Round Table Assembly Warden Elections :: March 12


With the Skarkon War drawing down and the Round Table Assembly being pulled in several directions on where the warclone community should go from here, I feel now is a good time to fulfil my promise to end the unilateral authority as Warden and once again hold elections for the position. Elections will be held on March 12th, and will be available for all members of the warclone community who participate in the Round Table Assembly.

Further details, including candidates, to follow. If you wish to make a bid as a candidate and are in good standing with the Bosena Accords, please message me to discuss the process further.


Galm Fae
Warden of Avalon


As promised, as we move closer to Warden elections and a return to democracy for Avalon I would like to take the time to open the floor to our current candidates that have expressed interest in running.

  • Sawdeth Ternius
  • Thaddeus Blackshield Reynolds
  • Woodrow Ormand

I will leave it open to them to discuss their individual platforms and vision for the position of Warden as necessary, I encourage any warclone that wishes to make their voice heard in upcoming elections please join the discussion via the warclone community NeoComm Group as well as the Bosena Accords administration group as voting will be conducted via both channels.

To address the fedo in the room, no I will not be seeking an additional term as Warden of Avalon. I’ve served my commitment to the Accords as dictator during the Skarkon War, and while the conflict on Skarkon continues we need new leadership with a fresh vision if we hope to proceed forward with building our influence there, holding what we have gained, and fulfilling our obligations to our allies and those under our protection.

Instead, it is my hope to work with the new Warden to take steps to help Avalon evolve into something greater than The Bosena Accords, while enjoying my newfound freedom to pursue my own interests within Pochven and the Caldari State.


So elections are coming up in a few days, and I’ve put this off long enough. I’m running for the position of Warden in the Bosena Accords. I have experience in living in high sec, low sec, null sec, and now pochven. I have been in small fleets and large fleets. I have lead mining ops and will lead combat fleets, if the need arises. I also organize for the delivery of fuel to our structures inside of pochven. I will be the voice for the round table, and all Warclones and Capsuleers who are under our protection. I ask for your vote so that we may further our goals in pochven as well as show the cluster that we are not their enemy. With me as warden, I want to organize mining fleets every week or two, so as to better take advantage of our strengths here in pochven. I’d also like to step up recruitment of new Capsuleers inducted into the Accords so we can have a defense fleet on standby so we can mine in relative safety, or mine more, depending on what the recruits want to do. I also hope to foster new friendships and alliances in pochven and outside of pochven.


It is with grand reluctance that I agree to this calling to run for Warden. We all know what we have lost, and we all know what we can gain. Our families, our friends, our neighbors who want the same desire as myself.

I love Skarkon II, I love The Bosena Accords, with the power you grant me I will happily protect and to serve the people of Skarkon II.

If accepted as Warden, my first act would focus on the reconstruction of our infrastructure left off from the previous conflicts, which means more jobs, better education, clean streets and better opportunities without fear. This coming March 12th, you decide whether any candidates here will be qualified for Warden. Thank you.

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Elections are underway and being closely monitored. They’ll continue to be open for voting and debate through to Sunday evening. The winner will be granted the role of Warden no later than May 14th, on our coronation day during which time all will be welcomed to court. More details to follow after the election.

Best of luck to each of you.

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In an incredibly tight race, I’d like to extend my congratulations to Thaddeus Reynolds in his ascension to the role of Warden. I will continue to work with Reynolds in a transitional administration until the formal and complete transition of power on May 14th, “Dust Day.” More information on the ascension ceremonies to follow shortly.


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