Concerning the Seykal-Krullefor / Angel Cartel War

To Any Agents of the Seykal Clan,

Over the last several months the Bosena Accords has worked closely with our allies in Molden Heath to combat the growing Seykal-Krullefor influence there. Following an initial investigation followed by a joint inquest with local forces we developed a two-prong strategy against your ongoing operations. The first half involved executing a series of routine raids against Krulefor-Seykal assets paired with working alongside the Electus Matari and other Minmatar clans to turn over planetary installations in Molden Heath in an attempt to bring rule-of-law to the frontier.

We have received some light press for our efforts and limited success in being a thorn in your side by disrupting your operations. Ultimately, while we can hinder your goals we lack the numbers, intel, political support, or (frankly) the ambition to put a complete halt on you and your Krullefor contractors’ operations in the Heath for good. Nor can you do anything to reduce our numbers or stop our targeted raids.

In the end, we can continue to spin our tires together at the cost of untold resources and much to the detriment of the civilians of the Heath that may get caught in the crossfire. Recently however, it has come to our attention that a turf war has erupted between your clan and the Angels Cartel. It is my opinion, and that of many of the members of the Bosena Accords, that while the Seykal clan is doubtlessly guilty of several reprehensible acts they are a child of the Thukker tribe and therefore have far greater legitimacy to operate in the eyes of our mutual host, the Minmatar Republic. The Angel’s Cartel, however, is an outside entity attempting to spread their influence within sovereign Republic territory and possess a far greater existential threat to the region.

We need to begin considering, pragmatically, what is best for the people of the region; to continue an unending war against your people locked in an eternal stalemate or working together to put an end to a brutal gang war that has already resulted in the deaths of over 1,000. I propose an unconditional ceasefire between the Bosena Accords and the Seykal Clan in the interest of turning our joint attention towards combating the Angel’s Cartel in Molden Heath.

While I still deeply disapprove of many of the actions taken by the Seykal Clan and the Krullefor, a wise man once said it is far more important to combat outside invaders than regional rivals. As is, we do not need to go as far as to form an alliance or coalition. All I ask as that we agree to put our differences aside for now and mutually agree that combating the Angels is a more pressing threat than our past grievances. We have experience in combating Angels forces, and I am confident that if we both work towards combating the cartel we can succeed in greatly reducing their impact in the region.

To any within the Republic that disagree with this stance, I would point out that while we are shifting our focus from the Seykal Clan to the Angels the Republic Security Services are still entirely free to pursue their own agenda with or against the Seykal Clan, only now entirely free of us “getting in the way” as they have so often bemoan whenever non-state organisations interfere in their business. While combating the Seykal has been a contentious matter with our Republic friends, under CONCORD law we are free (gods, even rewarded) to pursue actions against designated pirate entities like the Angels Cartel.

I eagerly await your reply.


Galm Eskola-Fae

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This might be true in a less contentious case. But at this point, the Seykal have not only thrown their lot in with Amarr loyalists when they could have acted for the good of the Republic as regards the slaver Zashev, but they and Krullefor are directly implicated in the deaths of six Sebiestor officials.

Meanwhile, the Cartel has not made significant moves against the Republic in the same span of time beyond their usual criminal dealings.

Given that the Bosena Accords are still regarded as outsiders to Republic matters, I suggest staying clear of the Seykal-Cartel war entirely (well, insofar as that can be done in MH). But if you must support one side or the other, I would recommend taking the side of the Cartel in order to crush Seykal and Krullefor once and for all.

They may be of our blood, but they are not of us.

Melisma Ramijozana, cadet chief
on behalf of Tiama Ramijozana, chief, Clan Ramijozana


Clan Ramijozana has been a respected ally and a critical part in coordinating with local organisations in Molden Heath for the Bosena Accords. We value their opinion greatly, and have had an internal discussion since receiving your response. Your points about the Seykal-Krullefor posing a more significant risk to order in the region are hard to refute, and are well-founded.

Speaking openly, my basis in refocusing our efforts against the Angels rather the Seykal were based on the assumption that given the choice between the two combating the Angels would be far less contentious within the interstellar community. If that is not the case, and if public opinion is on the side of us continuing to target Krullefor sites, then so be it.

