20M SP starting char!Scanning Astero,Purifier,Jackdaw and Tengu!


Especially the starting char,can fly Scanning Astero,Purifier,Jackdaw and Tengu

Unallocated SP 179,561
Yearly Remap 1
Bonus Remaps 2
Security Status -0.12
Pilot is in NPC corporation, High sec,positive wallet,

Starting Bid : 20 Bil

All CCP rules apply.


I accept your bid.
Send the isk and account information please.

spam accounts

need to revide bids,now


It’s finally a normal bid I think, am I right?
Although you changed it once

You see nothing about standings because It is nothing!

just clean!

Here it is

I can do 20b , its has no standings for lvl4 missions

Sorry for late, life trivia

If you bid 21, I will accept it right away. a long day for me.

Ill sent isk and account name this eveving when im back from work


The troll did not pay



Are you willing to come down to 19B?

Actually, I’ll take it at 20B. Please get in touch so we can sort out an exchange.

yes, I will take that bid, send your ISK and account ,please

Awesome. I’ll send the ISK as soon as I have the opportunity to do so today.

sent :wink: