"Sundsele Six" Missing - A call for Support and Justice

The attack on the Convoy today that lead to the disappearance of the now known “Sundsele Six” is a clear attempt to disrupt the proper delivery of justice by the Six’s co-conspirators, is an egregious attack on the sovereignty of the Sebiestor Tribe, and an attack on the Republic as a whole. I have the full confidence in the Republic Security Forces and the Matar Planetary Security assisting the Sebiestor own Security forces to track down these terrorists, and bring them and the ^ to Justice.

With that said, while I have no formal position among Clan Aloga, I have petitioned my Clan chief, and by extension, the Brutor Tribe to support the Sebiestor Tribe and the respective forces as they carry out these investigations. I call upon other Minmatar, of any tribe to so the same. Let us show those that would do us harm that we stand united, and that we stand strong.


Swing and a miss.

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A formal Investigation was made and they were found to be top suspects, on their way to receive trail. Your lack of respect of for the institutions of the Republic is disheartening.

*Edited for accuracy.

A deeply suspect investigation both carried out and influenced heavily by the very people who likely carried out this attack.

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No, they weren’t. A formal investigation was made and these six had not yet stood trial. That means they were not found to be responsible yet. They were suspected of being involved. We don’t even know what the actual charges leveled against them were! Is that what passes for justice in your Clan? Accuse someone and poof, it’s all settled?

Don’t be dumb.

Sure sounds like certain Sebiestors recent MO.

I have edited my comment to be more accurate, however the spirit of the comment remains the same. The fact remains that all we know is that they have been identified as had been turned over to the Sebiestor for their formal trails. There is nothing to substantiate these tinfoil conspiracies.

Under what basis? The attacks could have been carried out by any one. It could have been the Blood Raiders or it could have been rogue elements in the Sebiestor security services. I say we trust in the institutions of the Republic, support them in their efforts and IF it is found that indeed there is Kruusal involvment, then proper action be taken through the Tribal Council. Every one keeps screaming ‘Innocent until proven guilty’, well i suggest you follow your own advice.

You mean like this one?

Because that’s some damned impressive tinfoiling, right there.

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First rule of any decent conspiracy; kill all your co-conspirators.

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I thought that was the second rule, right after ‘kill the witnesses’.


It seems like maybe an actual one is, “Make sure everybody involved goes down if the conspiracy goes down.” It kind of makes it all a mutual blackmail society, but it keeps people loyal. So, like, as an extreme example, the Blood Raiders are basically open to anyone who proves themselves capable of committing atrocities. They make victims of those who don’t, so those who aren’t found “worthy” wind up getting bled, and those who are can never go back.

Pretty effective way to build a loyal band of mutually-horrible people even if a lot of them wouldn’t have joined, given the choice.

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That it is. Ah well. More bounties for us. (Yes, I’m being intentionally flippant there, but I really can’t think of a better response to the Blooders than to belittle and disrespect them. Giving them anything else just encourages them.)

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Actually, it’s your societies who do their best to stop them from going back. Your wonderful world of group responsibility, in which even the most reasonable people go berserk once they see the familiar label stuck on someone’s forehead, makes it so and will make it so. It is tailored as is from the ground up: family, clan and tribe allegiance that comes with the reputation of a group, with a Voluval mark on top of it in the Republic; Corp citizenship coupled with a life that’s an one never-ending test or job interview with your score posted for everyone to see in the State; An Amarrian quasifeudal nightmare that manages to combine the worst of Minmatar and Caldari crap at the bottom levels and then tops it up with an intrigue coated in multiple layers of deceit and poison. And so on.

You all have made your beds, different, but all the same. Now go sleep in them until the Eve Gate explodes.

QQ more.




Thank you!

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Concerns such as these, founded or not, that could be easily alleviated by the inclusion of a neutral party. This is not to say that Icarus could have done better, but…

… We certainly could not have done worse.

You’re foreign. By definition, your involvement would have been suspect, and ‘worse’.