[ROUND] Dust Day Round Table Assembly Demonstrations, 5/14 1700EVE

On behalf of the Bosena Accords and the Round Table Assembly, I wish to invite the warclone community to this year’s May 14th Dust Day ceremonies. Rather than previous years, this year’s festivities will be held in Vilinnon at the Elysian Holdings shipyard and fabrication depot located at the Serpent’s Coil. It is our intent to create an accessible environment where the warclone community in-common may gather without issues accessing our Skarkon facilities, while also allowing clear access to both empire and non-empire affiliated observers.

This year is special, marking not only our annual Round Table Assembly “Dust Day” conference but the official start date of the Round Table Assembly’s pivot to supporting a ‘direct enlistment’ policy. Starting this 5/14 all warclone clans within the Round Table Assembly pledged to follow the Bosena Accords will be allowed to enlist, either as a corporation or as individual independent warclones, in any Empire militia to fight as mercenaries. The Bosena Accords and its affiliate holding groups as an institution will continue its policy of neutrality while hosting the Round Table Assembly via its facilities, and will continue to act as stewards to foster open conversation and cooperation between warclone clans. All Bosena Accords and Elysian Holding infrastructure will continue to act as neutral ground, a policy that will be strictly enforced going forward both in Vilinnon and Skarkon. Now however, warclone clans will finally be officially permitted to pursue the time-honored mercenary tradition of the Round Table Assembly for empire and non-empire contractors alike by directly enrolling themselves in any militia of their choosing and change those affiliations based on what rewards each contractor offers.

While festivities and conferences will be held all day, official combat demonstrations will begin at 1700EVE.

Any and all parties be they militia-affiliated, capsuleers, or other interested third parties are encouraged to attend to observe combat trials, network with mercenary clans, and place contract bids with our roster of warclone organizations should they be interested.


On a personal note, separate from the overall announcement of this event-- As Varyazi Clade Strategic Narodnya, I recognize the potential conflict of interest with the Round Table Assembly openly accepting contracts with empire-affiliate militia groups while the Bosena Accords continues to hold territory in Pochven. Varyazi Clade is willing to vouch for the clans of the Round Table Assembly, ensure that all conduct adheres to the spirit of Combat Proving, and if need be act as an intermediary to resolve diplomatic disputes.

While we are but one faction within the [ROUND] warclone confederacy, Varyazi Clade has taken contracts to act as everything from pathfinder units in the Forests of Glorification to Signals Intelligence teams deep in enemy territory. We have worked to establish report with the forces of the Collective, particularly within Svarog’s militant traditions, and will continue to collaborate with them in the future. That places us in a unique position to be a reputable advocate and ensure the Bosena Accords is able to honor the warclone mercenary tradition while remaining in good standing within Pochven. It’s my sincere hope that these new changes formalizing mercenary contracts, if anything, helps to empower and legitimize Varyazi Clade while we continue to act as auxiliaries to the Collective as if they were any other geopolitical power.

If you would like to see what that looks like in practice, then I encourage you to attend the combat demonstrations yourself this year where we aim to showcase our talents at the Serpents Coil and Vilinnon IV. I deeply hope that the Collective, if not ambivalent of this change so long as we continue to serve as an effective asset, would be willing to observe or participate in these Proving Demonstrations themselves.


Thank you to everyone who attended this year’s Dust Day celebrations and combat demonstrations.

Joint fighter exercises with non-empire observers, Serpent’s Coil

Fireworks display shows interoperability with capsuleer auxiliaries, fighter teams, and station-based “gunjack” artillery crews

Close-in shot of stunt flying demonstration teams

Varyazi Clade planetary insertion and small unit tactics demonstration, Vilinnon IV

Compliments and thanks to House Brezia for their delivery of supplies and entertainment for this year’s celebrations via jump freighter insertion.


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