Keep clean the place where do you live!

(Luna Hanaya) #1

Oh, Dear Lord!!

What have you all turned IGS into? The threads are full of bickering, trolling and unrelated to the topic discussions. I make a call to all the people, who write comments in discussion threads to look at what you are writing. These forums were made for people of hostile, fighting factions could discuss problems here without jumping at each throat like you do in space. But you, you jump at throats at people who you don’t even fight with, and over what? Over some insignificant issues or words.

There is a rule of thumb in discussions: once you start discussing a person, who posted the topic (if they didn’t post about themselves), or any other participant of the discussion (who weren’t talking about themselves) as a way of replying to them, then you have lost the argument. And as I see in threeds, I can start pointing fingers, “You lost it”, “You lost it”, “You lost it”… Everyone lost. Then why do you continue?

I understand, that I cannot ask trolls (as people who join the discussions not to discuss a problem, but rather get reactions out of participants) to stop trolling (baiting people for the reaction), because it’s the same as telling a slaver hound to stop howling at the moons. I will address people who talk with them. There is a good saying, “It takes two to tango”. If you are replying to trolls, or as they say, if you “feed” them (give them the reaction, they so much wanted), you equally participate in clogging of threads.

How do you determine, where should you reply, and where you shouldn’t? It is very simple, you should reply only if the comment contains a constructive content, and you shouldn’t reply if it is only baiting, if it is just personal attacks or a content without meaning. Because, as I said, if they start personal attacks, they have already lost and there is no reason to continue discussion with them.

Lets take one example to visualize it (from the discussion EVE-0nline; Heavenly Plots):

This is a message that has no other content than 100% baiting (or trolling). You see such sort of reply, and you should already take a mental note, “A-ha, this person comes not for discussion, this person comes for something else.” And when you see that, you do not reply to that.

In the linked discussion above you can see what happens when you do reply to that. The person, whom this attack was targeted to, has returned to the discussion and started proving than it was false, when it clearly wasn’t required. Moreover, she did it in extremely angry manner. In other words, she gave a reaction to the baiter - exactly what the trolls need. What happens next is easy to predict, the conversation gets derailed, and more trolls pounce on Diana, because she turns out to be an easy target, who gives them reaction.

Don’t give them reactions. Don’t reply on comments without content.

This is a place where you come to discuss things, and not to insult each other. You read topics here, you write topics, you write comments, then help keep this place clean and pleasant. Be polite even with enemies and whom you kill out there, in the space, and you will see, that they too can be polite to you.

And if you feel an irresistible urge to insult, defame or slander anyone, in the name of all the Saints, please use the Local chat for that instead!

The art of criticizing
(Halcyon Ember) #2

Hi, could you let me know how much Diana paid you to post this? I’m curious what the current rate is for such activities.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #3

Sockpuppets are bad hmkay?

(Halcyon Ember) #4

This is clearly a state approved sock puppet. You are trolling by not supporting her. Also a pirate and a liar.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #5

Hmm. There’s a metastasized cancer joke in here somewhere. I can’t be arsed to look for it.

(Valerie Valate) #6


(Che Biko) #7

Apart from the trolling :stuck_out_tongue:, I approve of this message. And people, I really think if you used the report function as much as responding to posts which are report-able, and not responded to them, then this would be a cleaner place.

Also, it takes 4 to Tengu.

(Kalaratiri) #8

Low effort.

(Arrendis) #9

Did you read the old one? At all? The only difference is we’re missing Ayallah reposting whatever the latest news post is and then insisting she’s right about everything.

(Aria Jenneth) #10

Well-- we are missing some people, though. It’s not just Ms. Ayallah. The tone here’s somehow a little different, too, more … personally vindictive? It’s subtle but it’s definitely there.

It basically just feels like the proportion of people posting really interesting, thoughtful stuff has gone down. I think it might be partly the medium; this format doesn’t really make me want to write essays. This is more “chatty,” maybe? But it’s lost some of what I really liked about the old forum. Not that that necessarily stops everyone (or even me), but … it’s a little more like a chat channel, and a little less a setting for carefully constructed, semi-formal essay-and-response.

And it’s maybe a little harder to “shiptoast” an essay.

I don’t think Ms. Hanaya’s probably the best messenger for this, though.

(Arrendis) #11

Oh, there’s definitely people who aren’t here… but they made it pretty clear early on that the format, not the content, was their issue. :woman_shrugging:

As a result, we’ve got what we’ve got, and the content from the people here is much the same as the content was. I admit, I haven’t dropped any major walls of text on this one, but largely, I feel like that’s because the only people who’ve been wall-of-text level boneheads about things are well, NapKims.

(Aria Jenneth) #12

Maybe. The format isn’t a change without implications, though.

Really the main impression I get from this place right now is of depression. I feel like I should start up a thread that only allows argument in verse or something; leaven the tone a little.

(Arrendis) #13

Oooooooh, do that!

(Ria Nieyli) #14

The format is definitely a big part. I used to haunt the place, but after the change, I only come here when the quality posting in helldump gets slow. If I remember that this place exists.

(Arrendis) #15

. . . WHAT quality posting in Helldump?

(Ria Nieyli) #16

There is a reason I got into Amokdotte, after all.

(Arrendis) #17


(Ria Nieyli) #18

Yes, something like that. I’m good, though, I promise.

(Yarosara Ruil) #19

IGS has been so dull in the last few years. Wish you guys stopped being so uptight and went out there to spread more chaos.

((Also, meta-gaming is bad guys. Hate DK all you want but grow up. Hate the character, not the player.))

(Mizhara Del'thul) #20

(( Sock puppetry is meta-gaming ))