Barring any response from the Seykal clan or Krullefor that shows that they are willing to come to the table and deescalate the situation in Molden Heath, we will instead reevaluate our strategy in the Heath and focus on delivering a hammer blow to their operations while they are on the back foot defending their territory from the Angels.

I acknowledge that inserting ourselves directly in between the Seykal-Cartel war is risky, and debatably not our business to interfere in. However, the ongoing chaos in Molden Heath has long been a concern of ours and we are determined to see this conflict through to a firm conclusion without complicating regional matters or standing in the way of Republic officials. Our operations will focus less on directly combating them in population centers or ganglands. We’ll instead focusing on small-scale strikes to limit their ability to operate on former-and-existing warclone lands and dismantle their ability to make war against the Cartel.

To any Angel’s Cartel members that may have taken gumption with my original stance; please accept my personal apologies and my assurances that we are capable of acting in good faith together to uproot the Seykal-Krullefor alliance in Molden Heath. I mean no ill will, as our primary concern is with deescalating tensions in the region and in ending a blood gang war that has already resulted in the deaths of an unacceptable number of civilians.


Operation Galatine is now underway.

We will continue to post updates and coordinate with allies as the situation progresses. As always, we are open to negotiation and discussion on the matter as we continue to whittle away at Seykal-Krullefor influence in Molden Heath. Special thanks go out to our fellow coalition members, including those in Corovid Industries, who have helped provided material support for this operation.

How can I help them?


On behalf of the Bosena Accords I would like to confirm the death of Krullefor underboss Sals Armarthen on Muttokon II. More information on the strike can be found in our interview with the Republic Star.

Operation Galatine is proceeding swiftly, despite our need to pivot operations against the Krullefor Organisation while foregoing attacks on Seykal forces for the remainder of the campaign. Mop-up on Muttokon II, District 3 is underway with Draugr Division reporting victory planetside. We will continue to work with our allies in the region, and provide updates as more information becomes available.

To any hold-out Krullefor agents, I have clear terms of surrender; lay down your arms and become independent mercenaries under the Bosena Accords charter, or be sent back to Baliggan Krullefor in a dust pan.


I am pleased to announce deployment of ArSec and Installation Security Services personnel and equipment to Skarkon II in support of the ongoing Operation Galatine currently underway by the Bosena Accords, after extensive correspondance with several contacts in the local branch of the Republic Security Services in the Eoldulf constellation of Molden Heath. While these contacts were unable to comment on the validity of claims in the footnotes of a recent Scope article , they have been invaluable in discerning how to proceed thus far, and UNF personnel will remain in regular discourse with our RSS contacts when and where able while we continue to support our friends and allies in the Bosena Accords

A full record of personnel and materials being deployed, with consent of local RSS correspondants, is included, as well as a Camera Drone still from orbit.



Many thanks to our allies in the UNF for establishing a foothold outpost on Skarkon II. Their material aid and auxillary personnel, as well as their political sway, will be extremely valuable in expanding Operation Galatine to Skarkon II.

I’ll be candid. Intervention in Skarkon II is no easy task and is quickly shaping up to be a major standoff between our coalition and the Krullefor-Seykal bloc. Like Muttokon, Skarkon stands as a major planet bordering The Great Wildlands and constitutes an important stepping stone into Molden Heath. Unlike Muttokon however, which mostly consisted of salty craigs and sparsely populated archipelagos, Skarkon II is a massive, lawless, densely populated planet with a huge amount of terrain diversity. Boasting a population in the tens of millions, if not hundreds, the planet once had a democratic referendum and opted to secede from the Minmatar Republic as Angel’s Cartel sovereign territory. While the cartel forfeited their claims on the planet shortly after, large areas still remain under de facto Cartel administration. It remains a major Cartel stronghold planet, so there’s no small wonder why the Krullefor chose to focus their efforts here. I firmly believe that should Skarkon II fall to the combined effort of Seykal, Krusual, and Krullefor forces the Angel’s Cartel will have effectively lost the planetary war in Molden Heath and Krullefor dominance in the Heath will be secured.

