SARO investigation at Mikramurka?


Do you? Because the way you responded to all my previous comments seemed to imply you didn’t and now you’re just trying to damage control and save face by personally attacking me now that you’ve stuck your foot in your mouth.

That or you’ve understood what we’ve been seeing this whole time and are just mad for me, an outsider, saying the quiet part to all this out loud. In which case you’ve watched the Republic slander and attack my people while knowing this whole time we were right, and let those responsible for this conspiracy continue unchallenge. And boy oh boy if thats the case don’t you dare ■■■■■■■ say we’re the ones that only did this for our own self interests when we destroyed our relation with the international community and risked a purge to fix up the mess your own people are too damn afraid to do yourselves.

All of you have moaned about how this is an internal matter that should be handled by the Republic in accordance with Tribal law and tradition without outsiders. Then ■■■■■■■ handle it. Because whatever you’ve been doing so far hasn’t been working to address whats happening in the Republic.

No, the way I responded to all your previous comments is actively stating that whatever political maneuverings are going on here, legitimate legal authorities telling SARO to sit and spin because they’re out of their jurisdiction is one thing. Meanwhile, a bunch of moronic murderhoboes1 who’ve been told to get out by those same authorities whinging about a law enforcement division that actually has jurisdiction over their activities coming to enforce the legal authority’s directive is a very different thing, and not at all applicable.

Because you were not, at any point, the legal authorities, and you had not even the tiniest leg to stand on when it comes to telling SARO to fark right the hell off. Unlike, say, the Sebiestor Tribe.

But please! Keep making yourself look dumber with every idiotic post. Also?

Go on and keep making yourself look like you don’t actually do what you’ve said you’d do, diplomat. For someone who claims to be ‘quite good’ at what you’re doing, you’re really, really bad at pretty much everything you’ve been putting your hand to lately.

1. While appropriate, I’m probably overusing this at this point. I’m going to have to come up with another term for your bumbling band of bloodthirsty buffoons… hmmm…


This is ironic from somebody who now bends the knee to the Triglavians and their lapdogs.
Your paranoid projection is sad. The fact that you see Efrit in every dark corner and feel the need to bark about him at every opportunity only looks good for him.


Speaking as someone without a dog in the fight, and who even sympathizes with the warclones on Skarkon having to make distasteful choices in the face of distasteful circumstances -
Chill out, @Galm_Eskola-Fae.
@Lauralite_Anne_Brezia is right to insist you disengage.
I don’t know what personal stake you have in the matter (again, no dog in this fight) but it’s affecting your judgment.


And now my inquiry on matters in Mikramurka to my tribe and SARO that I took care to word in a frank but polite manner is buried in an angry avalanche of accusations by a trig-loving warclone from Skarkon.

And he is also mad he’s called a meddling outsider.

The irony.


I’m sorry, I should have moved it to off-topic as soon as he replied the second time. I’ll try to be better about that in the future.

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SARO is getting involved in Mikramurka ?

Why ? What connection does it have to anything that they’re concerned with ?

Also, who brought them in ? Who invited them ? Who said “Sure, go ahead and land in Mikramurka” ?

Why are they there ? What do they hope to find out ? On whose authority are they there ? When will they be leaving ?

These are questions that must be answered.


They’re probably there based on ‘Blood Raider Deathglow attack’ and their conviction that that makes the crime scene, as it were, under their jurisdiction.

Honestly this is like a ‘national sport’ if you will, for all the tribes. A gathering of any kind isn’t complete without some good squabbling.


So foreigners are trespassing on tribal lands? Is there any particular reason why we are not responding to this action the same way we respond to other invaders?

They’re probably not shooting or enslaving anyone ?

Has the accuracy of that statement been determined by a thorrough investigation?

To my knowledge there’s not been actual unrest between the SARO team and the locals on the coast; the question is that of jurisdiction and the prior extremely bad experiences in the Sundsele Six case of non-tribal people trying to interfere with local justice.

Word from local governing Circle meeting rooms is that SARO actually might have a jurisdiction claim, considering there, well, has been people other than Sebiestor involved in the case and its aftermath, and some of those people (Blooders, rogue warclones) might fall under SARO’s responsibility.

They just approached the issue remarkably terribly, not having any civilized sense of how to move around in a territory and with Circles that are decidedly not yours, and thus not stating the claim but rather just butting in like a bunch of Mary.

Mind you, just second-hand hearsay, I am not on the planet.

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It may be prudent to forgive them and allow them to go about their work, then.

You will excuse the frivolity, but that was simply too funny to pass.

My apologies, I did not realize the Intergalactic Summit was made for only for the Minmatar public.

Bravo watches silently, but with an amused grin and a bucket of popcorn.

And there goes the point, missing Lord Newelle’s head by several meters.

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See, that’s where I would’ve accepted his apology and told him not to do it again. :wink: