Molden Heath Anti-Smuggling Cooperation & Coordination Thread


Following a case file released by the Republic Justice Department, it has come to our attention that a majority of illegal smuggling and trafficking in Molden Heath is headed by the Krullefor Organisation and the Seykal Expeditionary Group. As a part of the Minmatar frontier and a frequent stop for Thukker caravans a moderate amount of smuggling is to be expected and, to an extent, unavoidable. However, if the RJD report is true then it would suggest that smuggling in the area has evolved from a loose coalition of criminal enterprises to a new underworld run by rogue private military contractors.

Even within the mercenary warclone community the Krullefor Organisation and the Seykal Expeditionary Group are infamous for their propensity for wetwork, collateral damage, and being little more than a gang of marauders and brigands that are likely to raid and pillage your colony immediately after they’ve taken your ISK to protect it. These are warbands that have existed since far before the end of the war of Planetary Conquest, and have been somewhat of an opposition force in our attempts to stabilize the region. Suffice to say, these organisations fall well within the type of “rogue warclones” that the Bosena Accords was formed to monitor and combat for the common good of the warclone community and New Eden at large.

As such, after briefly convening with the GLATISANT Tribunal, the Bosena Accords and by extension Avalon has agreed to take this opportunity to offer an opportunity for outside organisations interested in the success and security of the Heath to come together and coordinate planetary operations against the Krullefor and Seykal mercenary groups.

Very Respectfully,

Galm Eskola-Fae
GLATISANT Tribunal, Chief Arbiter


Corovid Industries is based in Molden Heath, and we are certainly no friend to mercenaries, especially the Seykal clan.

We are a very small outfit, but we can provide communications and other technology in support of operations. If we can be of assistance in any way, please let us know.

Melisma Ramijozana
Chair, Corovid Industries


I will always support any action to halt illegal activities. Whilst I do not speak for the New Order as a whole, if you would be willing to keep me abreast with what needs you have, I will see what can be done to accommodate them.


Please don’t do smuggling!

It is a very dangerous business. Faction police will want to peek into your cargo. CODE will just suicide to your ship. Pirates in lowsec will try to blow you up not even for your cargo but for a killmark on their hull. Criminal cartels will chase after you for trespassing their turfs. Every baddie in New Eden will want to pew-pew at you and stop your Free Trade!

Don’t do smuggling yourself, kids. Leave this job to professional contractors!

See ya in Jita :heart:


I’ll see what I can find roaming the low security systems. This isn’t my first time having to deal with drug lords, this one just happens to be on a bigger scale.

If I see any planetary operations Ill deploy a select number of our Elysians that i know can get the job done. As for the drug farms in space, I will handle those personally since I have experience in finding out where they are, I happen to know that Aedald is a common system for them to setup but that’s obviously not the only one.

Ill let you know more on my progress in the coming days.


Many thanks to all of you that have came forward to offer support. For context, Avalon is a loose collective of independent warclones operating out of one centralized location in the Heath. Even among the mercenaries of Avalon, the Bosena Accords proper is comprised of a relatively small crew of old-guard veterans that work to support and govern the warclones of Avalon. Most of the mercenaries of Avalon participate in the Round Table congress, but are not active participants in many of our services and operations unless under hired contract by the Accords. In fact, most of the mercenaries in Avalon are more akin to “tenants” or “free agents” than an organised military force.

In contrast the Krullefor Organization, while a criminal organisation, has a reported 165,440 operatives while the Seykal Expeditionary Group boasts a membership of 165,889 warclones. Granted there is a significant degree of deviation in those numbers when you factor in unreported terminations, desertions, accounting errors, and troops that have since moved into exile or joined the ranks of Avalon themselves since the end of the wars of planetary conquest. Even still, we are facing a significant force deeply entrenched in the area. Support from outside parties in finding a solution to this conflict will be critical, and its important that we go in with a clear strategy in mind and an obvious exit strategy for stabilizing Molden Heath.

Over the next several days I will begin contacting various established organizations in the area and planetary tribal leaders to build a war council and decide on a strategy for the conflict. Which such a clear numerical disadvantage and proximity to civilian colonies it’s obvious that we’ll have to settle on more creative methods of resolving this than facing them openly in the field.

While targeted small-scale strikes on smuggling centers are an option to disrupt their operations, I’m willing to open diplomatic negotiations with the Seykal clan and @Brirt_Altregmer of the Krullefor Organisation to settle on a “gentleman’s agreement” to place limits on what type and amount of smuggling is acceptable in Molden Heath.

We have no reason at this time to believe the two organisations are working in tandem at this time so establishing a common understanding between the Seykal, Krullefor, Thukker leaders, and the local warclone diaspora may be the best, most pragmatic solution to establishing longterm stability in the region.

This is all assuming any of them are even willing to come to the table, however. Until such a time, I am perfectly content with smashing their labs and wrecking their pleasure hubs whereever we find them.


Aloga Industries was established in Molden Heath to promote economic growth and development in the area by investing in planetary and system wide infrastructure, manufacturing capabilities and promoting social development. While the company is currently in Hiatus while I am attending matters elsewhere, the well being of the region is still a prime interest to myself, and to the Aloga Clan at large.

The activities of Pirates and smugglers is a direct threat the region and runs counter to the mission that I have envisioned for Aloga Industries, As such, I would like offer any and all assistance that I can in helping in these efforts, from material assistance to logistics and coordination.

I will contact you privately to discuss any specific arrangements.


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