On the SARUM dread attack on Floseswin

So, today, the EoM involved in the previous attacks went to Kahah and bombed a planet, lead by Alar Chakaid.

The Vanguard from Tanoo were there. The bastards from Tierijev were there. The Moroses from Girani-Fa were there.

Guess who wasn’t?

This ■■■■■■ wasn’t, for example.


So the strike in Flosewin was legit and ordered by the Amarrians officially? Makes sense. Compared to the other attacks where the dread pilots were seen, the strike in Flosewin was the most uh… “Legal” (Using that loosely here) given that it was a strike in a sanctioned warzone and not in the mainland of high-security space.


Ms. Rhiannon, before any dangerous and incendiary conclusions are jumped to, it’s important to consider matters rationally and in good faith.

Consider what that the Equilibrium of Mankind’s goals appear to have been with these attacks. Each planetary bombardment or apparent act of aggression, in every instance, was designed to appear to have been an action taken on the behalf of another party seemingly so as to provoke a military response and lead to conflict. Even the choice of targets appeared to have been specifically chosen so as to provoke an emotive and dangerous reaction.

I consider myself to be a person of good moral conscience that could never take part in atrocities the likes of which the Equilibrium precipitate. However, were I hypothetically to have been part of such an operation designed to provoke hostilities, I’d imagine I’d look to sow the seeds of doubt amongst my enemies at every possible opportunity. The absence of the pilots present in the operation at Floseswin during the recent assault on Kahah seems entirely like a deliberate action that an entity looking to flare-up suspicions and spark a state of war would take.

I plead with you to consider the very real and likely possibility that your suspicions are playing into the hands of our shared enemy.


I am.

I also have to consider the very real and likely possibility that our shared enemy is playing into the hands of The Enemy.


The evidence presented paints a picture of EOM infiltrators in a number of mercenary companies mounting the attacks in Tanoo, Girani-Fa and Tierijev. <

-from a recent news article.

I did notice that the attack on Floseswin was not mentioned in the report given by the Republic investigators. Could it point towards the attack by the Amarr being an actual operation? Perhaps the Republic ambassador left it out of the report in an effort to smear the Empire?

Either or, an investigation is warranted.


By being in a warzone, it didn’t require the special cyno. Interesting.

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The evidence from that attack is safely in the hands of the Tetrimon Order, who have been charged by the Empress Catiz I with erradicating heresy from the Empire. It is most certainly being investigated.


This is, of course, true. But it is also worth noting that it was the only planetary bombardment in lowsec, the only one over a recent conflict zone. There were also Sarum Family and Amarr Navy forces in system and in orbit. “Being hasty in drawing conclusions” does not mean “willfully ignoring evidence”. As far as I’m concerned, given that Sarum Family and Amarr Navy forces were in system and in orbit, they were complicit. Maybe you’re right and the conclusion we should draw is that the Amarr Navy and House Sarum are in fact supporting EoM, and we must dismantle both organizations.


I highly, highly doubt that.

This smacks more of opportunism than it does collaboration with an insane cult.

Though it would be entertaining to see you try and “dismantle” anything. Please, do go ahead and give it a shot. Make sure to record it. You know, for posterity.

It’s been a strategic fantasy for the Republic since its inception, I wouldn’t dwell on it.

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The fact that Chakaid held such a high station, avoided execution for his crimes in Mandate custody, and the Navy took advantage of his actions to engage in a military strike, then concealed data that may have incriminated the EOM before tonight makes it very clear that people in high places were content to keep their pet lunatic around.

The dog’s off his chain now, but that doesn’t mean we all have to sit around and pretend we’ve got no clue where he acquired his toys.

There’s nothing fantastical about it. We’ll clean up your ■■■■ for you, but don’t expect us not to complain about the smell.

Oh, I forgot. It’s also the only one that had ground forces launching a coordinated strike. I mean, I guess they could be EoM too. After all, Alar Chakaid was who commanded the troops there. We better dismantle them too.

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Which I believe offers further weight to my argument, Mr. Sparre. I shan’t seek to tell you what to think on this matter, I only ask that you consider the possibility that this ‘evidence’ could entirely well be intentional misdirection.

I’m sure that this is something being said in anger, during a state of heightened emotion, rather than a serious accusation. Both the Empire and the Kingdom have condemned Chakaid as a heretic.

Yes, so tell me Mr.Sajaya where did the Heretic Chakaid, Get those Matari Dreadnaughts? and Gallente ones for the EoM Strikes?

It appears he commands Brutor Vanguard, same recommendation?

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I think it would be entirely reasonable that the CONCORD states review the status of all of the Warclone associated PMCs.


So what I’m getting from this is either Sarum fell for the EoM ruse or had forwarning of the attacks to play opportunist?

Just a lone commoner, speaking as himself, I think the Flos strike was done by Shining Flame personnel. This is where the agreement with Ms. Rhiannon ends however.

I believe that Chakaid was behind this. Unlike the other strikes, he didn’t need to use deep cover assets to pull it off. He merely had to know the right commanders that would follow his authority and set them off to do his bidding. And in the grand traditions of pride and nepotism, the navy covered it up. Probably to save some two bits trumped up idiot admiral with too much of the “right” blood in him.

Right about now would be a great time to come clean @Sirdan xer Qosh. Kahah likely offset anything you might have cared to accomplish.


A month ago EoM could have purchased all eight of those dreads for less than they could get for a Revelation now.

Only good Amarr is a dead Amarr… EoM? Khanid? Sarum? Chakaid? Concord? Edencom? Lets not dwell too long, they all come from the same pit! the sooner New Eden unites against the Amarr in all its subhuman forms the better.