To end The War

… trawling? Doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it?


That’s a BIG net, I think, Miz.

Trolling is just towing a baited hook, slowly, behind a boat-- making it look like some foolish, tasty (to fish) creature swimming in the water, not too fast to catch. A “troll,” originally, then, is someone who’s fishing for attention.

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You’re probably right. Of the nautical persuasion, I am not. Well that’s a lie, I can sail and maneuver with any other amateur enthusiast, but of the fishing persuasion I am very much not.


Yes, i think I taught that to Miss Jenneth (the fishing definition). Interesting how terms can carry over into other settings!

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Don’t count on it.


You know, actually, while I’m here, let me lay down just a little bit of Intaki wisdom I’ve gained in my old age. Kim, here is some news you will neither like nor most likely accept:

You have already lost this war.

No, I don’t mean the State, the State Protectorate or the Caldari people. They’re doing just fine. I mean you, specifically, Diana Kim, have already lost this war, because the Gallente Federation lives in your head rent-free. They’re almost the only thing that you ever talk about.

How many times have you screamed on the IGS about how the Federation must be destroyed? How long have you been doing it for? It must be the better part of ten years, and it certainly feels that long. And how much effect has your yelling had on the Federation? Has it ever even come close to the brink of destruction? No. Not once. It survived having swathes of its northern low-security space taken away. It survived an all-out assault by Uriam Kador’s personal fleet. It survived the machinations of the Serpentis, the boiling hatred of Heth and the Provists, the cataclysm of the Seylinn Incident, the appearence of the Sleepers and the Drifters. Gods and spirits, it’s even survived Mentas Blaque and Jacus Roden.

What, ultimately, has all your yelling on the IGS achieved? You clearly haven’t convinced many people of the righteousness of your cause, otherwise you wouldn’t feel the need to constantly repeat yourself time and again. You’ve turned hatred of the Federation and anything even tangientally related to the Federation (such as, say, the Minmatar) into your only defining characteristic. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that you hate the Federation more than you love the State - that’s certainly the impression your behaviour gives off.

I admit it, Kim - I used to hate you just as much as you hate the Federation. You used to make my blood boil, and I desired nothing more than seeing you dead. But nowadays, I don’t hate you, because there’s not enough of you there to hate. You’re sort of empty, a one-note person, a flat character. Hating you contributed nothing to my life, accomplished none of my goals and only brought me sadness. I’m glad that I stopped. It was such a relief when I looked at myself and I realised that you have no ability to impact my life in any meaningful way. You can rage and scream at the Federation all you want and the Federation isn’t going to vanish. It’s not even going to notice.

I’m going to give a million to one odds that you won’t understand what I’m saying to you here. You’re going to dismiss me with a hail of insults, or else you’re not even have the courage to reply to my points at all. In ten minutes you’ll have forgotten every word I wrote. Then in a few days you’ll make another thread demanding the end of the Federation, and again you’ll be frustrated wondering why most people mock you and the Federation stubbornly refuses to collapse. You’ll feel a sense of powerlessness and frustration - the same way you always do when you make one of these threads - and you’ll wonder why you always feel this way. You’ll wonder why you’re stuck in a loop.

And I’ll take no pleasure in being proven right.

But I’ll still be right.


Never thought I’d see the day I’d agree with something Andreus Ixiris says, of all people. What happened to the – no offense – rather abrasive with-us-or-against-us Federation hardliner of… about 5-7 years ago, give or take?

I certainly don’t mean to say that this accumulated wisdom of yours isn’t a positive change, of course, just… surprising.


If I could like this a million times, I would. You hit the nail firmly on the head. Bravo.


People change, Sah.

Except, apparently, for Diana Kim.


Ba. Ha. Ha. Ha.

You clearly have no idea what you’re speaking about, little boy. What’s inside my head is far beyond your comprehension levels.

I am just opening people eyes and let them see at the events from the other side, without the farce of gallente propaganda that coats everything in its dreamy set of fight for “freeduhms” and “democrazies”.

I want people to start to think outside of federal myths.

I want people to start to see things clearly as they are without any subjective interpretations.

Dream on. :rofl:
I can’t open eyes of those, whose brain is dead, who considers themselves “right” invariantly.

But I’ll try for the rest.

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I feel dumber for having read this.


Shes not really wrong, Andreus isn’t a psychiatrist to my knowledge, so understanding whats going on in her abnormal mind isnt exactly likely (for a licensed therapist either id imagine). Though she seems to lose sight of the fact that causing people to wince from all the shouting defeats the purpose of “trying to open peoples eyes.”


Called it.


You cannot be wrong about Heth when you’re always Alternatively Right.


Please stop reminding me of our more particularly embarrassing politicians.


I repeat one more time:

I can’t open eyes of those, whose brain is so numb and stiff, that they consider themselves always right invariantly.

Please be “right” somewhere else.

Presented without further comment.


Well, indeed, I have just said that. But since you didn’t comment, but instead brought attention to this, I will.

It also perfectly describes those, who were caught on obvious slanders, were called for them, even challenged, and while being pointed at them multiple times, still can’t accept consequences.

You’re very good at describing yourself


Considering I haven’t described myself, I’d recommend asking your clone technicians why you have such vivid hallucinations. It’s not healthy and dangerous while piloting.