While I cannot condone the actions of the Angel’s Cartel our capsuleer allies in the Minmatar Republic agree that we cannot allow an organisation that possess an urgent threat to the Republic go unchallenged in Molden Heath. A sizeable amount of local civilian leaders on Skarkon II claim loyalty to the Angels and have a shared interest with us in preventing Seykal-Krullefor domination in the region. Their connections, combined with a robust suite of planetary defenses around major areas, has made our prior strategy of conducting an airwar ahead of our major advance ineffective. To that end, I’ve paid a significant amount of ISK to have the ear of various planetary VIPs to ensure swift transition planetside, coordinate with local militias, and identify Krullefor positions used to stage attacks on Cartel assets.

In addition to our UNF allies, our vanguard force will consist of a full company of Bosena Accords veterans, a motorized scout platoon, and a forward operating base staffed by a corp of engineers. Our ground forces will once again be joined by pilots from the 1st Hellawes Strike Fighter Squadron to provide close air support. Troops are already beginning to deploy planetside and are taking up positions around Krullefor staging areas. Make no mistake, this is where we are making our stand against the Krullefor and where we intend to stop their operations dead in their tracks. Today, its open season on the Krullefor and their allies.

Additional facions considered potentially hostile include operatives from:

  • Seykal Expeditionary Group
  • Krusual Covert Operations
  • Tronhada Free Guard

Anatkaa, hivaa saitsuo.


Today, our allies in the United Neopian Federation deployed their battlegroup in support of the UNF Wellspring Source over Skarkon II. The Bosena Accords has taken advantage of this critical period of local space dominance to deploy our primary fleet alongside our capitol warbarge Fisher King.

Access to the orbital space over Skarkon II was made possible only by securing a pact with the local administration of the Gulormola district. I grant them my thanks, and my personal assurance of continuing our non-aggression pact while we focus on the Krullefor presence in Molden Heath.


I’ve recently been made aware that a hitherto unprecedented organization is now at play in the Skarkon II conflict. The CBD Corporation, native to my homeland of the Caldari State, has long maintained a presence in the Ishohuovi district of Skarkon II. They remain one of the few viable economic powers on the planet that survived the planetwide economic collapse, and it stands to reason that they would seek to protect their interests on the planet given our recent escalation in hostilities against the Krullefor Organization.

Not only have they filed a formal complaint against the Minmatar Republic, they have publicly announced their intention to deploy spaceline security troops to protect their interests and have moved to purchase the local ferry system to more easily control movement across the planet. At this time, the Bosena Accords has no formal strategy to address these developments other than continuing to give CBD a wide breadth on Skarkon. I would advise the representatives of CBD to not involve themselves in the conflict between us, the Angel’s Cartel, and the Krullefor and to reach out to us should they wish to coordinate the free flow of trade without any friction between their operations and our incursions.

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It has come to our attention that the Thukker tribe has finally granted a comment on the alleged tie between the Seykal clan and the Krullefor Organization. As per their response, they did not confirm nor deny the accusation but instead offered that it was “Not a matter for Great Caravans.”

Let me be clear; it is not our place to rock the boat too much in the Minmatar Republic. However, as our war with the Krullefor Organization continues major media outlets across Molden Heath have reported several times on the connection between the Krullefor Organization and the Seykal Clan in Molden Heath. Following the discovery of the suspicious circumstances surround the attacks on Mikramurka, when it was revealed that the Krullefor Organization was responsible for the death of the Sundsele Six, Seykal forces under the command of @Sesli_Ashok were on scene supporting the Krullefor Organization. Several months later, reports revealed that the Republic Security Service was collaborating alongside their Krusual mercenaries to support the Seykal Expeditionary Group’s position in Molden Heath.

Earlier this week the security chief of Matar, who was put into his position on the recommendation of Krusual Chief Tenerhaddi Dykon in the same week that reports were released hinting that the Krusual tribe may have had advanced knowledge of the attacks on Mikramurka, blocked a resolution by the Sebiestor Marshalls that would investigate any financial ties between the Seykal Clan and the Krullefor Organization. This, mind you, is following open threats of hostility against the standing Sebiestor Chief from the Krusual tribe when Chief Midular raised the issue of “vast financial and resource appropriations for mysterious purposes that [were tied to] Krusual Covert Operators, Tronhadar Free Guard and Trust Partners” carried out under Dykon’s administration. Meanwhile, Krusual Tribal Marshals (seemingly now acting as a paramilitary extension of the RSS) continue to disperse any demonstrations that call into question the Security Service’s recent actions and ties to these organizations.

