Operation Chiranjivi Expansion Announcement

Greetings, my name is Avril. I have the proud honor to announce that thanks to the hard work and support from many that Operation Chiranjivi is being expanded. And for now I have been picked to help organize and direct this expansion.

Division Parashurama has been formally established, giving us a true presence in space with official Capsuleer support. To those who we have reached out to, and those who have reached out to us, about this issue we thank you for your cooperation and support. Regardless who eventually signs up to be members of Division Parashurama I know that though our numbers will never be overwhelming we shall yet have a high quality of pilot allowing us to make differences in specific tactical situations.

Despite this let me reassure those who have worked with us in the past that our focus is still on Warclones and the related situations surrounding them. We yet work to save those who are wrongly persecuted and give them shelter and jobs where they may put their skills to challenging contracts. All of our continued clients please know that this expansion will only increase our ability to work with you and support your efforts, whatever they may be.

I welcome questions on this topic. Please note that due to the sensitive nature of many of the contracts we have taken in the past that I might not be able to answer some specifics for fear of harming future efforts or relations.

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My first instinct is to give the usual “Bosena Accords charter” this and “grrr rogue warclones” that but let’s be honest if I need to explain to you why this is a bad idea you’re probably already a toaster.

I think it’s great that someone is helping these wrongly persecuted people. Good for you!

Fascinating indeed… I’ll keep this in mind when my current contract ends

This is an interesting prospect. How do you believe capsuleers can help in this matter?

Thank you very much. We believe it is a worthwhile goal considering these dark times.

Consider my door always open, dear.

Feel free to mail me directly to discuss this in private as there are ways to both actively and passively assist.

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