Fort Kumar Intelligence Investigation

Following a tip posted by The Scope earlier this afternoon, Bosena Accords members deployed to Fort Kumar searching for signs of Krullefor or Seykal activity as a part of our ongoing efforts to combat the growing smuggling threat in Molden Heath. On arrival we discovered a Scope deaddrop, which revealed itself to be a dry hole on further inspection. The container was clearly tampered with, and the contents had been emptied.

If you or someone you know has gained access to whatever information or items where contained herein, I strongly encourage you to come forward. I believe that the information stored within may have been critical to uncovering more evidence of Seykal-Krullefor collaboration or shed more light on the Sundsele Six Investigation. Any and all information shared will be passed on immediately to the Minmatar community, as per our existing agreement with the Electus Matari.


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