100 million ISK bounty for any intel leading to hidden Valkyrie bases

Capsuleers! Been to long since we talked. How you been? Still blowing each other up ? Good, good, good; your wrath upon one another is what is keeping the markets moving, keep it up.

If you don’t know who i am then that’s a damn shame. My name is Clance Gogne - that’s pronounced Clance Gog-knee, be sure to get it right. One day you’ll be saying that name a lot.

I’m one of the trusted commanders of Schism, a pirate outfit unlike any other you seen. One that could even challenge the power you Capsuleers wield! But I’m not here to pick a fight any Capsuleer. We got too many fronts to worry about right now and while my employer - who we will call the “Ferryman” for the sake of not committing a cliche of being overtly vague - is off on vacation right now. Not even hating on him, hard working man, he built up our entire organization and dealt with the stress of fending off hoards of traitorous pilots of ours from destroying this marvelous technological piece of art.

Now, we also got Drifters to deal with who have taken quite a bit of interest in our operations. But I’m not here to talk about them. I’m here to talk about the “Traitorous pilots” mentioned before - The Valkyrie. Former employees of ours who instead of wanting to be productive and savor all the benefits Schism could offer them. Decide to act like rebellious teenagers and run off with our tech to be self loathing hermits who hate society.

They continue to not be a thorn, but a unbearable pain in the ass that for the past three years have leeched of our organization. From stealing ships, product, targets to raid and most importantly poaching our pilots to fight in their misguided war spearheaded by their den mother Rán Kavik. I honestly hate these cockroaches more than i do the Drifters. Where the Drifters just blow your ■■■■ up for whatever reason; the Valkyrie just do that, more and with a smug grin on their face…I can’t stand someone out smugging me.

So, while the Ferryman is off on vacation he has left me and my colleagues to buckle up and keep the wolves at bay

I say ■■■■ that, we go on the offensive! - We go after every little nest these rats have set up and set it ablaze. You know, give the boss man a good impression when he returns to work, take a little bit off his plate. Rather than just turtling up and letting the Valkyrie keep on picking at us.

So here is what i need you Capsuleers for - not to hunt these Valkyrie down and attack them - as much i would appreciate that i would like to keep the honors of wiping them out myself. So i want Intel and i got a stack of ISK by my side to use to obtain it.

All i want, is a location of anything belonging to the Valkyrie; black markets, refineries, repair stations, labs, warehouses - if it has their stupid little winged skull symbol on it, i want to know where it is.

I put a one hundred million ISK bounty on any leads on any of their assets. After i send some men out to confirm the reports. You’ll get your money. I like to keep useful people paid afterall.

For right now, we will only take and pay for 10 leads; you know how it is, gotta respect the budgeting if you wanna get rich. I’m not asking you to swear your loyalty to my organization, i just want to hire the skillset you capsuleers posse to aid in my search. You Capsuleers got your own problems to focus on so think of this as an opportunity to get a little bit of funding to help.

You can mail me directly…I look forward to doing business with you all

P.S: You hand the intel to me first, we confirm it, THEN you get paid.



Ferryman is…The Ferryman.

A ■■■■■■■ corpse does not run this organization. Now, my employer may share the man’s intelligence as a crime lord who runs a vastly technologically advanced outfit…But the difference between the Ferryman and Fatal - who has since been turned into a boogyman parents in the State use to scare their children at night - is that the Ferryman is alive.

But whatever…I understand where this assumption comes from. I’ve seen the fanfiction on the dark-net. People have wild (and perverted) imaginations.


I will give 101 million to anyone that finds Fabuleux! If only to give the man a proper memorial service.


Tragic thing that happened to the man. But even investigations in fictional shows turn cold. The Fabuleux Trend brand was one i could trust…But that’s one among many other brands. I wear many different suits you see; but i got this one beautiful - BEAUTIFUL - light blue blazer one time from a cargo ship me and mine raided. Very flexible, no sweating and just my size. After that i started sending some agents to patronize the department stores if i saw anything caught my eye. Man had everything, ties, leather shoes, tuxedos and socks. Everything a man looking to make an impression that would literally kill the competition.

I might be someone sitting ontop of a mountain of kredits that can afford to drink spiced Intaki champagne with every meal for 10 years straight. But at heart I’m still just a consumer like everyone else. I got a soft spot for companies that puts effort into what they can offer. As such, i too feel for Fabuleux and his unfortunate disappearance. I would remain vigilant also to any leads on him.

But i would like this thread to stay focused on the offer presented and not the one Coulter here has put out


The star that burns twice as bright, burns half as long.

And dear Fabuleux burned so very very brightly.



I’m more interested in the Valkyrie intel.

100,000,000.01 ISK




We’ll be at this all day.


Thanks for clarifying. I was reading it as K-lanse Gog-nay.

be sure to get it right. One day you’ll be saying that name a lot.

Are you sure you’re not a capsuleer?


Oh no, I’m something far better…In my honest opinion at least!

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C-Lance Gog-Knee

So that’s more like See-lanse rather than Klanse, and GOG-Nee, rather then Gong.

Two syllables for each part of the name, rather than one, right ?


Hey, two is always better than one.

Enjoy one, sell the other or sell both and double the profit!

No, I’m not selling any syllables…

But just for calcification You say Clance as…Clance, not C-Lance. That was an attempt on part to avoid anyone thinking it was pronounce something like “Clancy”

Or in this case…See-lance


Who would think that ? The very idea defies all reason.


Okay - fine. I’ll own up to my mistake a realized my own critical failure in explaining how you pronounce my name. As embarrassing as it is i rather just own up to it rather than continue into a derailing argument. (Because i STILL want that intel.)

First step to self improvement is to be self away of your own mistakes mistakes - One of which you pointed out. As such i will now address the problem. Thank you


I am often asked if my name is pronounced as “Ibra_him_” or “Ibra_heem_” and I always respond the same way. “How dare you speak to me.”


You might consider upping your game. Instead of saying, “How dare you speak to me,” commission one of your attachés to say, “How dare you speak to him.” I’d recommend a sufficiently imposing and corporate-looking besuited attaché for this, to avoid it looking like a jealous paramour.


Would someone the size of a Cloned soldier would be imposing enough?

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That depends, I suspect, on whether you also look the part in a suit, and whether Lord Tash-Murkon’s retinue is an appropriate place for you.

Still, I can have my staff forward the HR packet for this to you?


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