The Savagery of Gallenteans, or shall a government be afraid of people?

As it has been said here by @Julianus_Soter

And let us imagine what a society like that would look like. But first, let’s review our ideals.

Speaking first and foremost as a military person, during my training as a future commissioned officer, I have heard a multiple example of what a good officer should look like, and what bad officer looks like. How you distinguish a good soldier from a bad one. There is one thing that we all should have learned. The thing that even greatest of warlord pre-dating Raata knew: if you treat your soldiers as your children, they will never abandon you.

It is a sort of a mutual relation, a mutual contract, where a good commander treats soldiers like children, and good soldiers treat their commander as their parent. And good children in real family should treat their parents with respect and obey them: you have to love them before you die. You can, of course respect your parents after death, build a shrine to them and worship them… and that’s what many of us do. But dead can’t appreciate your love as much as those who are alive. Parents shall love their children, and children shall love their parents and obey them. That’s how a healthy family works.

And the healthy Corporation behaves in the same way. In the State you don’t only “work” in the Corporation, you live in it, like you live in your family. You have a CEO, who is like your Father, you have a Secretary who is like your Mother. In a good corporation relations are built on a mutual respect.

Same principles apply to governments and Megacorporations (which are like governments here in the State). Whenever you want to be a merited Leader, Warlord, King, Tyrant, Commander or President you shall treat your subordinates like your children. And if you want to be a merited subordinate, you shall treat your leader as your parent.

Unfortunately, in Gallente Federation the values of family are perverted and forgotten. They can procreate without marriage like swine in a barn. They allow children to insult parents and teachers.

But should children be afraid of their parents? I think everyone will answer “No”. Of course, parents should beat their children if they misbehave, but if children afraid of parents, you can say it is abusive family. Nor soldiers should be afraid of commanders, nor citizens of their government… I think with this part of Soter’s claim I could agree, but only… partly.

There are different kind of children and there are different kind of citizens. Take for example… gurista. Criminals. Robbers. Murderers. And they MUST be afraid of government. If you follow the rule of Law, there should be nothing you should be afraid of, but if you will want to step over it… you shall be afraid. If you break the law, the government shall punish you. Enslave, like Amarr or imprison like us. If children misbehave, they shall be beaten. That’s how family works, that’s how proper government works…

But with gallente perverted ideals of freedom, they say, you shall not afraid of government, you shall do whatever you want. Murder, rape, steal - you shall not be afraid of your government. Disgusting.

Lets return now to the second part. What will it look like living in a society where government is afraid of people? Is this a state, where mobsters can rush government buildings? Is it like a scenario happened in the Republic, where multiple officials were just killed and those guilty in that weren’t trialed?

And, of course, we can descend it down to the lowest cell of the society - the family. While some parents can be strict and children can be afraid of them, yes, it could be unhealthy, but it is still somewhat an o-kay. But when parents are afraid of children?!

Just imagine it, an angry teenager with a spiked club threatening his aging mother, “You will do as I say!” And he doesn’t even have a father, because she just slept with a random guy in just another drunken gallentean party.

Is this ideal of a proper gallentean family? Is it an ideal, where parents are afraid of children, officers of soldiers, CEOs of workers and governments of people?.. Is this YOUR ideal?!


Hmm…a rabid disavowed quasi-Provist barking about savagery and a perversion of Federation ideals? How quaint.


A gallente instead of pointing on any possible mistake basically comes in to spread slanders about author. How quaint.

But thanks for proving my point of gallente savagery. I guess there’s simply nothing in my words that gallente barkers could disprove, that’s why they come with lies against me instead.

Are you saying that governments are not composed of same, flawed sort of people?

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Indeed Diana darling, Gallidoodle society suffers from the cancer of too much choice. The transaction costs of making an informed decision about the color of the next nipple light implant reach a point where you just can’t decide and paralysis sets in.

However, their pernicious society does produce intriguing spacecraft.

What was that one model you were so fond of?

As with nearly everything, I’ve forgotten. I recall that it had a lovely, evocative shape - and stirred tea quite well, at least for the cups in which it fit.


A government isn’t a parent, it’s an administration put in place by people to settle disputes and enforce laws as the people deem necessary.

No, they are not. They just differ from yours.

We tend to mind our own business when it comes to what other people do in the bedroom.

No, we don’t.

No, but a government should be afraid of it’s people. The people made the government in the first place, so a healthy fear and respect for the citizens should always be in the back of a politician’s mind.

No. That’s not how that works. We don’t condone any of that. Which is why we have laws against it. Our society has a long list of things that we don’t want our citizens to do (rape, murder, theft, ect.) They are things that the people as a whole have agreed to outlaw, and we expect the government to enforce those laws.

