SARO investigation at Mikramurka?


As a member of the Rhiannon clan, of Sundsele, Mikramurka, and of the Sebiestor tribe, I would very much like either SARO or the tribe itself to release further information on the nature of the investigation ongoing on our lands, and on the proceedings that have led to yet another outsider meddling in tribal matters.

The Amo riots were barely pacified by the Tribal Council’s swift action on the boundary violations of tribal jurisdiction, the return of illegally detained individuals to the custody of kin courts, and by removal of the individuals whose responsibility of preventing such violations would have been to niches more suitable for their capabilities. This was a much needed and generally well-received step in the pacification of the matter and did well to hold back the escalating inter-tribal tensions.

There is no doubt that where Deathglow falls from the skies and criminal organizations known for utilizing semi-legal warclones have been involved in the murders of key witnesses, SARO expertise might have a place and a joint investigation might be called-for. Assistance could be welcome if properly offered.

However, jurisdiction is still a thing. As neither the key circles responsible for the security in the main cities nor kin of the Deathglow attack and Sundsele Six victims, have been properly consulted about this involvement, it is difficult to see it as anything else but a new attempt to interfere with and impede the tribal investigations into the “Sundsele Six” case. Such impressions will not help SARO in conducting their investigation - whatever it is about.

We do not need foreign agents overstepping boundaries and meddling in tribal matters, especially as both tribal and international communities are still reeling from the Triglavian situation and co-operation in occupied systems hangs from a very thing thread.

It is entirely possible to deal with criminal elements without continuous provocations of this nature. Mikramurka Coast is tribal heartlands. While it has its highs and lows, it is not a warzone, not a crime haven. Most of it is not a particularly international place; there is usually very little strife of that nature; no more than anywhere between mostly amicable rivals of the same tribe. People will generally co-operate with their legal tribal authorities and seek resolution with others.


Incredibly convenient that now suddenly clan Rhiannon is concerned about SARO involvement on Republic soil against RJD mandate when we’ve been screaming about this since Kril Efrit manipulated facts to push for the deployment of SARO Red Troop on Skarkon.

Hmmm what was that which got us on the receiving end of that again?.. Oh yeah, digging into the RSS’s business and involvement with the Sundsele Six case and Molden Heath. It shouldn’t be forgotten either that the RJD order blocking SARO access to Republic soil came at the same time as their investigation into the Molden Heath case. Very lucky for both SARO and the RSS that Skarkon fell and ended that whole debate I guess.

Very very funny, that.

It is only “funny” in the way you mean to outsiders to whom “jurisdiction is still a thing” is too difficult a sentence.


So, serious question here: could you be stupider?

On the one hand we have SARO forces coming in when the legitimate government of the system asked for assistance against Capsuleer/Warclone forces. Capsuleers/Warclones are, after all, specifically part of SARO and CONCORD’s remit. On the other, we have SARO ‘investigators’ coming in where the local government—both the Rhiannon Clan and the Sebiestor Tribe—have disputed their jurisdiction. That comes in what may1 well be a suborbital strike launched by baseliners against baseliners, involving absolutely no orbital infrastructure at all. Which puts it squarely in the jurisdiction of the planetary and local authorities, and not CONCORD.

And you’re trying to draw an equivalence between them. So again, I ask: could you be stupider?

1. How else to explain the ‘Blood Raider fleet’ that never actually showed up in the system, or in orbit, at any time during the attack?


Honored, but must correct: Rhiannon holds seats in most of the Sundsele notable Circles of co-operation, either directly or via allies (such as Sarinde being one of the main forces in the Sundsele Circle of Chiefs for Security), but we hardly are “local government” even for Sundsele let alone the coast.

Neither is anyone else, alone, of course.

Fair enough… ‘local citizens of some standing’, then.

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Fine, be that way, keep coping. Little of my concern now, enjoy your tribal squabbling over jurisdiction. It seems to be what you’re all best at rather than, y’know, doing anything of consequence.

Galm. As your friend I will say this here and now, shut it. Being hopelessly antagonistic does not suit you. Leave that for the likes of the Strike Commander.



  1. It suites me well, I’m quite good at it.

  2. Don’t undermine my gloating and let me have this.

I don’t plan on engaging past this point anyway, I know what’s coming; more birds cawwing “outsider” and squawking over ■■■■■■■■ tribal law code rather than anything founded in reality. No thanks, I’ve suffered enough of that.

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Tribal Law Code is the law code used within a majority of The Republic, Galm.

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And we see where it got Skarkon or how robust its held in the face of fascists at the heart of the Tribal Council.

I don’t know how you consider this something to ‘gloat’ over. It’s not like you’re actually benefiting at all from the Sebiestor Tribe and SARO having a disagreement. If anything, it just solidifies the fact that you and your little band of murderhobos were never in it for anyone but yourselves, and Efrit was right to call you out on your crap.

Ohhhhh bad look. Very very bad look to reference Kril Efrit being in the right in the same thread detailing SARO meddling in the Mikramurka case. You know the one that we published a detailed report establishing probable cause for Kril Efrits responsibility in months ago? The one you ignored and decried because we were meddling outsiders?

Predictable to a fault in your stubbornness, you lot.

You know, the Kril Efrit who isn’t SARO, and is no longer involved in anything dealing with the investigation in question?

Honestly, every time I think the answer to my earlier question is ‘maybe not’, you have to respond with ‘you think that was stupid? Hold muh Quafe.’

Galm. Shut up, before I head over there and make you forcibly reclone. Repeatedly.

The same Kril Efrit who was a core member of the Sanmatar’s Circle for Cooperation, who against Republic Justice Department mandate negotiated for SARO involvement effectively to cover up the conspiracy on Skarkon by eliminating the warclones investigating them.

The Sanmatar Circle for Cooperation who has attempted to worm their way into this case one way or another since its inception, who had established they are willing to leverage SARO to extrajudiciously carry out their goals in a way I don’t entirely understand. Likely through the Sanmatar himself and his personal sway on cluster politics.

Don’t dare call me stupid because you completely fail to see whats going on here.

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that’s it you ■■■■. Expect me to be there within the hour. we’re going to have a very long chat about etiquette. And then, when I’m done I’m handing you back off to your wife. ■■■■■■■ saint she is for putting up with you.

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I’m not calling you stupid for ‘being able to see what’s going on’. Everyone can see the various machinations. I’m calling you stupid for thinking that sticking your nose into it is in any way justified or achieves anything other than discrediting your organization.

And now I’m also calling you stupid for not understanding that, despite me explaining it to you already up above where I said ‘If anything, it just solidifies the fact that you and your little band of murderhobos were never in it for anyone but yourselves, and Efrit was right to call you out on your crap.’

But I’m pretty sure that, even having it spelled out again, you still won’t understand it, because I used words with more than one syllable. So lemme try it one more time:

Galm, you are dumb. You don’t shut up when you should, and you make your group look worse each time. When you talk, you just make us all want to shoot you more. Your friends want to, too. Shut up.

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Shoot him? No. That’s too easy an out.

I needed a single-syllable word that conveyed more than ‘beat’ or ‘punch’ or ‘kick’.