Imminent invasion of Molden Heath?

  • Ammatar Defector Claims Empire Plans “Full Scale Invasion of Molden Heath” in Defiance of CONCORD Treaties

Likely? Implausible? Red herring or cover for something else? Ardishapur’s doing or that of Empire proper?

If true, what implications does this have for the other theatres, Empire internal politics, defense capabilities of the Republic, other CONCORD treaties?

Please discuss.

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Ammatar Defector Also Claims Amarr Intelligence Officials Met with “Triglavian Leadership Troika” to Discuss Military Pact

Captain Marshal Sirdan xer Qosh Dismisses “Ravings of Traitor” Saying Imperial Policy is Peaceful and Legal Reclaiming of “Rebel Provinces”

CONCORD Monitors in Pochven Report Large-Scale Redeployment of New Ships to World Arks as Shipyards Resupplied with Raw Materials

EDENCOM Plays Down threat of New Invasions Given Evidence of New Offensives in Abyssal Deadspace by Drifters and Triglavians

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Thank you for your kind “reading out loud” for all of us.

Do you have any thoughts of your own to add?

Well, as you can read, not only there are the typical parts who confirm or negate this but there are other rumors of other invasions that could come. What could the Striborg Clade say about that?

I’m curious to how they are defining “full scale invasion”. It’s a term bandied about a lot without a whole lot of qualifiers. The full force of imperial might? Limited force but the full breadth of force toolsets? What kind of long-term intent? Are we talking seizing territory permanently or just a war of destruction?

Too many questions both in terms of the veracity of the rumors and the potential implications to really have any solid or organized thoughts on the matter beyond “bring your fire. Ours burn hotter.”


“Bring it”? :wink:


They probably have plans for all sorts of things, but do they really have the fleets and manpower to spare when they’re scraping up ships from museum fleets and have way more potential enemies than allies?
Just doesn’t sound feasible in the least.
The overall military landscape hasn’t really changed in the past 20 years despite everything else that has happened, there’s just way too big of a risk of failure cascade to actually commit to an all out war, by anyone.

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I find this implausible… the Amarr are not known for acting in a coldly calculating pragmatic manner. How would a military alliance with the very alien triglavians be reconciled with their doctrine? It seems to me that this is a falsehood mixed in with the somewhat believable tale of an invasion.

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of all my empire standings i’d mind trashing amarr the least


It is of great concern. The republic leaders have neglected the region pretty much. It would be very bad for the local population if another warzone would spread from the Tartatven constellation.
I hope the recent observed “progress” in the warzone is not a sign of Amarr forces restaging for a surprise attack in Molden Heath together with an Ammatar fleet.

That said, I wonder who this defector is and how trustworthy they are. A lot of claims have been made in the past and it sounds very unbelieveable that the Amarr or Ammatar would side with the Triglavian clades. What I observed is that our freighter got stuck in multiple boarder controls while travelling into the Mandate in Odatrik, Jark and Sasta and was inspected for “contrabrand” multiple times.
They even inspected the crew quarters which is pretty strict. It feels like the tensions are growing.
The Amarr Navy also has huge fleets deployed at those stargates that are very scary.

Miss Rhiannon,

While this does bring great attention, I would find it odd. For all the allies that the Amarrian government could have approached about this why the Triglavians? Now is it possible for the Amarrian government to want to launch an invasion? Why yes…I dont see a reason not to. However, I find the source lacking and the story too outlandish. Surely the Amarrian government would seek Caldari brothers? Or even speak with the orders militant. For my own Paladins would assist in such an effort. While I may not speak of our official stance as an alliance of course…I am merely speaking upon my own militant point of view…I am more of a militarist than others…so please take that with a grain of salt.
I would hope that we as Amarrians would not enter into some type of deal with the Trigs. Amarrians have been getting much unfair news media. I am sure this may be the ravings of a madman as well as the news media doing a axejob style reporting against Amarr. Hopefully…that is the case…


Well, the Caldari-Amarr relations are remarkably colder than they used to be, for one thing. And I think the word where more or less everyone is trying to establish a working contact with the Trigs are likely to be true - after all, it would be stupid to not at least try, and while our governments might be rash or prideful sometimes, they are not stupid.

