords affiliated Wormhole colony
  • Granted access to a private shuttle and exiled to a random nullsec system via Needlejack filament
  • Volunteering to serve a period of two years on ice as a part of the Avalon Construct Tactical Network
  • Reporting to Skarkon for Trial by Combat and Proving against Svarog Clade

The individual will have the opportunity to argue for their preferred sentence before Round Table Assembly, who will ultimately have the final say in the matter but customarily concedes to the request unless the individual has carrier out particularly heinous acts against mortal lives.

Individuals with no such criminal history will be given the option to join the Accords but are free to decline and will be provided free transport to a location of their choosing.

On an unrelated note many have responded privately with concern and skepticism over the deployment of a carrier vessel in Joas constellation. Rest assured the vessel is equiped purely with an electronic warfare jammers and to act as a forward operating base, and is incapable of pressing into the high sec system of Arnola due to Empire cynojammer restrictions. Instead our craft will continue to prowl the adjacent losec systems of Joas under EWar protection to deliver large transport and black ops craft in close proximity to Arnola.


On whose authority? What gives you the right to pass sentence on anyone? Also…

So you’re going to go find these people, and then if they decline to submit to you, you’ll send them somewhere else? They can’t just flip you off and say ‘get the hell out of my home’?

Again, I have to seriously question what gives a group that openly and proudly claims to be an active collaborator1 with Kyber forces the right to pass judgment on anyone? Why shouldn’t you all be shot on sight by literally everyone who opposes kybers and the trigs they—and you, through your collaboration and cooperation with them in Pochven—serve?

1. Specifically the designation of Striborg Clade as ‘allies’: “Our allies exceeded our expectations, with an overwhelming joint defense effort lead by UWU and Stribog clade under fleet commander @ Torvik_Ironsides.”


The Round Table Assembly of the Bosena Accords, who convened for the common good of the warclone community to self police and hold eachother accountable. I could go on but this

… Is a completely made up and absurd scenario that shows me you have no actual interest in engaging in good faith on the topic.

Literally no one has advocated for us occupying anyone’s home and removing them, this is a case of assisting in voluntarily evacuating our kind from an area actively hunting them and relocating them voluntarily with our own resources for free while doing proper vetting to ensure we aren’t harboring miscreants or releasing active threats to the cluster. Even then enforcement against war criminals that isn’t covered by our extradition laws is extremely rare and amounts to little more than a slap on the wrist and a literal one way ticket to nullsec so that we aren’t releasing marauders into populated systems unless they wish to advocate for the alternative options. Yet still you insist that this is somehow a bad thing.

There’s an expression among frontier towns in the Heath; Some of you would bitch if we hung you with a gold rope. Lets say the quiet part out loud here, if we didn’t vet the warclones we take in and take measures to make sure we aren’t releasing immortal murderers and rapists into the cluster than we’d be having a conversation about how irresponsible and stupid we are for not doing the above.

“My name is Arrendis and I don’t understand realpolitik.”

Is it? Because you started off by saying that you’re going to go out and find people who have been completely uninvolved with your little group, and you’re going to subject them to your judgment:

That’s what that says. That says ‘I will go out looking for warclones and then we will judge them’. That’s why I asked my initial round of questions, to determine if this was going to be a voluntary thing, ie: can they say ‘you don’t get to judge me, thanks’. And what did you say?

What that says there is that they’re free to decline after you have investigated them and rendered judgment upon them. That the evaluation and judgment isn’t a process set in motion when the warclone says ‘I’d like to join’, and opts into your Accords’ authority.

And that was your clarification.

So again: Who are you to judge them? What gives you the right to judge their conduct? Because your little group of trigsuckers says you can? ‘I have enough guns to force you to submit’? You claim that ‘no one has advocated for us occupying anyone’s home’, and that’s fair, that’s entirely true. No-one has advocated for occupying someone’s home, which would mean remaining there over time.

Instead, you’re just indicating that you’ll track people down and render judgment upon them, and if they’re lucky, you’ll send them somewhere else, ie: ‘this may be your home but you can’t stay here’. Which, let’s keep in mind, you do not have the authority to enforce, as all of low-sec is the jurisdiction of one of the empires, none of which have recognized your authority, and at least one of which has branded you outlaw slavers.

