Bosboger Bounty

Dear comrades, frenemies and spies:

Let it be known that as of this day the thirteenth of the fourth month in the year of YC123 the Hoplite Brigade is placing bounties amounting to one billion ISK on the “Orbital Bombardment Platform” Astrahus in our home system of Bosboger - claimable by way of 500m for the killing blow and another 500m for the top damage on it’s hull by any pilot.

Matar Invictus

Karluf Heska, Brigade CEO


Is… that all?

Bosboger had been held by the Minmatar militia for over 6 years, why are you afraid of one citadel? Surely the oldest capsuleer alliance in new eden should be able to defend their homeland without outside assistance.

If I kill it myself am I able to claim the bounty?

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Wait for them to make it higher, at least.

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I don’t think I was vague.

I considered offering up the Corp Archon, but rewarding more than the thing is worth sort of defeats the point, eh Slaver boy?

It actually makes perfect sense if the strategic value is higher than the actual value of the structure. You also should really be only offering a bounty to individuals or entities that either have an interest in keeping the system in Tribal hands or those with the local force projection to keep future structures from anchoring.

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I see! That shiny hair hides a big brain, eh?
Never mind “Wait for them to make it higher, at least.” I am now offering up the Corp Archon, worth twice what that paltry lil’ AstralHouse is!

Many Matari will read this and many Matari will come.


The Militia member that anchored this particular orbital bombardment platform was instructed to position the station in as low of an orbit as possible. Why, you might ask? Well, while such a low orbit is costly in terms of the constant correction burns necessary to keep the station in orbit, the slight traces of atmosphere that lick the station provide the slightest opportunity to observe sounds from the surface. The station operators inform me that there are times when the station catches the stratosphere in just the right way, that you can actually hear the explosions bellow. Some operators even swear that they can actually hear screams.

Just something to mull over while you haggle with would-be aggressors of the platform over price. Also, please don’t commit your corp carrier. I wouldn’t want you to commit the entirety of the Minmatar militia capital fleet for so paltry a target.


Why don’t you do it yourself with those many capital class vessels that you have been manufacturing lately?

Correct me if I’m wrong but your Minmatar sympathiser Khaprice was shooting the citadel in a Naglfar today, however they appeared to lack the necessary skills to engage the Siege module, which makes capitals useful for engaging citadels.

Maybe more practice in null security space would help

Imagine placing a bounty to the world on what you should be able to accomplish yourself.

Rally your men Fire!

Mend fences…and get them together…because if you don’t we will burn that system to the ground.

Unlikely in the extreme, at that altitude the chance of conveyance of auditory vibration even from detonations of whatever you might be dropping is so statistically improbable that it falls into margin of error deviations in any reasonable statistic you might try to use, and is more likely just overactive imaginations.

On the more pertinent note… chances are you’re just painting a target on yourself for the Republic Fleet, and not just the assorted Matari capsuleer organizations about. When you start bombing planets indiscriminately, it tends to attract attention even well organized capsuleer entities are not prepared to deal with.

Speaking of… paging @Kanth_Filmir . I don’t have much right too really of course being an Outsider, but thought it may be worth bringing to the esteemed Valklear General’s attention.


The Amarr are utilizing a structure that belongs to some of their sympathizers that are not a part of the current war between our factions and hide within it. I hope that the Republic Fleet would have no problem destroying this structure because of its actions, despite its false display of neutrality.


We all know true orbital bombardment is quite illegal for capsuleers to perform, so I would not pay the banter too much care.

That said, it remains a base for our designs on achieving space superiority in the system. You have been comfortable there for far too long.


A claim was made, I have not made the travel as yet to confirm its accuracy, but still… a rather serious claim, and one that I’m quite sure the Republic Fleet would love to jump on Mr. Shutaq. The Empires generally seem much more reactive to many things within their territories these days.


For anybody wondering:
The minnys did try to bash it themselves. When our in-cyno accidentally decloaked himself 80km off their fleet by colliding with the structure radius they instantly warped off because they were already aligned and prepared to scarper at the first sight of any defense.

No, because you’re not rewarding ‘what is the value of replacing it?’ but ‘what value do I assign to it not being there anymore.’

Exactly. It would seem they do not really place any value on it’s removal.