Mikramurka Smuggling B*tches Hunting Party

Greetings Summit,

You may have seen the news about the Krullefor Organization being tied to, at the very least, the disappearance of the ‘Sundsele Six’. If the news is interpreted on its face, then we can also note that Krullefor is operating from Mikramurka.

You might also know that hunting is a way of life for many of us here in Mikramurka.

In particular, Ramijanawa (my town) is bounded to the north and south by mountains, which are excellent for hiding in. (We should know.) Therefore, it is plausible that the bogeys we’ve been wanting have been living among us this whole time.

My clan has already sent out hunting parties. We have also reached out to our immediate neighbors, and will continue to make contact until we’ve contacted every clan we can reach. And we will hunt until we find Krullefor’s hideaway, or the Sundsele Six, or any evidence pointing to either, or until we can determine conclusively that there is no active operation on our continent.

We are patrolling our portion of the Snow-eater Road, and the trustee lands that we hold are also under surveillance.

If you want to help, then you can send supplies for extended hunts such as warm blankets and MREs, or you can send funds. Don’t try to land physically. We will shoot you.

To Krullefor and anyone helping them: If you are here, we will find you. We have been ■■■■■■■ waiting for this break. It’s too late to run. If you are in Mikramurka, we will find you.

Good luck, bitches.

Melisma Ramijozana
Cadet Chief, Clan Ramijozana


I am not in a position to commit clan forces, but I will just point out to anyone whom it might concern that hikes and hunting trips are entirely trad for Marked youth as self-organized trials and pastimes…


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Yeah, good luck with that, can’t see the clans of the back paths and valley forests co-operating with a collaborator clan.





Peeps be saying this, but they never have a shred of evidence to show when it comes down to it.

Meanwhile, we’re coming for your ass. Better tell your little friends they’ve overstayed their thin welcome.

I have been given a formal declaration from my Clan Chief regarding the evolving situation, which I will post promptly, but the relevant section this:

With that in mind, please be aware that the Clans of Matmoro are willing and ready to assist, and communications are being opened to support any needed coordination.

Says the gal who sold a key witness in attacks on Rens, Atgur and Mikramurka to the Amarr. I’d shut up about collaboration if I were you.



So hey just so this isn’t lost in the sauce. News reports only revealed that Krullefor was involved in the Sundsele Six situation. Never directly implicated the Seykal Clan in the attack, even though we know that the two organisations were collaborating in the Heath.

Now, yeah, sure, it doesn’t take someone with 200 IQ to reasonably assume that the Seykal were somehow involved in this ■■■■-show as well but I’d say @Sesli_Ashok being present in the conversation more or less confirms that. So that’s neat.

Don’t really have a point in this, just making sure that’s formally on the record.

Fun Activity Time:

Point to the place in this thread where anyone mentioned Seykal before Sesli herself showed her face.

I’ll wait.

You’re doing a great job of winning points with me, btw.

Matar Planetary Security and its partners in local agencies, the Eyniletti Rangers, Mikramurka Shock Troop and the RSS have this matter well in hand. An investigation has been opened into the continual flow of leaks, rumor and outright false claims emanating from sources within the RJD.

We will not tolerate interference by outside parties, or by non-sanctioned local forces, and we cannot guarantee the safety of those who interpose themselves into this investigation contrary to and in defiance of this warning.

Kril Efrit,
Matar Planetary Security

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You’re a bit of a dim one, ain’t ya? This thread was linked to me by you in a reply to me, after I’d been pinged by that old boot of a lemon licker by name in the original thread.

Is this really all you’ve got? And you think your clan of water hoarders and food profiteers is gonna track down old Papa Krullefor’s finest in the Mikramurka? Don’t make me laugh.



Would you please, for the sake of the integrity of the investigation and in the interest of truth, point out the false claims that have been made?

Cain of Clan Aloga


Oh, you mean as well in hand as you handled getting the Sundsele Six to Sebiestor custody safely?

Like we have any trust in you at this point.

Oh, forgive me. I didn’t know you and your very competent teams were intimately familiar with the local terrain and could search the steppes as well as the mountainous areas with the same thoroughness and efficiency that we can.

Nor had I realized that you had reached out to my clan chief and asked for permission or provided a warrant to search clan lands—oh wait, you haven’t, have you?

Instead of making threats, maybe you should reach out to us locals and ask us for help, because I guarantee that you can’t find the hidden pass into the Yama trust lands, or get through the interlocking cave systems in the southern mountains. But with the amount of time that they’ve had, Krullefor could have.

My clan is under orders not to aggress your forces, but they will continue to search.

I warned my people months ago that your “planetary security” division would be dangerous if you decided not to cooperate with local security forces already in place.

Thanks for proving me right.


While I am glad to hear Mikramurka forces are involved in the proceedings now, this sounds extremely like your organization is trying to shut down the RJD inquiry into Sundsele Six. Such maneuvering between government agencies is very worrying, and not at all helpful in trying to defuse the rising tensions and suspicions.

Don’t you start calling local clans a “non-sanctioned local force”, Kril Efrit of the Krusual Tribe. Nothing good will come out of that.





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Kril Efrit of the Krusual Tribe;

This is an internal Sebiestor matter. The Tribal Council reaffirmed this. And so, with all due respect for the stellar work Matar Planetary Security has done on keeping Matar secure and only allowing an invisible fleet of Blooders to magically fire missiles from orbit without a single bit of telemetry or return fire from even one MPS defense battery, I must ask that you keep your incompetent rear the hell out of this.

You are the non-sanctioned, outside party, by the jurisdictional decision rendered by the Tribal Council. Now butt out. We cannot guarantee the safety of those who interfere with the business of the Sebiestor Tribe, and you clearly can’t protect anyone from random bits of whatever thermally-shielded objects happen to fall into—and then out of—the sky.

Kissies and snuggles,
Stjörnauga Security Services


This hunting party is still in progress, for anyone who is wondering.

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