Destruction of the Drifters. Amarr Forever

My name is Valkarth Tlakotani.
Contact me if you wish by mail using title IS. This message is my opinion only.
I have a force standing ready to destroy all targets related to the Holy War of Amarr against the drifters, sleepers, their allies and slaves.
Test me. Give me targets. Especially traitors to humanity who seek friendship of those who killed Empress Jamyl 1.
Join me. Inform me. Oppose me. None shall change the death of our Empress. The Clear Path to Destruction.
Pax Amarr

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This is why I like the Vherokior Faithful.

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Now I’m not one to judge a woman by her combat record, but I do have some questions about yours.

Checking the publicly available records, you don’t seem to have been actively flying since around seven or eight years ago. You’re also a previous member of a notoriously untrustworthy corporation that specializes in harassing capsuleers that live in high security space. As you can imagine, this does tend to raise some flags.

I’d be very interested to know what the “force” you claim to be able to bring is?

I’d also be very curious to hear what experience you currently have with fighting the Drifters?

On the other hand, I like your enthusiasm!


Thank you for the reply.
As a loyal Amarr citizen working for the Farel Estate I have been in semi retirement. You are no doubt referring to my previous affiliation with GHSC (Guiding Hand Social Club) from whom I had a less than amicable parting, and (check my medals) wear my medal with some pride. I formed a crew of bitter vets, and moved on.

I did however learn a lot during my stay there. Imagine my surprise when returning after retirement I found my entire crew still active! Within 10 minutes they were asking me for missions. I am to them the source of many kill mails and this is my point.

Are there elements of the capsuleer confederacies working with the enemy? This being the drifters/sleepers and affiliates. If anyone could point my elite crew and myself to them I am sure that we can persuade uninformed fools to abandon seditious plans with drifters. They can join the righteous against the enemy, the drifter in all its forms or become biomass.

As for the hives and drifters themselves I asked just this night and my crew suggested a number of solutions, updated with various new data. T-1 swarms were a new idea they wanted to try, but learning of any drifter tactical changes is needed. We will contact the experts soon.

As we prepare for dark vengeance scudding silently between the stars know that I seek data, we need no other help.


While I don’t ascribe to the Amarrian faith. I must say I love seeing more Capsuleers such as yourself here on the IGS speaking out about these genetic freaks.

On top of that wanting to take strategic action against them! I’d say you have my support in this crusade of yours, pilot. I look foward to seeing results.

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Farel eh? I recognise that name.

Lyn Farel?

I was actually referring to Rebirth.

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Rebirth is dead. The abilities it taught me are not. Anyone opposing Amarr will find that. Thanks to Lady Lyn Farel I have a home and will defend it as only a capsuleer can.

if you are looking for more people that wish to fight the drifter menace please allow me to join you. I am not a merc and have no wish to interfere with you carrying out the will of your empire. All i wish is for an opportunity to fight the drifters.

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