Sundsele survivors

On my own and my clan’s behalf we extend thanks to Electus Matari’s Captain Ophelia Mayfair, who with her task force over the recent days has cleared Heimatar of Blood Raider forward operating bases and in the process recovered some survivors of raids, including some from the Sundsele region.

We co-operate fully with tribal authorities regarding any information these people might have but reserve the right to limit the access to unmarked youth under recovery from extremely traumatizing events.

Survivors of other clans / peoples will be provided for and assisted in contacting their own.

Elsebeth Shaninn
Of Rhiannon, born Rhiannon
Sebiestor Tribe


If I can be of any assistance to any Intaki survivors found, please let me know. I’ve been meaning to make a trip back to Placid at some point anyway.


I would like to extend my personal congratulations as well as those of Federal District of Nadire to Captain Mayfair’s valiant effort to rid the Heimatar region of Covenant forces. If there are any survivors with Federal citizenship and they are physically and mentally able and willing to return back to their member state or territory of origin, NadSec will be available to facilitate special transportation should our assistance be called upon.


To clarify to the public after inquiries:

Neither my clan nor my refugee facilities hold free people against their will. Both summons for witnesses to Planetary Defense and Sebiestor Tribe Marshals have been disseminated to the Sundsele Deathglow victims EM recovered, to do with as they choose (or not). It is not mine to decide who adults of other clans, let alone foreigners, talk to, or not. Some of the individuals are still hospitalized.

The Rhiannon members recovered will speak to the Sebiestor tribe representatives, who the clan considers the jurisdiction holder in the ongoing investigation. Clan security will monitor all exchanges to ensure both physical safety and spiritual well-being of the unmarked youth.


With Respect Elsebeth, the MPS’s jurisdiction on this matter supersedes that of the Sebiestor tribe. Jurisdiction was handed over when the Sanmatar appointed Kumatar Berialsh, giving him "overall authority and accountability for all matters pertaining to the defense of Matar’s surface, atmosphere and orbital zone".

By all means, take measures to safegaurd the well being of those affected, but it to the Matar Planetary Security representatives that they should be speaking to, not the Sebiestor. You posted a well written letter to Commander Efrit, which can be summerized as your willingness to work with the authroties. I urge you to follow through.

Chief Acassa Midular’s request to Tribal Council to hand over the custody of the witnesses known as “Sundsele Six” was granted, at which point also jurisdiction in the case was confirmed by said Council.

So go away, collaborator. This is none of your business.



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