Attention Warclones: Operation Chiranjivi

There was a time when we all believed the stories we were told about monsters in the darkness. That the guiding hand of our parents and our government would keep us safe. As we grew older we saw the truth behind some of these statements. But the rest turned out to be lies. Lies meant to mold us in to the type of person they would have you be.

And when you defy their expectations of a good citizen? A good soldier? What happens?

Execution. Persecution. You are cast aside like the defective little toy soldier they think you to be. Hunted to the ends of space. You will be labeled whatever they can think of to make you the Other. They might call you unhinged, a monster, a fanatic, danger to society or even a traitor.

It has come to my attention that I share a similar foe with many of you who are the cast aside former clone soldiers of the New Eden cluster. Those who still yet live, anyway. CONCORD and the Empires have forced either their will or their blade upon the forsaken warclones. While many have sought refuge in Molden Heath, many more still wander upon the outer reaches of Null space only nominally claimed by roaming pirates or bandits. Some warclones might have turned to banditry themselves using their skills they were given in service of the empires the only way they know how to now that the empires have cast them aside.

There are other organizations present that will claim to tend to your needs and security. Foremost among them are the Bosena Accords and their ‘Project Avalon’. I have read over their charter, seen their activities. They hold far too close to the empires for my tastes. Too public and vulnerable to yet another culling by the fickle and untrustworthy empires of the central cluster. The closer you are to the ones who betrayed you, the less they have to move to put the blade to your neck once again. Or the leash. No, I would encourage you another path.

Operation Chiranjivi is an offer being extended to warclones and mercenaries who have found themselves on the wrong side of CONCORD or the Empires. I have spent the last few months moving assets in to the cluster’s southern and eastern reaches in addition to reaching out to associates loyal to local pirate factions for additional help. Planetary facilities and supply points set up outside of major shipping and travel routes. Friendly entities in various regions willing to offer aid and transit.

So what is it that Operation Chiranjivi specifically offers?

No government restricting you. We have internal policies but we are beholden to no empire or religious dogma. Anonymity, your identity will be protected and you can start a new life separate from whatever chains you flee empire space from if you so wish. Food, shelter, supplies will also be offered. For those who wish to persue our Mercenary offers, you will be supplied like never before. Not just for former warclones but this offer is open to immediate family as well. You should never have to leave family behind. And strength in numbers. Unite with your fellow brothers and sisters in the Chiranjivi so that you may be stronger for it.

And what does it require?

Little. I have spoken with many former clone soldiers. Though the wars they were created for have ended, many of them still desire battle. Or at the very least help in shaking such desires. For those who wish to leave combat behind there are methods of deprograming their violent thoughts. But for those who wish to fight again, Operation Chiranjivi provides mercenary services of warclones to certain areas of Null and Low sec under the funding and oversight of Capsuleers providing transit as well as fleets able and willing to run any pirate or empire blockade. Possible activities in High security space in the future depending on need and our ability but for now that is not an option.

Operation Chiranjivi does not have one specific base of operation. I have decentralized operations through five different regions and numerous star systems thanks to more than a dozen friendly Capsuleers to the Operation’s cause. I will not name them here but those aware of my past and current associates are free to make guesses.

I would have you forge your own future. Be it swords or plowshares you should put firm hand to the tools of destiny. Seek me out for further details. We have much work to do if we are to safeguard your future against the scheming Inner Circle and their puppet empires on a string.


This sounds exactly like something we should trust Sansha loyalists with.

… hangonaminute.


I will let every one of my past non-Sansha corp CEOs and fellow members attest towards my honor when it comes to dealing with non Nation loyal people. As long as we stand under the same banner, I have never once breeched trust with my brothers and sisters. Ask anyone I have served with to confirm this.

Fixed that for ya.

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I will take it as a compliment that you think I am so skillful to have avoid being caught in such an act for all these years. The best compliment you have ever given me, in fact.

Skillful? I just figure you kill the witnesses and ‘get podded’. It doesn’t take a genius to not be a drooling idiot.

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Evi is pretty cool.


I do like Evi, Kala, and to her credit I’m pretty sure if I had gotten my head laced with nanites I wouldn’t be harboring doubts still.

… but I still harbor doubts, because: Nation.

… but that I can harbor those doubts means that they haven’t been vindicated yet.

… but that could change.

… but she’s a sometime comrade. I liked and trusted, and largely still trust, those who were with me in PY-RE.

… but maybe that’s the point.

… but maybe that’s unfair.

… but maybe it’s still true.