Escalating in the Heath would make sense to me as way to draw Republic forces away from somewhere else.

Any such assistance on the part of the State would violate the Treaty of Airaken, and unlike the Federation your Empire has been cozying up to, the State honors the treaties and agreements it enters.

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Took the words right out of my mouth. If one signatory wants to violate CONCORD treaties to such an extent, why shouldn’t the others want to? The legitimacy of the whole thing has been getting chipped away little by little, and the Fed decided to drop the mask and just take a hammer to the foundation. And if the oh so moral and just Federation can do it, certainly the Empire can do the same, being mandated by their little god and all.

I do not doubt that the defector’s claims are true, although they do not claim to know the timescale of this proposed operation, notably absent from the news report. I fear the report given about this defector sensationalises something which the Republic, the Federation, daresay all of us with open eyes and clear minds have known all along to be common knowledge.

Military planning and strategic conceptual hypothesises on the prosecution of armed conflicts, from full-scale invasion to foreign internal defence to counter-insurgency operations, are conceived all the time. Ninety percent of the time, they are never put into practice as there is no need for them, as they exist solely to develop and enhance existing doctrine and new stratagems. The Imperial Military assuredly subscribes to this method of learning that I know is common practice in the Federal, State, and Republic Armed Forces.

Ultimately, it is an unenviable position to be put in. Is it likely that the Ardishapur and Sarum circuit fleets are mobilising currently to launch an invasion of Molden Heath? I’d gamble on ‘no’. The Empire would face almost total if not universal condemnation across New Eden, and it’d trigger an Interstellar War the likes of which have not been seen for over a century. The mere act breaching CONCORD legislation needs not be said. Despite the Treaty of Pachanai promising non-intervention, would the Federation stand idly by and watch the Republic be invaded wholesale? I doubt it highly, if anything on moral grounds alone. The possibility of a cluster-wide cascade into open warfare should be enough of a deterrence.

But you cannot discount the possibility, as the Captain Marshal Sirdan xer Qosh has affirmed what we already know: the Empire is committed to the Reclaiming of the ‘Rebel Provinces’, an irredentist term which is a fundamental denial of the legitimacy of the Republic as a sovereign entity. Claims of peacefulness and legality aside, with the promulgation of the Peace of Two Swords doctrine, what constitutes legality in the Empire? Conformation to Imperial Law - which demands the furtherance of the Reclaiming.

As far as neighbours go, the Empire is one that you’d hope would respect the boundaries of one’s freehold. Hopeful desires considered, you never fail to have a plasma rifle out of arms reach just in case the day comes in which they commit a trespass.

I know little of the conflict between the Mandate and the Republic preceding YC105/FC220 - the Vindication Wars. Do you think it is possible that the plan, if at all put into motion, could be an attempt to draw the Republic into a low-intensity conflict?

I foresee that because of the above uncertainty caused, it will compel the Republic to have no choice but to bolster existing garrisons across the border with the Mandate. I hope that this increased commitment doesn’t lead to increased exposure on other fronts, to other threats that we are witnessing emerge from obscurity, such as Zarzakh and the Deathless.

If I subscribed to conspiracy theories and was willing to offer one, perhaps this is the intended outcome of this leak all along.


It’s likely such an invasion has been planned and re-planned over and over since the Vindication Wars. I would be surprised if other nations didn’t have their military officers drawing up similar plans for possible conflicts with every neighbor.

Normally I would say an imminent invasion is implausible, but I’m beginning to think that growing up during the Pax Amarria has prevented me from truly understanding how stupid things can get.


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