The Savagery of Gallenteans, or shall a government be afraid of people?

No, I deemed it a fruitless endeavor to attempt to convince you, so I abandoned the argument. A debate that neither side can win is a debate not worth having.

Back to this, then. It’s a very clinical explanation of the basics of sex. Trust me, there is nothing sexy about a balding middle aged man explaining the birds and the bees. Sex and reproduction is about the most normal and natural thing a human can do. It’s biologically encoded into humans to do it, so yes, we tell them it’s normal. We also explain what can go wrong, the litany of STI’s one can catch if not careful, and then follow that up by breaking their will to have relations via a two week long course where the students must simulate raising an infant without killing it. Nothing says “keep it in your pants” like a baby screaming at 2 in the morning.


It really is better to just ignore her.

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Well, I was looking for someone who could convince that I was wrong, and I am somewhat deeply disappointed you don’t even consider the option of changing your own opinion. In that case, indeed, there’s nothing to debate about.

The children are gifts to every family, and considering them unwanted is very… sad and inhuman.
It is almost your duty to make healthy offspring and raise them in a healthy and loving family!
And it is to make these flowers of life you shall participate in such filthy and… yes, sort of clinic act of procreation.

But for children to grow in happy family and have full life with loving each other parents, first you need to make sure you have a family where partners are not just two random people who saw each other on drunk gallentean party and dropped pants, but carefully planned and properly matched, healthy future Mother and Father.

And if something goes wrong during your procreation or you’re afraid something will go wrong, you surely can do it with your husband in a medbay under supervision of medical specialists (or even AIMEDs). They will solve all your problems!

Also, teaching children about hardships of growing their own children instead of telling them how great it is to have their own children is sort of… sick as well. Telling them that act of procreation is sort of an o-kay and children are a burden, is like turning all their human values upside down and growing swines out of humans.

Healthy human being shall consider procreation itself a shameful act, while growing children is a blessing.

CONCORD should really implement an option to filter topics and posts from certain users in the fluid router interface. It would be particularly useful for topics like these.


You will love us when we win.


Captain Vero, if you tire of the clamour of dissenting voices and the burdens of those ideals of ‘free speech’, may I recommend an Empire where orthodoxy of thought and deed is prized? Deviants with whom we disagree with are filtered indeed, somewhat … harshly.

We can come to you.

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Freedom of speech requires no obligation to listen to idiots.

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Oh they are, that’s why ensuring 13 year olds don’t waste that gift for later in life and look a gift horse in the mouth too early isn’t exactly a bad thing. Children don’t think of consequences, them being taught them preemptively is never a bad thing.


The idea isn’t to teach them that children are unwanted, but that they are a lot of work and require a level of maturity not present in a 13 year old. Children are a burden, and one should be willing and happy to carry that burden before having them.

Can confirm, group stuff is fun.

I agree with children being a blessing. But sex is fun, and not shameful in the least.

Indeed? Then may I suggest that instead of bleating about CONCORD not providing tools, you exercise self-discipline. If you feel so strongly about Commander Kim’s viewpoint, don’t read or comment on a subject clearly started by her.

That’s the plan. Do me a favor and quit sending me reply notifications?

Never. You must suffer with the rest of us.

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First of all, freedom of speech shall not exist in the first place, then said idiots wouldn’t be vandalizing topics. Just the first comment in this discussion was a vivid example of that. Then there were even more unconstructive salt spewing pro-gallentean “speakers”, who were just trolling instead of offering real critics.

So, just in this thread I have countered four such poster. And not sure if you join them as fifth. Probably you should, since I don’t see your constructive critics on the discussion as well, only complaints unrelated to the theme.

Freedom of speech must be prohibited and all posters must take responsibility for what they say.
Then, I hope, we will stop seeing comments of ones you gallenteans so love to offer.

I find this point of view revolting.

It is shameful and taboo in civilized societies. I don’t think I can convince you think otherwise, if you are used to live in such degenerated society as the Gallente Federation, who consider it “fun and not shameful”. Look outside! Everywhere else it isn’t.

I am not going though to even to try to convince you to do otherwise. If you like to live in a barn with gallentean swines and enjoy their depravity, it’s your life, not mine, do with it whatever you want. Just for Maker’s sake, don’t bring it out of your barn. Enjoy it with those who enjoy it like you do.

And while you are bringing examples of Gallente animalistic behavior, I certainly could use them to even enforce my point of view of Gallenteans as Savages, I’d still prefer to discuss more… “cleaner” topics than outright deviancy and filth - about the governments and leaders.

As ancient wise folk said, the truth is born in the argument. And those who are planning to lead people can read my arguments and yours to decide how to govern other people, on whatever scale it could be, family, war party, corporation, fleet… It is all leadership.

Now, I think it’s the first time I mentioned a fleet. Would you like to fly in a fleet where the FC is afraid of the pilots?

In Kaztropol, there is freedom of speech on nonreligious issues. I can say almost anything I want.

The only people who have no choice about ignoring what I am saying are those who have enrolled in one of my classes at the university.


What do you know, a mute feature does exist! So much left to learn about this new interface.

Rejoice! And spread the good word!


It is tempting to taunt people who cannot simply decline to comment further, but must instead make sure that you know they will decline to comment further.

However, taunting people is petty and vindictive and I am none of those things.

As a newly spiritual person, I should instead suggest that if everyone simply limited themselves to making comments on subjects which interested them, the world would be a more interesting place.

As long as the FC isn’t paralyzed by the fear, sure. That sounds like a FC that could pull a fleet through hell and back. It’s better then flying with a FC that forgets that the collective DPS of his fleet is greater then his tank and throws tantrums, threats, and insults when things don’t go his way.

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Nobody really flies under FC who throws tantums, threats and insults… well, almost.
One of the best FC I’ve flied with was actually very easy to throw insult and threats to pilots who were misbehaving. Of course he wasn’t throwing tantrums, but his threats he was executing quite precisely. He was forbidding people to speak and if they did - he was kicking them out.

Honestly, I myself wouldn’t be able to fly under a FC who will be afraid of me or other people in the fleet. I would feel deep disgust to such “commander” and incompetence he would likely will show with such attitude.

Well, that certainly isn’t me…