And so on.



May the winds blow in your favor. :wind_face:

As Chief Arbiter of the Bosena Accords, I must implore any soldiers seriously considering this offer to take a good long look in the mirror and think about what that’d mean.

The relationship between the Bosena Accords, Project Avalon, and CONCORD is a tentative one based out of necessity and survival. When the Accords were first signed on Bosena IX it was with one goal in mind; to avoid another purge. The relationship between warclones and CONCORD has always been dicey but it was essential at the time to ensure a tentative ceasefire and collaborate in part with CONCORD officials to ensure we were not perceived as an immediate threat. Hostile warlords who did not agree to come to the table were passed on, while those who did were granted a second chance and a new family.

Times have changed since then, we have a new purpose in Project Avalon, but the need for at the very least passive support from CONCORD still remains. The moment we appear to be a rogue element unbeholden to any rules or regulations is the moment they bring down the full force of their combined arms on our head then proverbially ■■■■ down our necks. Warclones have come so, so close to complete annihilation so many times already that we cannot afford to give the major powers that be any reason to see us independent warclones as anything more than an oddity.

I understand that tension with CONCORD have been increasing since the days of Planetary Conquest, and I myself took great strides in negotiating our newest charter to limit the influence that we allow CONCORD to have within the Bosena Accords. Negotiations which, by the way, threatened to rip our organisation appart from within that only ended when CONCORD-skeptics agreed to a compromise with the reformists.

We have worked too hard and gotten too far to allow your passions and hatreds to get the better of you just so you can throw that all away to join a gods damn Sansha puppet organisation.

I really don’t want to have to do this, but as Chief Arbiter of the Glatisant Tribunal and by the power vested in me by the Bosena Accords and its signatories I order that any and all warclones found collaborating with this Operation Chiranjivi be marked for immediate exile from the Accords under threat of termination. We will not provide any support to its operatives that we normally offer to warclones, and if you are found working with Chiranjivi following your exile you will be targeted for collection and retirement.


The man who signed away his freedom and encouraged others to join him out of fear would exile those who choose their sovereignty…

My, my, my, what sweet irony has befallen those I left behind…


Chief Arbiter Galm Eskola-Fae. A pleasure to see you here.

Any relationship with CONCORD is stone set upon sand. Tide and torrent will see it washed away upon the morning if you trust in something so fickle. You worry about the relationship between warclones and CONCORD, I say it is already ash. They see warclones, and Capsuleers, as merely tools. They care not for you. Allegiance to them is a waste of time and flesh.

You worry about CONCORD moving to wipe you out. As someone who can somewhat speak for a people who have already been the target for that level of retribution, you are already dead if you insist on sitting in the open and under their benevolent gaze. You doom your brothers and sisters by trusting in CONCORD. There can be no compromise as their egos will not allow it. They believe they are masters of the cluster and will crush you once they have no need of you.

Do not trust them. The dead of this cluster that trusted in CONCORD are beyond counting. Their voices will not be silenced by time.

For those clone soldiers who read this. Know that there is a life beyond the sanctioned walls they enforce upon you. Band together with us and draw on the strength provided when you drop their shackles.

I dont know, if I had to choose between the accords who currently have uneasy relations with concord or a group that supports sansha, i’d choose the former.

We may be trying to be on the good side of the empires and concord but thats only for CONCORD’s sake. We still have cards to play whether anyone knows that or not.As it may stand you might think were playing by Concords rule, but that is no where near the truth. and since I am the new leading representative Warden of the accords I have many things I desire to be accomplished to the benefit of all Warclones. there’s nothing wrong with biding our time until we are legitimately ready to lay out our actions. And of course for those concerned there is bad to be worried about, mostly beneficial plans for the future of Warclones and our mutual allies.

And our current situation and location is most beneficial since I am rather respected by the Minmatar Republic, being that I am on more than good terms with over 2/3’s of the corporations along side with my many contacts throughout the cluster.

And to you Aeon, we did not sign away our freedom. Just think of it as “biding our time”. And rest assured it was not out of fear that we encouraged others to join us, rather we simply wanted to help those in immediate need, whatever that may have been. although it is beneficial for any Warclone to join us as we have and will continue provide support to those wanting it.


Spoken by a man who, until very recently, was thought to have been purged or exiled himself.

You’re not the best beacon of moral authority or advantageous decision making yourself Aeon, much less an example for other warclones to follow if you think siding with someone who seems to be hinting at declaring open war and rebellion against CONCORD is a good idea at this time.