All of this points to a deep conspiracy concerning the RSS, Krusual Tribe, Seykal Clan, and Krullefor Organization. I have been advised, at the behest of our local allies, to not involve ourselves in the internal politics of the Republic and instead focus on pacifying Molden Heath. However, as time goes on it is increasingly obvious that the two situations are fundamentally tied and are on a collossion course unless we see a greater investment from our Matari allies.

To any and all Matari concerned over these recent developments I implore you to assist us in our struggle against the Krullefor Organization. I fully believe that they are the weak link in this conspiracy and if we continue to press them we stand a chance of discovering the foundation of this conspiracy that will allow us to at last discover what is true and what is disinformation.

To the Great Caravan, if you are abiding any information that might result in uncovering the connection between the RSS, Krullefor, and the Seykal I strongly advise you to come forward now before any embarrassing information comes to light that would force you to answer several other far more awkward questions. You may well feel that it is not the concern of the Great Caravan to address these concerns, but if you do not now then there will be far greater concerns that may threaten the relationship between the Thukker and the other tribes of the Minmatar Republic.

I did not start this war with the intention of uncovering a conspiracy; we merely fell into it in our attempt to curtail rogue warlords in Molden Heath. Now that we are here, however, we cannot in good consciousness just pack things up, go home, and forget everything we have discovered during our war in the Heath. I do, however, welcome any and all support within the Minmatar capsuleer community that may be able to take up leadership of this investigation while we focus solely on ending Krullefor influence here.


Where to begin.

Following the latest series of headlines the situation of Skarkon has changed drastically. Though the Round Table Assembly, our warclone trade union, has been largely hands-off on the Skarkon War and mainly exists to decide union policy the repercussions of this conflict demand their input if we are to move forward. Discussion will include:

  • Status of the Warden: Following Warden Fury’s focus on expanding his own mercenary clan within the structure of the Bosena Accords, I have continued to operate as the main executive of the Accords. Facing extraordinary circumstances, I believe it makes sense for the Accords to reinstate my status as Warden of Avalon if we are to continue this war.

  • Simplification of the Accords Charter: The Pendragon Council, Glatisant Tribunal, and the Office of Warden shall be combined into a single unitary structure under the direction of the Warden known as the Grand Litigation and Tribunal Institute / Administration Team (GLATISANT)

  • Cooperation with the Angels Cartel: Cooperation with the local administration of Gulormola has required that we form a non-aggression pact with the Angels Cartel on Skarkon II. However, with the Republic Security Service pledging to end Cartel influence on the planet (potentially to the benefit of Krullefor troops) we may have to adjust our policy to avoid open conflict with the Minmatar RSS or the Republic at large.

  • War with CBD on Skarkon II: With the Caldari CBD corporation deploying Onikanabo Brigade mercenaries planetside and staging attacks on our allies in the UNF from the adjacent province of ishohuolvi, we must consider if we are willing to risk open conflict with CBD troops. While we would prefer to keep CBD out of the war as long as possible, their uncontested interference may jeopardize our goals against the Krullefor Organization unless we begin to take a direct approach.

  • Cobelligerent Factions on Skarkon II: The Bosena Accords has already identified the Seykal Expeditionary Group, Krusual Covert Operations, and Tronhada Free Guard as hostile targets should they attempt to support their Krullefor allies on Skarkon II. With reports of mercenaries from all three organizations converging planetside, we must collectively commit to expanding our war to these three armies.

It’s ah-- It’ll be a full docket. Standby for updates.


The recent announcements regarding the RSS’s support for both marking our operations as “warcrimes” for collaborating with the local government of Sa’kak and their now mask-off support for the Krullefor organization will not be overlooked. I am currently meeting with representatives from allied groups to determine a new dominant strategy on Skarkon.

Standby for updates.


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