Fighting the Drifter menace

Are there any Capsuleer run corporations that are actively hunting the drifters? My fellow casuleers are dying in droves against the drifters and I need to take up arms against them but I can not do this alone. I can no longer sit idle and do nothing to stop them. They are invading our homes and only a few have fought back.

ARC and SERAPH if I’m not mistaken.

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Invading your home? What are they doing?


I’m from Eram originally, one of the main places they’ve been around and wouldn’t necesarially say they’ve invaded my home. Unwelcome or overstayed their welcome yes.


I am not sure Drifters are able to invade ~anything~. But if you want to fight them, better look assistance in Amarr Empire, ask for SERAPH, they are the best in this.

But I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t offer instead to join us and fight a real enemy, which menace shadows the civilization in the whole cluster, millions of people die because of their aggression and many more are tortured in their prisons. They invade homes for real, they seduce people with their depraved propaganda, instilling evil thoughts and destructive tendencies, hatred to law and order, enforcing rule of grey mob just to try to consuming all your resources like swarms of locust.

I am talking about the Gallente Federation.

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