Challenge accepted CCP

So CCP do you think you can troll me giving me a 2b ISK for a Marshal I would never fly.

Jokes ON YOU!!! I gonna grind, I gonna buy a Marshal and I gonna fly it with my new SKIN.

It will take a while, but it will happen and it’ll be GLORIOUS.


Don’t forget to post the km and it had better not be ■■■■ fit.


Nm, just saw your Tengu, that Marshal is going to be ■■■■ fit.

It will be my pleasure to sell you that Marshal.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Ok, I’ll talk to you as soon as I have 7b.

@Aisha_Katalen why such elitism? Ofc it’s gonna be a ■■■■ fit. Why would I do it otherwise?

The funny part of that tengu, it’s I did not even checked the fit, and I warped into my own mission pocket and forgot the landing zone was near the acceleration gate.

To be very honest, I was glad I lost it, I never used it and it was making me angry to look at it, it was a DED project, but I also found DED to be garbage so things ended for the best.

As you can see it’s my only Tengu, good riddance.


I just need the funds now.

And stop being an elitist @Aisha_Katalen.


So you didn’t want it anyway.

It’s not elitism, that would be “lol you didn’t even use A-types”. It’s “do you even know what you’re doing”.

/me spams duel request aggressively


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Ah I see, the fit was ■■■■ and I don’t know what I’m doing.

I’m not taking that away from you, it’s the way you put it like I’m not allowed to do it.

My only regrets is I’m not becoming a legend in I’m #2 and the #1 is too far away… sadge.

Losing this Marshal is going to be my thing. I hope I manage to undock it first.

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Recruit Friends, Get Rewards!

The message I read is that if we were to invite many new pilots to Omega then we shall receive the Marshal Blue Print and then the est cost to make is around 1billion

Then this is from the email I receivedFri, Jun 24, 12:38 PM (2 days ago);

As the Professor of EVE demonstrates

Video from CCP youtube . com/c/eveonline

No worries, the time to train all the skills will be the time to get the ISK.

Jokes on you CCP, I’m not recruiting no one!

Without doing too much research on it the Blueprint alone will contract sell for 6+

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