Yes, I fear and respect the authority CONCORD poses. It may have been different for you, who worked for the Federation during those early years, but my experience was far different. I remember full well what it was like when Tibus Heth, the man I thought was going to lead me and my people to victory in reclaiming our home, brought the full force of the Caldari State down on our kind. I remember what it was like during the Purge. I remember having to run for my life away from my former comrades while the Templis hunted me down, insisting I was a traitor for refusing to help exterminate our fellow soldiers.

I don’t know what happened to you or how you survived but I can soundly say that I’ve had one Empire try to exterminate me, thank you. I’d really rather not give anyone a reason to turn the combined arms of the entire cluster against us. Furthermore, we aren’t tied to CONCORD in much of any way save for a few cerimonial clauses that allow CONCORD oversight of our in-house operations which to date CONCORD has not overstepped. As our Warden @KnightGuard_Fury put it, we are playing to no one else’s playbook than our own. It is simply mutually advantageous for us to collaborate and agree to some basic regulations that hold us accountable rather that continuing the process of Planetary Conquest until we have rendered every habitable burn zone in Molden Heath glassed.

I am not going to allow rogue members of the Accords to jeopardize our plans when we have gotten this far by getting all hopped up on false promises of sovereignty and vendetta. The best chance of sovereignty we have is Project Avalon, and the sweetest revenge we can achieve is seeing Avalon through to completion. If that means working with CONCORD, so be it.


Strange… Not a week ago I was congratulated for my service to the Amarr Empire and the Caldari State. Suppose that is rather indicative of the mercenary lifestyle, though: fluid loyalties.

Was thought to have been purged or exiled because that’s exactly what I wanted. We rounded up our families, we stole the technology needed, and we left for the frontier. The frontier where this all started and where no-one would dare follow us because the sign reads ‘here be dragons’. Patience. Quiet patience that paid off. Now CONCORD realizes how necessary the evil is; CONCORD realizes how much they need us. It’s no longer necessary to cater to them when we hold the cards. If you think we don’t, well, then I encourage you to point out another entity that can stave off the threat of an innumerable, immeasurable, and self-replicating force…

No. This war was a long time coming. We chose not to tuck tail and fall prey to that. We did what our forerunners did in the first purge: We bid our time and waited for them to step off their ■■■■■■■ soapbox.

Perhaps the innumerable, immeasurable, and self-replicating force that will be dispatched to put your terrorist rebellion down? Perhaps I wasn’t clear, both times the Purge happened be it Heth’s Great Purge or the Templar Hunt it was our fellow immortals that came after us.

Funny thing that happens when you declare war against the world, some of those people you just declared war on are like you. And if you go galavanting off with this project Chiranjivi you aren’t going to be saving the warclone community, you are going to be fracturing it and bringing us back to the squabbling pissants that the capsuleers always wrote us off as.

Props to you for seeing the curve of the universe and bugging out when things got bad. But regardless of whether it was fabricated or not you left us with one final message before you left. I remember it very clearly.

There is no coming back from this one. Let’s be honest with ourselves - without our gear, we’re worthless. Go into hiding. No-one is going to save you, no-one is going to help you. Don’t trust anyone who hasn’t died for you already, and even then trust them about as far as a bullet can reach them

The Bosena Accords came back. Without our gear, we managed to set Avalon in motion. When some of us went into hiding, we made a point of finding them and bringing them into the fold. We trusted them and gave them a chance to throw off their past so we could come together and build something new.

Just remember, that’s our legacy. That is what’s at risk, and why I’m so adamant we protect it. If you, or any other warclone wants to run off and join this war against people that have wrong us, I can’t really stop you. But remember that you are going to have to sacrifice that legacy first.


What does the word Chiranjivi mean anyway ?

You must be reading a different post to me…


To expand on this, there is a huge difference between “living outside of CONCORD’s direct influence and deciding not to work with them” and “declaring open war on CONCORD”.
Putting words into another’s mouth to use as your argument against them really isn’t an effective method of persuasion.


Even if Aeon wasn’t directly saying to wage war against concord, but from the way he words it, eventually concord will just be back at our doorstep to take us out one way or another. Theyre only bringing us back because of the apparent threat at hand. Who’s to say they wont just do the same thing as last time once we deal with the threat? Proving that we are better than what they think we are is better than just being more rebellious and proving them we are still just careless monsters seeking war like we always have.


If they do, where would you rather be? Under their thumb, or somewhere a long way away?

Banking on CONCORD to change their minds?