The government is the child in the analogy. It’s something we made and are ultimately responsible for.


Oh please, like State is any more perfect. I love my home, but it’s corrupted just like everything and everyone.


Neither is a warlord, nor officer, nor CEO. And yet, mutual respect like from children to parent and from parent to children is what makes you a perfect leader, a merited one, one whom your subordinates will go through fire and ice. Who will be followed to the edges of the Universe and beyond.

After all, parents do settle disputes between children as well and enforce house rules.

Can’t argue with that. They clearly differ.

How comes then there is indecency shown almost on every Gallente media channel? How comes people show their skin in public? How comes Gallente have even so called - if I am not mistaken “procreational education”?.. To CHILDREN?!! In SCHOOLS?!! Teaching them how to do PERVERSIONS and saying them it’s OKAY?!

I don’t care what you do in bedrooms behind closed doors, but what gallenteans do in public, that’s just degeneracy and unacceptable!!

I never was myself in Gallente school, but I was in Caldari school and saw Gallente schools in multiple reels before the war. And everything I saw was truly disgusting. Gallente students were wearing all sort of different clothes. They were sitting behind their desks with legs in all directions, even putting foot on the space between desks where people walk instead of holding them under their chairs. They were talking to teacher without getting permissions. They were speaking even while teacher was speaking!! They were behaving vulgarly and offensively, throwing some stuff across the room. And I saw that over and over again. Loud, indisciplined - it looked like it’s gurista, not children!! And they weren’t even getting disciplinary punishment for that!

I even suspect NOBODY IS BEATING THEM FOR THAT sort of behavior in the Federation even in real schools!!

And lack of respect to elders I saw in Gallente reels back then… wasn’t as revolting as depiction of gallente schools, but still atmosphere of that was leaking.

Government is an institution that governs.
Leader is the one who leads.
How can you do your job if you’re AFRAID of those you govern and lead?

Yes, the people make government, but they should make that government from the most Wise and Merited people to lead them. The head must not be afraid of a toe, the wise shall not be afraid of a fool.

When you become a leader, you become ascended to a position of authority, it means you are already BETTER than those, who were left behind, it means you take responsibility for them, you’re wiser, you’re more noble, you’re more merited and more deserving of the position you take.

And a fear of those you govern shall never cloud your mind, so you can achieve greatness for those you lead. Because otherwise, you will be just like that mother with an angry teenager standing above you with a spiked club above your head. So, are you a True Leader, or a shivering from fear unmerited coward who by some chance climbed on throne that doesn’t belong to you?!

The gorvernment shall govern. It is a head, like a head of your family, or like a head of your body.

Yes, it is an institution, institution of a society, constructed by the same society. But this construct need to manage the rest of the society. You wouldn’t trust a rebelling teenager to decide what a family shall do, right? You trust that to the most wise family member, who deserves to lead it.

No, government can’t be a child. We are all children to the government, because the government shall be the most merited and wise to lead us, unite us and slap us hard if we fight between each other or break house rules… and love us how parents love their children, would they be good or bad.

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I am not talking about the State here, but corruption exists everywhere. You can’t destroy it once and forever, it grows like weeds in garden, and garden should be periodically weeded.
Tibus Heth made a good job at weeding our garden. Yes, now we can see again growing corruption levels.

Want to help weeding our gardens? Go ahead. Just expect being hated by those you weed like they hate Tibus Heth. Weeds hate those, who remove them from their warm unearned positions.

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Well, I have always found gardening rather relaxing…


What’s considered indecent is a matter of perspective. It’s not like we air outright pornography, so I don’t see the issue. Also, channels dedicated to children’s education and entertainment don’t show anything of the sort, muppet slapstick comedy is about as hard as it gets.

Cultural differences regarding indecency. Just because you don’t like it, doesn’t mean that it’s bad. We don’t even notice most of the time, stop making a big deal out of it and it will stop being a big deal.

Sexual education. Taught in schools to children around 13 years of age (You know, when that particular biological urge to procreate kicks in). We don’t teach kids “perversions”, we teach them the basic biology behind the changes their bodies are going through.

Don’t mistake propaganda holo-reels for normal classroom behavior. It’s not like that at all.

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Even in children slapstick comedy there are almost always themes of freedom or democracy or something like that, so children from early age will soak all gallente lies like sponges. But it was not about children channels, but general purpose.