Let’s be frank here: you don’t have the legal authority to ‘release’ or refuse release to anyone. This isn’t a matter of ‘irresponsibility’, it’s you asserting power you do not have, and are not entitled to, and insisting you and your organization should not be held accountable for the alliances you have chosen to make.

And yet you think I’m the one who doesn’t understand realpolitik. Tell me, how much longer do you think you’ve got before your allies start telling you to shut the hell up again as they attempt damage control?



By all means the warclones of Arnola are free to refuse our assistance, stay right where they are, and take their chances with Red Troop. If they want our aid however they need to accept the basic responsibilities that comes with that. Simple as that.

Here’s how I understand the situation. The evac effort gets warclones out from under an enforcement agency using the “kill em all” method. After that, you get a job offer, unless you actually deserved to have your clone rights revoked. If you don’t want any of that, it’s a classic case of “rock and a hard place.”


Fourth only

Yes, I understand what you claimed after you started squirming under questioning. I also understand that the very first paragraph of your original statement, the one not limited to Arnola or any other ‘Red Troop’-type scenario, calls for much broader action.

Which is what I’ve been asking about the entire time: the foundational principles and claims of authority underlying your attempts to undermine national and cosmopolitical law-enforcement jurisdictions again.

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Regardless of the ease with which you can be attacked on principle, founding or otherwise, I will begin with fact; only the Ardishapur Military Circuit are due any clarification upon Red Troop deployments on Arnola, and lacking the mandate afforded by CONCORD to Red Troop, Bosena Accords have no legal basis for intervention.

As part of His Grace the Lord Ardishapur’s Holdings, the Mandate is as the rest of the Empire, party to CONCORD’s founding treaties; in the event your ability matches your hyperbole, and you find yourselves able to Red Troop’s action against rogue warclones; it would be fully expected for Ammatar forces to be in communication with Red Troop’s commanders, and for them to intervene if Arnola is invaded by Triglavian collaborators, especially those with a history of illegal slaving and insurrection against planetary governments.

If your organisation has even a modicum of the high principle you have always claimed­– Leave

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Yeah no. Not doing this. Just admit that you never had any intention of engaging with us in good faith and that there’s literally nothing we could say that would convince you otherwise. You’re a bad-actor, and if you’re going to push wild conspiracies that we are somehow just coming up with good answers to your poorly thought out questions then… Like I don’t know what to tell you dude.

Your opinion is noted. So anyway…

Amarr have heavy nuclear bombs, pierdole twoje klony. You are fake. Amarr Victor

Specific to the bit about ‘illegal slaving,’ this has been refuted quite thoroughly, with all evacuation flights having been logged and moved through republic stations and submitted to screening by contacts in the RJD. Perhaps try and gain information beyond the face of news headlines?


Devil feels fear… why?.. God is Here

If that were true, I’d have no problem saying so. Let’s face it, I gain nothing from all of this. You, on the other hand, clearly have something to gain from all of these claims, or you wouldn’t run around firing off propaganda releases at every conceivable opportunity for self-aggrandizing.

Please. If you think taking 3 tries to come up with an answer that doesn’t just dig yourself in deeper is a ‘good answer’… Yeesh.

Just for the record here, you’re suggesting that the Mandate should be trusting logs produced by admitted Trig collaborators and filtered to them through the Republic security apparatus? I mean, I’m perfectly willing to believe that Efrit’s designation was made out of personal animus, but once made, that’s the designation you have to work with, you know? And the Mandate’s not going to trust any exoneration provided through Republic channels… even if it’s only exonerating them of charges stemming from Republic sources in the first place.

The accusers have no evidence of any illegal slaving because there was no illegal slaving. If you had payed attention for the last few months, you would understand that the situation isnt as cut and dry as us being bad because we are trig collaborators. If we were trig collaborators, would we continually try and evacuate those citizens who wanted and currently want off the planet and would we be currently in active combat with triglavian forces on the ground?

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I appreciate the enthusiasm of my comrades to defend us, as is our right, but I would advise against any attempt to engage further with Arrendis.

Their type of ‘discourse’ is a cancer in the Summit as of late and trying to reason with it is just a pointless exercise in frustration.

Nor have I said they did. But that’s the legal status BosAc has in the Republic, regardless, now isn’t it? So you have to expect to be treated like it.