I am not sure what pornography is, but what I saw there is just unacceptable. Talks about procreation like there’s nothing wrong in it. Encouragement of prohibited relations between people. And comedies for young people, I mean, high school or university range… even school! I had a feeling that gallente kids in school think not about their studies, but… about whom to SLEEP WITH?! Not even whom to date, not even whom to marry, but outright whom to sleep with… Touching each other, kissing like ADULTS, and not just like adults, but like married adults!!

And their reels for adults are not better at all! In normal societies you marry first someone then sleep with them. And gallente melodramas? Main “heroes” will sleep couple times with each other before actually marrying (maybe even with other people before that…). Is this freaking normal?! That’s just degeneracy! And that put that in the air!

Swines in a barn don’t wear clothes as well, and roll in the mud where they do their bodily functions. I don’t make a deal out of it, BECAUSE THEY STAY IN THEIR BARN! Stop broadcasting indecency outside Federation, and I won’t be making a big deal out of it. Deal?


That’s just SICK!!!

I have a feeling that all gallente reels are propaganda, considering how much their pseudo-heroes talk how freedom is good or democracy is good and other nonsence like that.

Yet what we watched back then clearly wasn’t looking like purposeful propaganda product, more like typical young people comedies - of course with obligatory in every gallente reel propaganda elements, since they again were talking about “freedom” like a desirable and good thing (I have a feeling there are just no gallente product without something like that) - and that was done by characters who were intended to be depicted as “good”, though what they were doing there was anything but good. And the effect of these “comedies” on young people is… degrading.

I have seen it myself. You know, we all were young, we all were rebels when we were teenagers. And, as it is said, prohibited fruits are sweet. Of course we managed to sneak in a gallente reel to watch! One my friend after that decided next day to come to lectures in a simple pullover, motivating it, “Gallente students do that, why I can’t?” You should have seen the following scene with the instructor…

I have to say, that it happened obviously before the war, when relations with gallente were way way way WAY warmer than they are now.

And here I was thinking the tube child program was to help build up a small population.

Apparently I was right, just not in the way I expected.

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It’s best to ignore Kim on many cultural matters.

These included.


Makoto Priano is a well-know slanderer. She lies and insults Caldari patriots at every opportunity, if you’d like to ignore someone, Priano is the best candidature for that.

Normally I would write up a post countering the points made here, but I think I can say that Monsieur Ixiris summarised quite succinctly the manner of which one should perceive these blatant and thinly-veiled attempts at causing strife on the forums a couple of years ago.


Your treason is now obvious - switched to lick gallente boots, as was expected from former Ishukonite, whom we all warmed up like a snake on a chest.
One wise mad said, if you can’t say anything on the topic, better don’t say anything. And what you come with? Bringing words of infamously obnoxious person Ixiris? A vivid gallentean with all their worst vices?

One who brings strife here is just you, Mr. Adams. It is sad looking how such a honorable officer can fall so low right face into mud. Here in the State we believe, that traitors are the worst of the people.

And you just prove that saying being true with your words.
Shame on you, Mantel. Shame.

Now, move out and let us discuss the problem with those more smarter and wiser than you. Since even between gallente, whose boots you lick, there are those who are capable of discussing problems like humans and not like… your ilk.

No. We teach them about puberty and what they can expect to go through in the next few years. We acknowledge the fact that starting around this age, normal human biology starts encouraging us to reproduce. We actually discourage children from attempting this.

No. I have no power over what gets broadcast anyway. Maybe the Megacorps could block those transmissions if they are so offensive to Caldari sensibilities.

Very adult entertainment. It normally involves tentacles in the Caldari produced iterations. I’m not so sure that you’re not actually familiar with it, but I digress.


You did so well in ignoring her last brainfart, why did you guys falter now…?


While telling them HOW it is done and that it is normal instead of telling them it is shameful?
You’re basically encouraging and perverting children… If you tell children how it is done and tell them not to do that, it’s guaranteed they would try, even if you beat them after that.

I am not going to put blame of every Federal atrocity or indecency on you, of course. I only claim they do that. And, really, asking us to put firewalls - what we often do already, is the same as saying, “Im gonna bash you with my sword, but you have a shield, so protect yourself with it!”
Aggressive bevahior remains aggressive behavior. Of course, we can protect ourselves, we can use shields, we can put firewalls, it doesn’t make Federation’s broadcasts of that stuff across their borders justified.

Honestly, I have nothing against tentacles. What I was speaking against was Gallente indecency.

And, overall, I believe our discussion goes a bit sideways and we’re discussing instead peripheral problems of Gallente society instead of tackling the main issue of this discussion - that government shall not be afraid of people. Just like people shall not be afraid of government.

I haven’t seen after my last reply your arguments against that issue now, should we consider we have agreement on that? Did I manage to convince you?